The sun came out!


Well after a few hours of thick fog this morning, which you can see in the above photos,  the sun finally came out!  Me & hubby took the dogs for a walk around the neighborhood which was thrilling for them.  I’ve been meaning to share photos of this farm that is situated right in the middle of my neighborhood.  Our area was all farmland about 40-50 years ago and this is the only reminder of that history for miles.  Twelve years ago when we first moved into the division the family that owns this plot use to have a pick-your-own strawberry field with a produce stand out by the road.  And behind the barn was a decent sized herb garden where you would see the Mrs of the house harvesting some of the plants occasionally.  Of course it has been many years since I’ve seen any signs of either of these ventures.  Back then the couple who lived there were already in their late 70’s or early 80’s.   The buildings are in great disrepair and I’m not sure who lives on this property at the moment.  But it is kind of quaint to see a bit of our farm history in the middle of a surburbia.   I spent the remainder of the day in the garden of course planting my new additions that I showed you yesterday.  I’ve started raking out the bulk of the leaf mulch since the emergining perennials are being trapped underneith the soggy bulk of them.  The more I raked out the more signs of life I spotted poking out of the soil.  Some of these included Hostas, Astilbe and Ferns in the shady beds.  In the new garden the Mystic Spires Salvia is sprouting along with the Dr Ruppel & unknown Clematis on the shed’s trellis.  It was productive day and I came in tired and dirty but happy to be outside again with blue skies & sunlight shining on my face.  I’m dead tired now and need to get off to bed soon.  Yep I earned a good night’s rest!   🙂


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  1. Love the foggy farm shots…..what an interesting story, wonder who does live there/or own that area now? I told you that soon you would be dirty, tired and lets not forget stinky!!!! Glad you had good gardening weather!!!

    Thanks Darla. I don’t know, but I’m sure it’s still in the family which are Mennonites by the way. Yep I was pretty tired yesterday & today. My arms hurt like I’ve been lifting weights. lol


  2. I love these pictures. It’s interesting to know this is in the middle of your neighborhood. How sad the others have disappeared. Sounds like you enjoyed your day. I’m glad you got sunshine. I hope more is in store for you.

    Thanks Susie. I really am drawn to this little bit of history in my own neighborhood. Yep they are few & far between with the growth of this area now. The sunshine lasted a day & now it’s raining again. 😦


  3. Very good shots Racquel! I love fog; especially when it’s not too chilly. I cleaned out a bed, too..what fun it is to discover all the greenery poking up under the leaves….Going to bed tired from a day in the garden is delightful! gail

    Thanks Gail. The fog did give the pictures a really interesting look. It is nice to discover the garden coming to life underneith all the debris from fall & winter. Yep I’m still sore today from all that raking. 😉


  4. Hopefully this land will not be developed. Your comment sparked another item to add to my to-do list: draw back and loosen the leaf mulch so emerging perennials can breathe. I love the photos.

    I’m sure it will eventually Grace, unfortunately. I’m glad I was able to remind you of this much needed to do item this spring. 🙂


  5. You certainly HAVE earned a good rest. I’m tired just reading your activities. I love old farms (living on one as I do…)

    Thanks Jodi, I’m still a bit sore today from using all those unused muscles yesterday in the garden. I guess you would love old farms. 😉 I do too, my grandmother’s family lived on farms and it was a fond childhood memory visiting them every summer.


  6. Your walk sounds wonderful! And what a productive day you had. I love those kind of days–tired but feeling so good!

    Thanks Linda, it was a very productive day. So much that I needed a break today. My body was screaming from the muscles I used. 🙂


  7. The fog shrouded farm buildings have a softness to them that belies their disrepair. I’m so glad you had sun and blue skies today-you sound like such a happy garener tonight.

    I think the fog does soften the surfaces of the buildings. They really are in bad shape which might be hard to detect in these shots. I was such a happy gardener yesterday and then today I was a tired & sore one. 😉


  8. I think we had the same fog here too. Lovely sun today, in fact I got sunburned:( I am so glad to hear of gardeners all across the country doing the same thing-cleaning those darned leaves. Wasn’t it just yesterday we were snuggling our perennials down for the winter? Where does the time go.

