It looks like rain…

photos-0041so I spent the day out in the garden moving things about again.  My ‘Robert Poore’ Phlox needed dividing.  Now is the best time to do that since they have just started to emerge.  Plant grids have been placed over them so that as they grow the centers will be better supported during heavy rains and winds.   I also moved my Salvia ‘Wild Thing’  into the center of the raised bed so that it would have more room as it got bigger. Don’t know what I was thinking when I planted it near the edge of the landscape timbers.    What a nice plant it has turned out to be so far.  It is evergreen and the leaves have turned a deep maroon color over the winter.  Should of taken a picture but when I went out to tinker I forgot my camera and by the time I remembered my hands were too dirty to stop.  😉  While I was out there I did a bit of weeding  in all of the beds.  I can’t wait to rake out the leaf mulch in a couple of weeks when the threat of heavy frosts have passed.  After several days of warm weather we are getting a cold front the remainder of the week just to remind us that it is still March.   The most unpredictable month in the year.  Warm one day, cold the next.  The photo has nothing to do with anything in particular.  I just thought I would share a pretty picture of some spring blooms from my garden.  Isn’t this a happy little vignette?  To the right you can just make out the beginnings of a deep purple Hyacinth starting to open.  If you look really close you can see the tiny cabbage like starts of the Sedum Autumn Joy, as well as some Dutch Irises and Yarrow.  Well tomorrow it is calling for rain all day so I’m glad I played in the garden today.  What did you do you do in the garden today?


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  1. Hi Racquel … the little flowers are so sweet .. everything in the picture sings Spring for sure ! .. I hope to get out and about maybe on the weekend .. waiting to see how our weather will behave first : ) That little bit of blue with the yellows is so vibrant !

    Hi Joy, thanks I’m glad you enjoy my spring vignette today! 🙂 Hope your weather is cooperative this weekend so you can get out in the garden again.


  2. Absolutely nothing! I had to work all day, but that’s ok because the wind here is still so cold I don’t think I could have stayed outside long. March is certainly an unpredictable month–it’s supposed to be warmer here this weekend, but also raining. You were smart to work in the garden while you could. Loved your forsythia yesterday–it says “spring” without any words.

    Sorry to hear it Rose. But maybe soon the weather will behave itself so you can enjoy the garden again. Yep unpredicatable March makes for interesting gardening at this time of the year. The poor plants are probably all confused. 😉 Thanks I’m glad I did all the work I did yesterday, this rain will help settle in the transplants. Glad you enjoyed my in full bloom Forsythia, it really screams Spring doesn’t it?


  3. It looked like rain all day here too. So I stayed in a watched you work. You did good!

    I knew I felt someone watching me Anna, lol 🙂 Thanks!


  4. Posted by greenwalks on March 12, 2009 at 8:30 pm

    I was sick in bed today, sadly, since it was warm and sunny for the first time all week. I did pick up a few leaves and pull a couple weeds, plus cut down my last fall’s spend crocosmia foliage while my daughter was playing outdoors. I kept getting horrible head rushes every time I stood up, but it was hard not to be out there when it was so lovely. Curious to see how your phlox will do and the plant grid sounds really nifty!

    Sorry to hear you weren’t feeling well Karen! That is really hard when the weather is warm & sunny to be stuck in bed. Looks like you managed to get a few things done, but take care of yourself. It’s not good to overdo it when you don’t feel good. I’ll show a picture soon of the Phlox as it starts to grow up through the grid. 🙂


  5. Beautiful picture. That’s good to know about the phlox because I have some I want to move. Today I took my seeds that are indoors up to the greenhouse and separated them and put in different containers. Now I remember why I don’t like doing seeds so much – that is a tedious job. Hope they pay off cause they are looking good so far. Took my camera out with me in hopes of seeing birds but still none here but Robins yet and didn’t even see one of them to snap.

    Thanks RG! Well then I’m glad I passed along some useful info for you today. I find that most things do well being divided in early spring just as they emerge. Much easier than trying to move them when they are fully grown & blooming. Yep I’m not a fan of indoor seeding, it is tedious work. Good luck with your new seedlings! 🙂


  6. Racquel that is a lovely picture. So springlike. I don’t know how I missed your last post but the forsythia is really pretty. So, I just wanted to let you know we have Limelight hydrangeas at work and I’m thinking of purchasing one. I think I have just enough shade in the corner of the backyard to put it. Unfortunately, I have gone back to work so no work going on in the garden right now. But I am walking around everyday discovering perennials popping up. I’m very excited. I can’t remember what I planted last year so I am hopeful I will be pleasantly surprised! We are suppose to get that rain here too and it has been much colder.

