It has to be spring…


when the bees are buzzing around in the garden.  I haven’t seen one of these little polinators for a few months now.   A few showed up when I plopped these Heathers on the back patio the other day.   It was another beautiful day here in my neck of the woods which makes for good gardening.  And yes I took advantage of it by giving that new Camelia ‘Pink Perfection’  a new place to rest in the Woodland Garden.  Of course that meant I had to dig out the Nandina that was occupying that spot first.  The neighbor’s son came over and gave me a hand with that digging which was not fun believe me.  The roots on that thing were thick & not cooperative in the least.  We finally dug deep enough that we were able to yank it out.  He grabbed it from one  end & me from the other.  We almost fell on our butts, lol.  Good thing it was dusk and nobody was outside.  They would of had some built in entertainment, don’t you think.  Another stroll throught the garden brought more signs of awakening from perennials and bulbs.  I just love this time of the year when everything is new and fresh again.  It just has to be spring, even though the calender says 12 more days.  Maybe the bees know something the calender doesn’t???


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  1. It sure seems like spring to me! I am dead tired tonight from putting the kitchen back yesterday…and working in the garden all day today. I hear we have a cold front coming in..which I do not want! Like you, I love spring and watching all the buds appear! It is really heaven!!! 🙂

    Oh say it isn’t so. I better go watch the weather channel now. Hope you recover from all the hard work you did this weekend Linda! You got alot done it sounds like. 🙂


  2. I hope the bees know something we don’t. I have yet to see any bees but am hopeful. Pulling out that Nandina sounded like fun! lol. Thank goodness you had help from your neighbor.

    Me too Susie, me too! It was definitely a challenge I’ll say, lol. My neighbor’s son is great at helping me with stuff like that. 🙂


  3. Thank goodness for neighbor’s kids to help you out! Glad you got it out. Now hopefully some rain will come. It missed us and I too was planting today.

    Isn’t that the truth! Mine were nowhere to be found, lol. That would of made for some nice timing on my part & yours….rain. 🙂


  4. Posted by greenwalks on March 8, 2009 at 11:46 pm

    Well, we had more snow here today and I saw bees last week so I hope they knew to stay in their little houses and not freeze their little stingers off! That’s funny about the nandina almost decking you. I was thinking of moving one of mine, maybe I’ll see about pruning it back instead!

    I’m sorry Karen. I’m sure the bees have a warm cubby to hibernate in during the cold spell. I’ve moved alot of Nandinas in the past few years & this one was the only difficult case. The rest were pretty easy in comparison.


  5. Getting the paper this morning at 6:30 it was amazing to see the additional daffodils that had opened compared to last night. The plants just keep plugging along. I hadn’t see any bees yet. I spent the whole day pruning the swing set plants so I didn’t get the snaps in. This week, hopefully today. Am in the extension office all day today…kind of puts a cramp in my gardening.

    The warm spell this weekend is really giving everything an extra boost! Hope you get some time for gardening soon Janet. 🙂


  6. That’s funny, Racquel – I’m sure your neighbors would have had their share of entertainment if they were out 😉 Bees! I love their sight and I sighted a couple yesterday while working on my Mexican Flame Vine, flying up in the air! Again, I wished I had a camera!

    Yep I would of been the talk of the neighborhood for at least a day, lol. They are always good to have in the garden at this time of the year. 🙂


  7. You have picked a very nice camellia. The color is not my personal favorite, but the form is beautiful and that variety is a proven one. Try not to fall down next time.

    Thanks Les, for the information. I’m happy with my selection. I’ll try not to fall down next time too, lol. 😉


  8. That is funny, glad you didn’t fall! I’m going with the bees, not the calender!

    It was rather comical, but I am glad I didn’t fall. lol Yep the bees know something we don’t that’s for sure. 🙂


  9. Racquel,
    We saw our first queen bees this weekend! Isn’t it exciting! I love, love, love spring!

    How exciting is that Randy! I agree, Spring is my favorite season of all! 🙂


  10. Good choice to move out that Nandina! It does feel like spring although we might have a cold snap this week to suspend that feeling.

    Thanks Dave, they are wonderful evergreens but I have so many. I’ve been replacing a few of them with other things a bit at a time. Hopefully the cold snap doesn’t last too long. March is so unpredictable though… 😉


  11. Just lovely Racquel! The bees are out already? This is so exciting! Looking forward to your future spring posts!!

    Thanks Kanak! Yep they have been buzzing around a bit this past weekend with the warm temps. 🙂


  12. Hi Racquel, HA, that must have been a large nandina to have those kind of roots! Glad you got help, backs get hurt that way! The sight and sound of bees around the garden is thrilling this time of year. I do hope Mother Nature cooperates and has not surprise deep freezes in store for us. 🙂

    It was a pretty big one Frances, probably been there for over 5 years. They grow like weeds here, lol. Yep that neighbor kid sure comes in handy when Hubby isn’t available. 😉 Me too, I am done with winter, no more cold weather would be nice. But March is an iffy month so I’m not counting on it!


  13. Racquel,

    Isn’t it wonderful to see the signs of spring? I always though nandina were totally deer and rabbit proof, but someone’s been eating my nandina ‘Moon Bay’ and ‘Alba’ over the winter.

    I have been playing blog hooky – it’s been so sunny and warm (85 degrees today) that I’ve not been on my computer much at all during the day!

    Yes it is Cameron. I didn’t realize that deer would eat Nandina either, I guess they will eat anything if they are hungry enough. 😦 Same here, haven’t spent too much time indoors today & the rest of the day I spent running errands for my grandparents. Happy Gardening!


  14. Posted by skeeter on March 9, 2009 at 8:31 pm

    What a nice neighbor to help you out in the garden! I had to giggle at the scene you were putting into my mind with your story. But I am not laughing at you but with you. See, the Saint and I tried our best to save a huge bush one time when we were digging it up. We worked like crazy to get that thing safely out of the ground and we did fall on our butts a few times. The Bush won out as we never did get it out and we lost it. Sigh, we still laugh about that bush getting the best of us…

    I spotted a bee buzzing on my artificial flowers I set up in a Spring Display! I was telling him to get out of the woods and come to the house as there are a few things for him to sip and not just fake flowers! lol

    Yes he is a nice young man. I’ve known him for the past 12 years and he always has enjoyed helping me with some of the heavy duty yardwork. 🙂 I know you were laughing with me Skeeter, it was a funny mental picture I presented to all of you, lol. 😉 That’s a sad but funny story of the bush you & the Saint tried to save. That silly bee buzzing around fake flowers when he could have real live nectar! 🙂


  15. Nice to see your bees coming back. I’m sure they loved that you provided some lovely flowers for them to visit. The bees may be going by some other cues than the rest of us….our bees are quite dormant of course 🙂

    Yes it is Chris, that’s a sure sign of spring don’t you think? 🙂 They really love the pretty purplish pink blossoms on the Heathers right now. Soon they will have other pretties to visit.


  16. Ah, two of my favorite things: bees and heather.

    Well then this was the perfect post for you Monica! 😉


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