    I was glad to see the fog clear & the sun come out Tina. But today it was back to cloudy & rainy again. 😦 Yep it is definitely spring when the leaves start coming back out of the beds. It does seem like just yesterday when we were tucking them all in for their winter nap.


  9. Forgot to say, too bad on the strawberry patch. I hope someone takes it over soon.

    Yep me too Tina! 🙂


  10. Great photos Racquel. We have lost just about all the farms in this area. Behind me was once a farm where we picked blackberries and had fresh corn. Feels like any open space was fair game to get developed here on the pennisula.
    Glad you got to be outside today. I played Good Samaritan and spent most of the afternoon waiting while a friend got stitches. She is fine, we gardeners are a tough breed.

    Thanks Janet. Yep the open fields are disappearing quickly around here. I remember when Jefferson Avenue had just the mall & a couple of restaurants. Boy does that age me, lol. I think I overdid my gardening yesterday, my biceps are screaming at me today. Sorry about your friend.


  11. I too like a bit of history in suburbia. I like your photos. It has been rainy hasn’t it? I sure am glad though. After last year’s drought…we needed it. Looks like you had plenty to do in the garden.

    Thanks Anna. Yep it has been very rainy and it started back up tonight. 😦 I guess we did need it though and I shouldn’t complain.


  12. Posted by greenwalks on March 19, 2009 at 12:23 am

    Those photos are kind of spooky! Wonder if anyone’s still living in that tumble-down farm? Wouldn’t it be cool if someone decided to revive it? Mmm, fresh strawberries all summer, just a walk away…

    I guess they are a bit with the fog & all. I’m not sure, it’s been ages since I’ve seen anyone on the property. That would be pretty cool. I should of taken advantage of it when it was in operation.


  13. How great to have that old farmstead right in the neighborhood. You got some beautiful shots Racquel! I love that soft, gauzy, mysterious look from the fog.

    It is pretty neat having this history right down the street. Thanks Linda!


  14. It’s sunny here today, too, and has been for a few days. Even though it’s still brisk and not really spring yet (that’s April here), it does give one that sense of hope and joy!

    Well we had one day of sunshine followed by another day of cloudy & rainy. Such is the weather in March in my area. Yep the warmer temps have really lifted my spirits. 🙂


  15. Great photos! Isn’t it amazing to find the signs of garden life?

    I waited until the fog burned off yesterday. I was surprised to see my clematis climbing the fence already. I dug out wild onions with a trowel to make sure the bulbs were out of the ground. After days of rain, it was a great time for that chore!


    Thank you Cameron! Yes it is always amazing to me each spring when things start to emerge again. Sounds like you had a productive day, the moist soil made it easier I’m sure for removing those wild onions.


  16. Beautiful photos! The buildings look so mysterious coming out of the fog.

    Thanks Izyjo! They do have that ethereal look don’t they. 🙂


  17. Hi Racquel,
    I love these foggy pictures. Good job!

    Thank you very much Balisha! 🙂


  18. Beautiful photos Racquel. I think it’s wonderful you still have the remmants of a farm in the middle of your suburb too. I would wish they were still doing the U-Pick strawberries! I love to pick strawberries. I wonder how long the farm will stay??

    Thanks Kathleen! Me too but who knows how much longer we will have this piece of history in my neighborhood.


  19. It is nice and warm here today. I’ve spent much of it outside myself. So nice, yes, to feel sunshine on your face! Lovely mystical photo.

    It was warm here today but this evening it got cloudy & rainy again. Hope to see the sun shine again tomorrow or this weekend! Thanks Brenda. 🙂


  20. Things change. What used to be farm lands are now condos or are deserted.
    Our own little piece of property is our piece of heaven with new treasured memories.
    Rest well and keep creating.

    Yes they do Patsi. My area alone has changed dramatically in the past 20 years I’ve lived here. Thanks!


  21. It’s not often you can find a farm in the middle of town. I know there is one in Brookfield, WI too. It would be great if someone would reopen the pick your own farm thing there. It sounds great.

    Nope I’ve never seen anything like it anywhere else I’ve lived in this area. They are really few & far now. I think it would be great too, I’ll have to take a drive by the front to see what’s going on with the property now.


  22. Those pictures make it look like you went back in time to get them.

    Thanks Les, I do like the way the fog made them look really old. 🙂


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