A successful day of shopping…

2009-03-06_110446Yesterday I told you about my plans for adding a Camelia to the back corner of  the  Woodland Garden bed.  Well today I thought I might check out my local nurseries & big box stores to see what they had on the shelves now.  It’s been a couple of weeks since I have even peeked at the garden sections and this is usually the best time of the year to find newly stocked plants.  I found this Camelia japonica ‘Pink Perfection’  at Lowes just begging to come home with me.  You can see a picture of the flower by clicking  here.  It met all of the requirements that I was looking for to replace the Nandina in that corner of the bed.  Since I still had some credit left on the gift card the woodland-garden-crocus2-0031boys gave me for Christmas I had nothing to lose.  Of course I also couldn’t resist picking up three Mediterranean Pink Heath or Erica x darleyensis  ‘Mediterranean Pink’.  These little evergreen shrubs will make for a nice foundation in the new bed I plan on creating along the sidewalk that leads to the front door in the next week or so.  They only get 1′ tall and 3′ wide.  It will be great to have some winter and early spring blooms to extend the season of interest out front.  I also picked up four more of the  grow thru rings to put over some of my floppier plants this spring.  Once the plants have matured you won’t even see the green coated frames.  My intentions are to put them over the Phlox ‘Robert Poore’ which has a nice upright habit until our heavy spring rains & winds hit it.   Also I need to replace the one that was sitting on top of my Soapwort since the original one has rusted out and one of the legs broke.  Another plant that might benefit from this is Salvia ‘East Friesland’.  It tends to be a very wayward plant that wants to lean on it’s neighbors.  Now I just need to get busy planting the Camelia and putting my grow rings ontop of the emerging perennials in the garden.  With mild temps today and all weekend I plan on taking care of some much needed garden chores.  Today I did some overdue weeding in several areas of the garden including the Rose and Woodland beds.  It felt great to get my hands dirty again and see the instant gratification that comes with a freshly weeded area.  Have a nice weekend everyone!!!  🙂

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  1. Good deal on the ‘Pink Perfection’. It’ll look great. I never ever see rings and functional things in a garden, just the plants:) Have a great day in the garden.

    Thanks Tina. I’m excited to have this new addition to my garden. Been wanting one for sometime now. 🙂


  2. Racquel, I’ve got to tell you and whoever else might read this. I was at the dollar store a few days ago and they are selling these grow-through rings. I haven’t compared the quality, ie. wire gauge, but they are green powder coated and look sturdy. I bought two and will be going back for more. Don’t know if you have a dollar store nearby but if you do… 🙂

    Thanks for the info Grace! I will have to go by & check out my local Dollar Store for some too. 🙂


  3. Racquel you got some great bargains girl ! .. We almost had the Lowes build here in Kingston but it was closed out by our STUPID city council .. now it is being built about 40 minutes away from us .. I’m thinking i will get to it eventually.
    I’m very interested in your woodland garden progress : ) and that beauty will look gorgeous in all of its glory there !

    Thanks Joy, I do love that store. But I need to spend some money at my small local nurseries too. 🙂 I hope you get a Lowe’s closer by in the near future, sorry about your city council closing it out. Wonder what their reasons were? Promise to keep you updated on the progress of my Woodland Garden. It is coming together nicely so far. 🙂


  4. Oh, it’s such a pretty! Hope the weather is as grand up your way as it is here this weekend.


    Thanks Cameron, it’s going to be a beautiful weekend here too. Today it got up to 70 degrees & tomorrow is promising even warmer. Can’t wait! 🙂


  5. Posted by nefp on March 6, 2009 at 6:05 pm

    Our Lowe’s has some Camelias that size for $5.98, I really want some, but I’m not to sure where I would put them at the moment. I am thinkinh I will have to wait until autumn when they put them out for sale again.

    Joy, I work at a Lowe’s here in Jacksonville, FL and I have seen pictures of the Canadian Lowe’s and they are a lot nicer than the old stores down here. In the employee newsletter it said that they are still building new stores in Canada even though the economy has slowed, maybe you will get your eventually.

    That’s a fantastic price Jake, mine wasn’t that cheap! I would of bought them & created a place for them, lol. Thanks for the encouraging words for Joy too. 🙂


  6. Good luck with your new plants. I’m sure you will love the camellia!

    Thanks Sheila. I am so happy to finally have one to add to the garden! 🙂


  7. Sounds like a delightful weekend, Racquel … I especially envy your dirty hands!

    It has been so far Joey! I forgot how wonderful it felt to get down close to the soil & dig. 🙂


  8. Sounds like you had some fun today! I went back to work yesterday and we are now getting in new plants and things. Today we unloaded and unwrapped 200 giant ferns. I’m so tried right now I can’t hardly keep my eyes open. Hope you have a great gardening weekend!

    That I did Susie, that I did! 🙂 You poor thing, well I bet it feels great to be surrounded by all those plants again at the nursery. Take care & get some rest.


