Rainy days and new plants

new-shipment-of-perennials With the weather being pretty much depressing and the arrival of my husband who’s been out of town for the past few weeks I took a couple of days off from the blogging world.  It’s been raining in Virginia since last Friday and I’m really missing the sun right now.  Not anything I can do out in the garden with the soggy mess that it has become.  Tomorrow it’s suppose to clear up for at least a day which would be very much appreciated since I got a shipment of new perennials in the mail this afternoon.  Can’t wait to plant them and watch them grow.    All of these were ordered from Spring Hill Nursery back in January.  The assortment includes a collection of Scabiosa Pincushion in assorted colors including white, yellow, pink and blue.  Also I ordered some Poker Primrose, Hellebores, and Alyssum ‘Basket of Gold.  I’m still waiting on the Oriental Tree Peony that was a free gift with the order and a backordered ‘Blue Lady’ Helleborus.  These will be shipped separately at a later date.  As you can see in the photo a few things that were shipped were already in full bloom.  I’ve never received a mail order shipment of plants already blooming.  They packed everything so nicely that nothing was even slightly damaged in the process.  I’m so satisfied that they can definitely count on me for future orders of plants.  Anyhow, here is a couple of photos of what was blooming when I opened the boxes…

Helleborus 'Pink Lady' and Alyssum 'Basket of Gold'

Helleborus 'Pink Lady' and Alyssum 'Basket of Gold'

Now I realize that the flower is a bit past it’s prime on the Helleborus, but she has a sister bloom on the same plant blooming too.  I ordered Pink Lady, White Lady and Yellow Lady for the Woodland Garden.  The Alyssum will make a nice addition to the front of the New Garden where the color pallette is shades of purple and yellow flowering plants.  The front area is sloped so I’m hoping she gets plenty of drainage in this dry part of the garden.  Now I just need the soil to dry up a bit so I can plant all these wonderful new additions soon.  🙂


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  1. Racquel,

    You have some great plants there! It’s still overcast here, but at least the rain has stopped. I was just out surveying the garden to see all that grew during the rain. I’d say that it’s the garden wearing the green this St. Patrick’s Day.


    Thanks Cameron! I’m glad you finally are getting a break from the rain, it stopped here this evening finally. Yep I noticed some definite new growth since last week too. The Hydrangeas are starting to bud up which is great!


  2. We would really like some rain here!! Your plants are great. I always look at Springhill Nursery on line, was wondering how their shipping and quality of plants are. Thanks for the heads up on that!!! Sunshine will be out before you know it and you will be tire, stinky and dirty like me!!!

    I would send you some if I could Darla. We got way more than we needed that’s for sure. You are quite welcome, I’ve ordered from them a couple of times in the past year & been very pleased with the results. Look forward to being tired, stinky & dirty soon, lol! 🙂


  3. Hi Racquel, looks like you got lots of goodies there. Just like Christmas huh? That’s good to know about Spring Hill as I haven’t ordered from them before.

    Thanks RG, it really is like Christmas in March with all my new plants! 🙂 Glad I could pass the info on to you, they are a great mail order source for some wonderful plants!


  4. Posted by patientgardener on March 17, 2009 at 4:20 pm

    How exciting to receive plants in the post. They look like they have been very carefully packaged. Hope the weather is better soon and you can get out to plant them

    It was pretty fun to get these packages today Helen! Like Christmas in March, lol. They were packaged very carefully and not a speck of dirt was out of place. 🙂 Thanks I look forward to sunnier skies & good planting weather in the immediate future.


  5. Racquel, It’s good to know that Spring Hill is another reliable mail order nursery…thanks for taking the chance and then sharing the review with us! I love opening the plant orders! I don’t think you can lose with a hellebore….in or out of bloom! You will love them in your woodland garden and they will love your woodland garden! The rain has been the pits! You know you have clay soil when water squishes up when you step on a stepping stone! Have fun planting! gail

    You are quite welcome Gail, glad I could pass on this info to all of you. I can’t wait to have Hellebores in my woodland garden bed, I’ve been envying all of yours these past couple of months. 😉 Ewww that is some definite squishing sounding soil! We have clay here too which I have ammended for the past 12 years. Thanks I think it will be fun giving these new guys a home soon!


