March Blooms for GBBD

(Pictured from upper left corner across from left to right is Wood Hyacinth, Heather, Daffodil, Creeping Phlox, Pansies, Dwarf Daffodils, Candytuff, Grape Hyacinth, Pansies, Crocus, Forsythia, Pansies and the large photo in the center is a combination of the Dwarf Daffodils & Candytuff)

It’s Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day which falls on the 15th of each month courtesy of our wonderful host and creator  Carol of  May Dreams Gardens.  Thought I would try something new this month by creating a collage of blooms.   I just downloaded this  new photo program recently and I’m enjoying playing around with all the different combinations.   As you probably noticed in my post yesterday, lol.  In my garden right now I have a nice collection of spring bloomers from Daffodils to creeping Phlox. Even the Pansies have perked back up after the freak snowfall we had earlier this month.  They will continue to bloom until May when it gets too hot.  Soon there will be more wonderful things opening.  Spring has reached my neck of the woods and it is coming in with a blast of cold & rainy weather which is suppose to last for the next few days.   There will be no sunshine in Virginia until Wednesday at the earliest.  I had to run out between showers to capture all these pretties to share with you today.  But I find the raindrops add another layer of interest too.  To see more Garden Blogger Bloom Day posts or to join in this month please click here.


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  1. Posted by greenwalks on March 15, 2009 at 12:58 am

    Raining here too. That’s a nifty collage, fun to try new stuff when you have a minute. Happy Bloom Day!

    Seems we are having the same spring weather, wet! Thanks Karen it was actually a free download called Photoscape. It is fun playing around with the different borders, shapes & combinations. 🙂 Happy Bloom Day!


  2. Wanted to see your blog after you left a comment on mine… loved your floral patchwork quilt and am
    envious of the crocus!

    Well thanks for stopping by today! I’m glad you liked my patchwork collage of blooms, especially the crocus. 🙂


  3. This month’s GBBD post is more colorful and vibrant! Nice collage, Racquel

    Why thank you Chandramouli for the nice compliments! 🙂


  4. Posted by spookydragonfly on March 15, 2009 at 2:32 am

    We have some time yet before I see any of my spring blooms, but I enjoyed seeing yours!

    Well then I’m glad I could share mine with you today! 🙂


  5. Hi,
    I think the collage looks great! You have some lovely blooms going. Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks Kathy! I’m glad you enjoyed my collage of blooms today. 🙂


  6. Racquel ! What a pretty set up ! What is the new photo program you are using ? .. it is very nice with that type of edging and form and the pictures aren’t bad either girl ! wink wink LOL Joy : )

    Hi Joy, thanks! It’s called Photoscape and it was a free download online. They have all types of frames, designs & formations you can put together. 🙂


  7. I really like how you have your blooms pictured. I had to avoid getting my camera wet as well.

    Thank you Les, it was fun making this prettily framed collage today. Yep we are definitely not going to see any signs of sun for a few days. 😦


  8. Lovely blooms and I enjoyed the collage.

    Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it! 🙂


  9. The Candytuft makes such a nice companion for the Daffodils. I’ve also got a new photo program with which to play. Making collages is great.

    Thanks MMD, I really love the way it looks with everything that blooms in the garden. Yep I’m enjoying playing around with my new program, it’s been raining here for days now, so nothing to do in the garden. 🙂


  10. I’m so jealous of all those wonderful blooms. I have a feeling I have no blooms still for GBBD. I walked around the neighborhood yesterday and there are no spring blooms anywhere yet. Though I did see some little shoots starting to pop out of the ground.

    I’m sorry Daphne, but I’m sure the little shoots will be making up for lost time! 🙂


  11. Very nice collage Racquel. I contemplated downloading Picasa3 last night. Think that is the program Robin said she was using. Is that what you used? Since I haven’t put my photos up yet, best get to it. Have a nice ‘dry’ day…inside.

