Rising to the Challenge

rising-to-the-occasion-pageInspite of the wet, cold and dreary weather the perennials in my garden are growing like crazy right now.   Starting in the upper left hand corner Hemerocallis ‘Stella d ora’ which is an easy rebloomer in my garden, Heucera ‘Purple Palace’ is another star that shines well in part shade, a native Hyssop skullcap that is putting on buds right now, another 50 cents garage sale find is this Cushion Spurge or Euphorbia polychroma which flowers in spring and then needs to be cut back to keep it’s mounding shape, and finally the Phlox ‘Robert Poore’ is starting to grow up thru the grid I placed over it this past week.  All this rain is making everything spring forth from the ground in leaps and bounds.  Soon I will be enjoying the blooms of these wonderful perennials again.  They need to take advantage of this extra moisture that spring brings because come this summer it will be hot and dry most likely.   I enjoy the foliage as much as the blooms  and these all have a variety of color and texture.    Some plants have such a short bloom cycle in the garden that planting for foliage combinations instead of flowers extends the season of interest all season long.  The  Heuceras new foliage is brighter than the older which gives an beautiful effect to the plants.  Some foliage deepens in color as it ages and then turns a deep burgundy shade come fall which gives the plant another dimension altogether.  Three seasons is what I aim for and if the plant is evergreen than I get a fourth season to enjoy it in the garden too.  March is a tricky month in the garden with the yo-yo weather patterns so these perennials are definitely rising to the challenge of another early spring.


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  1. I sure hope the rains continue. I was just reading this morning that Eastern Tennessee is already back in drought conditions. Urgh! Your perennials look mighty happy. That phlox is really beautiful.

    I hope so too if that’s the case with the drought conditions in your area. I don’t know about VA, I’ll have to look that up. Thanks Tina, they are really looking good this spring. Yep that is my favorite Phlox, it really does well here. No problems with mildew & blooms a long time.


  2. Looking great! I noticed my phlox coming up, too. Yours is ahead of mine. My sedum took off this week. The daylilies are doing great since I started spraying bunny repellant on the foliage.


    Thanks Cameron! This west facing area next to the house is the perfect spot for these plants. I’m glad your daylillies are doing better since you started spraying them with repellant. Those bunnies will eat anything. Don’t seem to have any problems here with wildlife yet.


  3. I am amazed at how much growth is already on your perennials Racquel. Mine are starting to emerge but nothing like yours! Maybe all that snow you had the other week helped too?? Have a great weekend!

    Me too Kathleen, at this time of the year they seem to grow rapidly in a day or two. I’m wondering if the snow helped too, somethings really like some snow in winter. Have a great weekend yourself! 😉


  4. Posted by Jake on March 14, 2009 at 11:14 am

    I remember some of those plants from Kentucky! I haven’t seen any of those except for Stella down here in Florida. I am glad spring is arriving for you, enjoy it, I find it way to hot, way to early, for my liking down here, lol. Nice blog, I will be checking back in!


    It must be so different going from a northern zone to a deep southern zone. The plants you can grow are probably more tropical compared to me. Yep Florida is a hot place to live, bless your heart. Thanks for visiting, I’m glad you enjoyed my blog post today. 🙂


  5. Tricky indeed, and I am getting sick from this yoyo. I went to Richmond yesterday and it was snowing, sleeting and raining all at the same time.

    Me too Les, it’s messing with my sinuses terribly right now. Hopefully soon it will level off into more mild & pleasant temps. Yuck! That sounds like some terrible weather in Richmond.


  6. Posted by greenwalks on March 14, 2009 at 1:21 pm

    Awesome! I love that mounded spurge. They can get so leggy – do you wear eye protection when you cut it back? I knew they were toxic but just recently read their “milk” can cause permanent eye damage! Just FYI, you probably already knew though. Happy spring!

    Thanks Karen, they do get leggy once they start blooming and tend to flop over leaving the centers exposed. Nope actually I’ve never worn eye protection but I knew their sappy centers were toxic. Thanks for the FYI though, maybe I should be practicing some safety when trimming this plant. 😉


  7. I see your perennials are loving this rain too! We have received so much rain I can’t even get out to see my beds. It’s just way too wet!

    Yep they are eating it up right now cause they know come summer they won’t be so lucky. 😉 It is a soggy mess here too, but I managed to get a few quick shots between showers today.


  8. It’s always great to have perennials, ain’t it? I love the Phlox especially – that too the violetish ones in particular. BTW, I like your new website theme. Nice choice!

    They really are the diehards in the garden, coming back every year bigger & better. 😉 The Phlox is one of my favorites for it’s long season of bloom. Thanks for the input, I guess I will be keeping this theme awhile.


  9. How beautiful everything is looking! We’ve had rain for four straight days. Things are looking a little peaked after such an onslaught!

    Thanks Brenda. Wow that is alot of rain, hopefully the sun comes out soon & dries up some this mushy stuff. 🙂


  10. Envy comes to mind when looking at your beauties. 🙂 Spring rain really help them to grow green and lush. I like to plant perennials that have great color and texture. They look good and most don’t need any maintainence!

    Thanks Beckie, the spring rains really do make them lush right now. They really are less maintenance than annuals, but it’s nice to tuck a few annuals in for color. 🙂


  11. My rain gauge broke and I wonder how much rain we have gotten today. My yard has standing water. I know we need it. It is good we are getting it…but how many more days of this?!?!?!

    I wish I knew Janet too. My yard has standing water in some spots too. The ground just can’t absorb anymore. I think it is suppose to rain Sunday, Monday & Tuesday!!! No sunshine in the forecast until Wednesday at the soonest. Yuck!


  12. This is impressive. I’m inspired to try gardening again.

    Thanks Sandy, glad I could inspire you to give it a go again. 😉


  13. I torture myself by watching the weather channel! I think it will stop here…in TN tomorrow! We are saturated, the clay is squishy and it’s puddling. That aside, it is exciting to see the new growth emerge! gail

    Oh Gail, don’t do that to yourself! 😉 It’s suppose to rain here tomorrow, Monday & Tuesday!!! No sun in the forecast till Wed! Same here, soggy & mushy soil everywhere you look. Thanks I’m excited to see everything growing & thriving inspite of the weather.


  14. I must admit I am more than a little jealous by all the growth your plants are putting on. 😦 Mine are still struggling to wake up and it is driving me crazy!It is wet and cold over here on the other side of the country too!

    Don’t worry Cynthia, before you know it your plants will be waking up & growing like crazy too! We are expecting 3 more days of this wet weather, hopefully the poor plants don’t drown in the process. And come August when we need it we won’t get a drop. 😦


  15. Your perennials look mighty happy to get all that rain! You’re ahead of us, of course, but I am seeing some life in the garden at long last, too. In fact, we had a beautiful sunny day today, and I finally got out and cut back all my perennials. As you say, March is such a yo-yo month that you have to take advantage of the good days when you have them.

    I didn’t even notice your new background at first, but I like it! I agree that simplicity is the best.

    Thanks Rose, hopefully they don’t end up drowning since we got 3 more days of the wet stuff coming our way. See spring is popping up in everyone’s gardens right now. I’m glad you took advantage of a nice day to get out in the garden. Hopefully I will get to sometime this next week when the sun comes out again. 🙂 Thank you, I’m glad you like my new background. I’m finding it easier on my eyes too!


  16. Wow, that’s a lot of growth. I like the wet weather in the sping, it really greens things up quickly. You’ll have an abundance of blooms in no time.

    Yep they have been growing in leaps & bounds this past week. The rain is only going to speed the process up even more. Thanks Cinj!


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