    Thanks Susie! I’m glad you enjoyed my spring flowers & forsythia photos today. 🙂 You definitely should pick up one of those Limelights, they are such wonderful Hydrangeas. I couldn’t imagine my garden without mine. Mine gets morning sun with afternoon shade and is happy with those conditions. It is an exciting time in the garden right now with all the emerging perennials and the promise of an beautiful new season ahead. lol, sounds like you will be really surprised when everything starts popping open.


  7. I was not able to be out in the garden at all today! It was cold and rainy–but we do need the rain so I am not complaining… too much! 🙂

    I’m sorry Linda, but it looks like your kitchen has come together! Yep we needed some rain too, so I’m not complaining either. 🙂


  8. It keeps threatening rain. There is also a lot of pink and white on the weather map. We could use the rain. A little warmer would be good. Enjoy the weekend.

    It started raining here late last night and has been drizzling on & off all morning. Hopefully we don’t get anything other than rain. Maybe next week we’ll get some warmer temps Janet. That would be good! 🙂


  9. I wish I could say I did something in the garden today Racquel but no such luck. It’s cold and blustery here anyway so not much fun to be out. Next week looks more promising. I hope to be half as industrious as you this season! Your daffodils are cheery.

    Cold & blustery does not make for productive gardening time. Glad you have some promising weather on the horizon to look forward to Kathleen! 🙂 Thanks!


  10. My Sedum is peeking out too! I see your Candytuft is starting to bloom, that has to be one of the longest blooming plants I have ever owned! I just moved some pots around and watered, it was close to 85. Might plant some more seeds today though. We sure could use a little rain here!

    They are so cute when they first start forming (sedum). Yep I love the long bloom time of the Candytuft each spring in my garden. 85!!! That is a nice day in the garden. Hope you get some rain soon so you will be freed up from watering so much. 🙂


  11. We definitely remember it is March, 2 inches of snow on the ground! Good thing it is not so cold. Your iberis looks great!

    Hope I don’t get any of that white stuff this late in the season, yuck! Thanks Tina! 🙂


  12. Wow, that phlox is gorgeous and it looks so perfect near the daffs and iris (blue thing?). It’s cold this morning (23), but SUNNY!

    Actually that is Candytuff, isn’t it precious with the snowflake shaped flowers? Thanks Monica! Sunny is good, but 23 is brrrr cold! 🙂


  13. Racquel, We are an hour south of Tina and got sleet and ice pellets on and off all day…I didn’t do a thing in the garden, but tried to catch up with blogging friends! Outside work did happen~~a carpenter came to rebuild a gate and fix one that was blown off its hinges by those fierce storms we had last month. One thing about rain it sure makes everything green up! I love the vignette you’ve shown us…Spring and with the promise of things to come. gail

    Yuck that makes for some nasty weather Gail. At least you were able to able to catch up with your friends online and the carpenter completed some much needed repairs. Yep the spring rains really make a difference come May when everything is is full blown glory. 🙂


  14. What a pretty combination of spring blooms. Nothing to do in the garden here. The temperature never made it out of the low twenties today.

    Thanks Marnie. I love these colors together, very spring like colors. 🙂 Brrr…that is too cold to garden. Here’s hoping you get some warmer temps soon!


  15. Good morning Racquel! How nice to be able to enjoy a productive day in the garden just before a spring rain! Seeing your candytuft reminded me of some seedlings I grew last season. I sure hope they made it through the winter.

    Good morning Linda, thanks I do so timing these things with rainfalls. Everything settles in nicely that way. Good luck with your Candytuft seedlings. It’s such a great long-blooming perennial in my garden each spring. 🙂


  16. Hi,
    Rain is predicted for here tomorrow too. I hope to come home and get some work done before that happens. I love digging up things and moving them around(-: I have a phlox in a wheelbarrow that really needs something. I guess I should cut it all off and let it start over. It is the kind that only blooms in the spring.

    A great time to get some much needed transplanting done, so I hope you get a chance to get out there today. Yep I love moving things around too, lol. Good luck with your Phlox. 🙂


  17. Hi Racquel, just before a big rain is the favorite time here to rush about madly moving and dividing things with the hope of a nice watering can from above. We continued spreading the early daffs, planted some lettuces from the greenhouse and herbs. More sugar snap peas were going to be planted, thinking the first batch froze or something, but just as the planting holes were ready to be poked with the dibber, the little shoots were noticed sticking up waving. How did they know more seeding was planned if they had not shown life? Good soaking rains here right now and a visit to family planned. Have a happy weekend.

    My favorite thing to do too Frances. Hey I’ve been known to run out during a rainstorm and move things, lol. Sounds like you made good use of the coming weather. I’m glad your sugar snap peas survived afterall. Have a nice visit with your family!!! 🙂


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