    Thanks Janet. Actually this is Photoscape & it was a free download online. It seems to be very user friendly which is always a plus with me. 🙂 Stay dry!


  12. Racquel,

    You photos are great, even in the rain! I love the combo of candytuft and daffodils!

    A few more days of rain — it’s pouring here, too.


    Thanks Cameron, it was a happy combination that I came up with a few years back. Looking forward to seeing some sunshine on Wed! Take care.


  13. Racquel,

    Lovely blooms today! Isn’t the rain too much! Once the sun comes out everything will pop; we won’t know what to photograph next! gail

    Thank you Gail! It really is just too much. I was appreciative the first day but after that it just got messy. The garden is really going to be lush & pretty this spring I bet. 🙂


  14. Wonderful flowers show on this GBBD! You have so many lovely blooms, lucky girl Racquel!

    xoxo Tyra

    Thanks Tyra! I’m glad you enjoyed my collage of blooms today! 🙂


  15. Nice presentation and showing!

    Why thank you Helen! 🙂


  16. A beautiful spring collage for Bloom Day. It’s lovely. You’ve convinced me that I must try Candytuft.

    Thanks Sweet Bay! You really should give it a go in your garden, it’s a fabulous evergreen & long time spring bloomer. I’ve had it for years and love it!


  17. Those daffodils sure look great with the candytuft. You are about a day or so ahead of mine. Looking great!

    Thanks Tina! 🙂


  18. I really like this collage, Racquel, especially with the borders around all the photos. Sorry about all your rain, but I I’m sure the flowers are appreciating it–they’re putting on quite a show!

    Thanks Rose, I’m glad you liked my collage today. I thought the tan border really set off the colorful blooms. 🙂 Yep they really are enjoying this long drink and spring will be lush this year.


  19. Very pretty blooms! I like how you did a collage of them too! Cloudy out here and suppose to rain today.

    Thanks Cindee! 🙂 Yep we won’t be seeing the sun again until Wednesday at the earliest.


  20. Hi Racquel, you have lots of pretty flowers blooming and your collage looks great.
    I was going to walk out and see what was blooming here and looked out and there are huge white flakes falling – yesterday it was flooding so I imagine everything is pretty much drowned if there was something. 😉 But I know spring is on the way because my girlfriend saw a hummingbird the other day so there is still hope.

    Hi RG, I’m glad you enjoyed my collage of blooms! Wow from rain to snow in one day, that’s Mother Nature for you. 😉 Yep a hummingbird is truly a great sign of what’s to come.


  21. We are having a rainy day here too. 😦 I took my pictures yesterday. (Cheating, I know) I love all of the bulbs. Today’s bloom day posts seals the deal: I need spring bulbs next year!

    Nope that wasn’t cheating Kate, they would probably be still blooming anyhow right? 😉 You definitely need some spring bulbs next year! Glad we motivated you on that one. lol


  22. A wonderful display of Spring in your garden! I love the idea of collages..sure does take extra time though! Thank you for taking the extra time! :)NG

    Thanks Anna! It took a bit of time to put it together but I enjoyed creating it for all of you! 🙂


  23. Beautiful collage Racquel! Spring has definitely sprung in NC!

    Thank you Linda! Yep it has sprung in VA too, lol.


  24. oops, I meant VA! I’ve been all over the country today!

    I was wondering what you meant Linda, lol! 🙂


  25. Sunny days here today. Hopefully, I will be able to take some pics this week of what is coming up here in Northern Illinois.Love the collage. You are so smart with new things!

    Rub it in Balisha, lol. I would love to see some sunny skies here in VA! 😉 Hope to see what’s popping up in your neck of the woods soon. Thanks, it was fun putting this together. It’s called Photoscape & it was a free download online. Very user friendly too. 🙂


  26. You’ve got some pretty blooms there. But the presentation? Wonderful! Great collage, Racquel.

    Why thank you Kanak! I’m glad you enjoyed my presentation of spring bloomers today! 🙂


  27. Racquel, your collage is very, very nice. It really shows off your blooms. Happy Bloom Day.~~Dee

    Thanks for the nice compliment Dee! Happy bloom Day to you too!