  6. Racquel, you are going to be so happy with Baskets of Gold. It is almost an electric yellow it is so bright. What fun to get some goodies on this dismal day. I am so looking forward to tomorrow and some sun!!!

    Thanks Janet for the heads up. I’ve never grown this perennial before but I loved the photos of it in the catalog. Yep they really cheered me up after days of gloomy skies. Yay sun! 🙂


  7. Racquel, I’ve been taking note of your weather comments. Interestingly your skies are similar to here in the Pacific Northwest. Working in the garden is difficult at best thanks to rainwater saturation. But this is a great opportunity for plant shopping. You’ve got some real gems there.

    Isn’t that interesting Grace that we have similar weather patterns. Yep I’m really excited about the choices I made and can’t wait to get them situated in the garden soon. 🙂


  8. ooo new babies! Congrats! I so love Spring Hill, you really get what you pay for from them:)

    Aren’t they great looking! Thanks Carla, I really love their plants too. 🙂


  9. Sorry about all your rain. We have been having such nice weather. Tomorrow will be nice too so I’ll get some more digging in. Then we will get the rain you have been having and I’ll be staying inside. Have fun planting those perennials.

    That’s okay Daphne, Mother Nature has a mind of her own sometimes. 😉 I’m glad you are having some nice weather & getting some gardening done. All your digging will pay off with some rain. Thanks!


  10. Oh boy! Just like Christmas. It will dry, warm air headed your way…enjoy.

    That’s exactly what it is like Tina! 🙂 Thanks, I need some dry warm air that’s for sure.


  11. My backyard is still soggy from all the rain we had last week–but this week has been beautiful! Thanks goodness too, it’s spring break for me.
    I have never ordered plants, but seeing how good your look sure makes me want to try!

    Looks like we got the same front Linda. It’s suppose to be nice here for the next few days which should help dry things up a bit. Our spring break isn’t until the end of the month. You should definitely try mail order, it’s a good way to get things you can’t find in local garden centers. Spring Hill, Bluestone & Burpee are some good ones. 🙂


  12. New plants – how exciting! I hope the sun comes out for you soon Racquel!

    Thanks Linda, I can’t wait to plant them! 🙂


  13. I’m glad to hear your experience with spring hill was so good, as I ordered some plants from them last week. were they delivered in the time frame SH gave you?

    Well then this post was timely for you Ginger! Yep they stated they would be mailing them out during the ideal planting time for my area which is now for perennials & shrubs. These all need to be established before the heat of May gets here. 🙂


  14. Yeah, they said that with my order, too, but then said it would probably be mid-April! Seemed a bit late to me seeing as how I am in Mississippi, where it’s insanely hot May-Oct! Oh well! At least I know when they get here, they’ll be in good shape 🙂

    What did you order, some things need to wait until the soil warmed up to be planted. These things are early-mid spring bloomers. They’ll be in good shape, mine were packed very carefully. 🙂


  15. Hi Racquel, having gotten used to your previous black background, I keep thinking I’m in the wrong blog…lol…Wonderful goodie box you got there! And wow, all your colors on Bloom Day…this is why I want to move to VA! Can’t wait to see those new plants in your garden.

    Sorry for the confusion Lynn, lol. It is a big change for me too. 😉 Thanks I’m happy with my new plants. Yep we do have a nice long growing season here in VA. That’s why when my family tries to get me to move back up North I’m like no…. lol


  16. How nice to receive plants in such great shape and what a nice surprise for a rainy day. I hope you get to enjoy some sunshine tomorrow.