  9. Racquel, The camellia I bought several weeks ago was planted by the landscaper and she planted it very high…Nn fact the top of the root ball was sticking out of the ground about 2 inches…Then she heavily mulched it with pine straw. I hope that helps! Your woodland will be lovely with your new plantings…and this balmy weather is making every thing jump out of the ground! Gail

    Hi Gail, thanks for the heads up. I did alittle research & read they like to be planted alittle high. I’ll have to get some pine straw to mulch around it, they are such acid lovers I forgot all about that. 🙂 Thanks!!!


  10. What a nice Camelia you bought. Yes mam it feels wonderful to get the dirt in your hands, on your shirt, jeans and then smudged across your forehead!

    Thanks Darla! You took the words right out of my mouth, lol 🙂


  11. What wonderful looking plants. I am sure our garden centers will be getting some in during the next few weeks if temps stay on the warm side. I can’t wait until I can get my hands dirty again. Soon all of this snow will be nothing but a distant memory and the awesome smell of flowers will be assailing my nostrils once again.

    Thanks Cinj! I am thrilled to see plants on the shelves again in the stores. It’s been a long enough winter & I’m ready for spring! It won’t be much longer & all of us garden bloggers will be happily playing in the dirt again. 🙂


  12. Hey, Racquel, just a quick goodbye before we get on the ship and leave the internet behind. The camellia is lovely. I’ll be interested to see how your heathers do–I’ve never been able to keep them alive, not sure why–if yours thrive, you’ll have to tell me your secret! Happy Spring.

    Hi Cosmo! Have a good time on your cruise! We will miss you while you are gone, soak up some sun for me. 😉 Thanks I am really excited about the Camelia. I think the Heathers prefer a dry location so I plan on making sure they get plenty of nice draining soil w/full sun to keep them healthy. If it works I’ll pass along my secrets… 🙂


  13. As I say always, you guys are lucky to have such great choices! Last week I went to my local horticultural society as I was planning to have a collection of bouquet flowers and you know what, they don’t have gerbera! No Gladiolus! Not even different color roses! Brrrr… I checked the seeds shops in vain only to be scorned at! Ugh! Have a nice day and nice spring!

    Thanks Chandramouli, but I’m sure there are things you can grow in your area that I can’t in mine. 🙂 Hopefully soon they will have all the lovelies you desire. Take care & have a nice weekend!


  14. Posted by greenwalks on March 7, 2009 at 1:19 pm

    Nice, cammelias are so lovely. I did a major plant shop yesterday too, but now it’s supposed to snow today so no planting yet. Agh! Hope you have fun with all your new stuff.

    Thanks Karen, it’s been on my wishlist for sometime so I am thrilled to finally have one to add to the garden. Can’t wait to see what all you brought home with you. Hope the snow doesn’t last long so you get to play in the garden real soon. 🙂


  15. You tempted me to go by the big box store on my way home from the airport this afternoon. (btw- 64 is jammed up both coming and going with accidents in the tunnel area- not to mention the traffic for Phish). I saw some of the camellias…I like the one you got and I also like the Kramer’s Supreme. Great prices too. I didn’t get one, trying not to get shrubs that I can’t figure out where to place. Did however come home with some snapdragons and a few dusty miller. Sunday will be spent outside!!

    Well I’m glad I tempted you to stop in & take a look Janet. 😉 They did have some lovely varieties to choose from, this pale pink color caught my eye the most. Good for you not buying something that you don’t have a place in mind to put it. That’s a good way to shop for plants. Have fun tomorrow planting your Snaps & Dusty Miller. It’s a good sign when they start getting plants in don’t you think?


  16. Congrats on your ‘Pink Perfection’! I’m pretty sure that is what the American Camellia Society chose as “if you can only plant one Camellia”.

    Wow, now I feel like I really lucked out with the choice I made. Thanks for the info & for stopping by today! 🙂


  17. Racquel, it’s so much fun to find just what you want plus a little extra. I saw a heath plant at my cousin’s last weekend and fell in love with it. I am going to look for a couple for the bed by my back door to add interest late and early. Good luck with all your plantings.

    Yes it is Beckie, I showed some restraint today, lol. I think they would look really nice by your backdoor. 🙂 Thanks!


  18. Ah, yes, camellias… just one zone out of my hardiness, unfortunately, but very cute.

    Maybe you could try them in a container that you brought in for the winter Monica? They are so pretty, I’ve envied my neighbor’s large shrub for years now. 🙂


  19. Posted by mothernaturesgarden on March 8, 2009 at 12:01 pm

    I recently picked up a couple of Erica x darleyensis ’Mediterranean Pink’ and put them in large urns on my deck. I want something out there in the winter. I’m expecting it to work well there.

    That is a great ideal on how to use them Donna! Hope they brighten up your deck area this winter. Their evergreen foliage will be nice year round too. 🙂


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