  28. No rain here Racquel ~ send some west if you can!!! 🙂 That would really perk up my garden. Your’s is looking decidedly “springy.” Love the collage. I need to try one of those! Happy Bloom Day!

    I will try to send some your way if I can Kathleen. We got more than we need that’s for sure. Thanks it really is starting to come to life now and I bet when the sun finally comes out this week sometime it will have grown like crazy. 🙂 You should try this program I downloaded called Photoscape, so many fun options. Happy Bloom Day!


  29. Lovely blooms Racquel, and I am enjoying what you are doing with your new photo program.

    Thanks Karen, I’m glad you are enjoying my collages. 🙂


  30. Great format. Saves scrolling time and allows for a sense of continuity. Nice job.

    Thanks Grace! I’m glad you enjoyed my collage today. 🙂


  31. Collages are fun, aren’t they? I haven’t had the time to figure anything else out right now. It’s good to see that spring has sprung in many places around the world.

    Yes they are fun to put together. I’ve been having a blast playing around with all the formations & designs you can create. 🙂 Yep spring is here in VA and hopefully soon it will make an appearance in your garden too Cinj!


  32. I’ve been playing around with collages too. You have so much in bloom already!

    I know I saw your beautiful collage header & the butterfly collage you put together for Anna was pretty too! Thanks Robin!


  33. I can’t believe you have all these blooms showing off right now. Do you move to FL without telling anybody?!?!?!? My yard is still mostly brown with a few greens popping up. Thanks for sharing some color with us Racquel.

    Nope I’m still in VA Susie, lol! 😉 Must be all those little microclimates I have going on all over my back garden.


  34. Neat collage! You have quite a bit going on. I like the new color format.

    Why thank you Dave! I’m glad you like the new format of my blog too!


  35. Nice collage Racquel, looks like we had the same idea today.

    Thanks Deb, we sure were on the same wavelength! lol 🙂


  36. Gee Whiz! We would like “some” rain, not a frog strangler, just a little. Your flowers are looking great Racquel.

    I would be more than happy to send some of this your way Darla. My plants are drowning! Thanks! 🙂


  37. Racquel,
    You have lovely blooms everywhere! Thanks for cheering up my day!

    Thanks Randy! I’m glad I cheered you up with my blooms! 🙂


  38. Racquel, your collage is perfect! I didn’t have time to make one this time. You have a lot blooming down there. Your garden is so pretty and really getting into the ‘swing of spring’!!

    Thanks Jan! I loved your blooms on Sunday too! 😉 I’m ready for spring to get here so all this cold weather can go away already.


  39. What a feast for the eyes!

    Thanks for the compliment Carla! 🙂


  40. I like the collage, it shows you have a wonderful assortment of flowers for spring. Thanks for sharing them with us for bloom day.

    Thanks Carol, I’m glad you enjoyed my spring collage of blooms for GBBD! 🙂


  41. What a beautiful collection. You are doing a great job showing off your garden with your new software!

    Thank you Dreamybee, I’m glad you enjoyed my collage today. It was fun putting it together for Bloom Day! 🙂


  42. i love the many and colorful blooms. Ah, a vicarious spring.

    Thanks Monica! 🙂


  43. Posted by skeeter on March 17, 2009 at 11:38 am

    You have a beautiful collage for Bloom Day!
    Happy St. Patty’s Day…

    Thank you Skeeter, same to you! 🙂


  44. Racquel, it’s so nice to see your spring beauties while we wait impatiently for ours to show up. I have to be content with our sweet little snowdrops for now. Lovely collage!

    I’m glad I could share my beauties with you for bloom day Kerri. Your snowdrops are lovely, one spring flower that is MIA from my garden. Thanks!


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