    Thanks Susie, it was a nice ending to 5 days of rain! Today it was beautiful and all my lovelies are happily in their new homes. 🙂


  17. That’s wonderful! The ‘Basket of Gold’ looks lovely. Great addition to your collection, Racquel.

    Thanks Kanak, it really is a nice looking plant and is going to make a nice addition to the new garden bed. 🙂


  18. Those plants look beautiful. Such a great nursery. I suppose telling you all this rain will be appreciated this summer won’t cheer you much will it. :} But you know there will be lots of sun soon. Have fun planting!

    Thanks Beckie. They really are a great mailorder source for plants. Yeah you’re right about the rain being appreciated right now since it seems to have waken all the perennials from their long winter’s nap. And we probably will be wishing for rain like this come August. 😉


  19. Posted by greenwalks on March 18, 2009 at 1:45 am

    Hm, soggy and miserable, are you sure you aren’t living around the corner from me? Your plants look amazing, I’ve never ordered live plants in the mail but have a couple on the way (bare root). I’m kind of nervous and hope they arrive in as wonderful condition as yours! It seems like hellebores are the plant of the year, at least so far, for the garden blogosphere in 2009! Happy planting (when it dries out).

    Our weather does seem similar at the moment doesn’t it Karen, lol. Thanks, I’ve ordered many things through the years from live plants to bareroot shrubs. I hope yours come safe & sound too! Yep now I can show mine off next winter (the Hellebores). Got alot done today. 🙂


  20. Nothing brightens up a rainy day like a new plant!

    You are so right Monica! 🙂


  21. Posted by Becca's Dirt on March 18, 2009 at 2:36 pm

    Glad to hear of someone who has just purchased and received plants from Springhill Nursery. I have an order waiting to be shipped around the 15th of April. Can’t wait.

    They emailed me 3 days prior to give me a headsup which was very helpful. I hope you gets yours in a timely fashion too Becca. 🙂


  22. Isn’t it fun to open a box that you have waited for…almost like a Christmas present?

    Yes it is Balisha, just like Christmas! 😉


  23. I could use some rain to melt my snow. Those look like wonderful plants. I ordered some blueberry bushes from Spring Hill just the other day. I hope they have plenty of everything still in stock.

    I’d be more than happy to send some your way if I could Cinj. 😉 Thanks, I bet you will be happy with your blueberry bushes too. They have wonderful plants and I’m sure they have plenty of other stuff still in stock.


  24. That is pretty amazing that these plants were in bloom when they arrived! I ordered some hellebores, too, from either Springhill or Breck’s, but I haven’t gotten them yet. I imagine they won’t do much yet this spring, but I hope they’ll be in full bloom next year. So sorry about your rainy days; the rain must have swept through the South and on to you, while we have had glorious sun. But the rain is heading back our way now, so maybe you’ll finally have some sun and the opportunity to plant all these new plants.

    I thought so too Rose, I’ve never seen anything like this in previous orders. The Hellebores blooming was a plus, I wasn’t counting on any blooms until next winter. It’s okay, the sun came out today finally and it was a glorious day at that. 🙂


  25. I always plan to order, and salivate over catalogs each winter. Then I end up buying locally.

    I use to do the same thing Brenda, but I find some things are hard to find locally.


  26. Posted by skeeter on March 18, 2009 at 8:50 pm

    Gee, I thought all the stuff you order through the mail came as seeds or bulbs. I did not know they would ship a plant! I picked up my first Hellebores while in TN this past weekend. I am excited about it as I had never heard of them before blogging this past year…

    No you can get anything through the mail including shrubs & trees. Some of the best plants in my garden were from mail order sources. I’m excited to finally have some Hellebores for my garden too Skeeter. I’ve been wanting some since everyone started blogging about theirs for the past few months. 🙂


  27. Your new perennials look great Racquel. How exciting and that they are shipping to your zone already. I don’t get anything until May! It’s good to know you are happy with Spring Hill. You never know when you order from a new company.

    Thanks Kathleen. I was surprised too, but our temps in March are pretty mild and most of these are early spring bloomers. Nope you never know with a new company. 🙂


  28. If I got a package in the mail like that, I’d be delighted too! They really traveled well, didn’t they?

    Thanks Cindy, yes they really did! 🙂


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