Adding to the Woodland Garden


After reading Tina @ In The Garden’s post about her Woodland Gardens the other day it got me thinking about all the work I did on revamping mine last fall and all the new additions I plan on adding this spring.  A couple of days ago I ordered several Hellebores to add to the garden this season.   Combined with some of the other new shade plants that I ordered in January it should make for an interesting display from spring to fall.   As you can see in the photo this was taken a day or so ago before the snow completely melted.  The poor Narcissus are drooping  over but should perk back up with the mild temps we will be experiencing over the next few days.   Spanish Bluebells, Baby Moon Narcissus,  and Grape Hyacinths are just some of the bulbs that will soon be bringing much needed color to this area.  The Nandinas and Euonymous provide winter interest with their evergreen foliage.    This bed gets morning sun till about 11:00 am and then full shade after that.  I’ve found that most plants can tolerate those conditions especially during the brunt of summer when it gets hot & dry here.  Plus when the Crepe Myrtle (center of the bed) is in full leaf it provides some filtered shade.  I’m considering replacing the Nandina in the far corner with a Camelia this year too.   Along the other side of this sidewalk is where I plan on making a large border bed with some Dogwoods and other perennials.  The terra cotta container has Thalia Daffodils with Elfin Thyme as a groundcover.   I’ll sprinkle some Zinnia seeds (profusion series) in there come April.  I can’t wait to see how the revamping and new additions to the Woodland Garden looks come May.


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  1. Well hello! Thanks for the link love. Your woodland garden is in an ideal site. I really like it bordering the driveway and so neat and tidy to give lots of color to the gardener. I love the nandinas! But yes, I think replacing the far one would be a good move. Camellias are simply splendid and I think you will love one. Can’t wait to see your bluebells! They didn’t have any of these at the lawn and garden show today, odd too. ttyl

    Hi there! You are quite welcome. Your posts always inspire me to look at my garden alittle closer. Thanks I am a bit fanatic about a tidy space in the garden, trying to let things go a bit more natural, lol. Yep I got a few Camelias on my wishlist that Les suggested for our area. That will be the perfect corner for it to show off next winter! 🙂 It shouldn’t be much longer until the Spanish Bluebells are blooming. That is odd they didn’t have any at the L & G Show. They are quite popular in my area, since they naturalize so easily.


  2. I say get a camellia…I love mine and it hasn’t even gone into the ground yet! The shiny green leaf will be attention getting when the bloom is gone. Can’t wait to see the one you choose…gail

    I have a few on my wishlist that Les suggested to me this fall. Yours is gorgeous! Thanks Gail! 🙂


  3. So much potential, although the simplicity is beautiful in its own right. I hope we get to see an “after” photo this summer. 🙂

    Thanks Grace, that’s how I try to look at each planting space too. 🙂 Thanks I promise to show an “after photo” when everything is in full glory this summer!


  4. That looks lovely. I’m also planning a woodland garden, however mine isn’t as nicely planted as yours already is. I look forward to seeing what you add and how it looks later in the season. I especially like that you’re adding hellebores; they’re one of my favorites.

    Thank you Melanthia. Your woodland garden is coming together nicely too! 🙂 Promise to share all the new additions as they get planted and later when they are in full glory. I’ve been wanting some Hellebores for sometime now & after seeing them this winter in every garden bloggers garden I ordered a few.


  5. Everything will look great, not that it doesn’t already!

    You are too sweet, thanks Susie! 🙂


  6. Posted by sun8a on March 5, 2009 at 10:50 pm

    Those red berries in the photo look really pretty. What are they? Is its flower as pretty too?

    Those would be the berries of the Nandina. It’s an evergreen shrub that is heavily planted in my are. The flowers are kind of pretty too. They are clusters of white star-shaped blossoms. 🙂


  7. Aha! Just the mention of the plants makes me excited. Can’t wait to see the end result. Zinnia’s my fave.

    Well than I promise to show lots of photos of blooms with you Chandramouli! 🙂 I love Zinnia’s too.


  8. A camellia would really love that spot. I’m looking forward to seeing the other bulbs as they come up in your bed.

    Thanks Cindy, now to find the perfect one for that spot… Soon the others will be showing off their colors & I promise to share photos. 🙂


  9. Posted by greenwalks on March 6, 2009 at 1:56 am

    I like the way it looks with the snow melting back. Don’t nandinas look cheery at this time of year?! Wonder if the berries contain something the birds don’t like – mine are still around, too!

    It does make for an interesting effect. 🙂 They are such cheery plants with those vibrant red berries & foliage that varies from light green to deep burgundy. Supposibly the birds will eat these berries but maybe they are the last choice…?


  10. It looks really pretty with the little dabblings left of snow! I can’t wait to see it all emerge in spring either!!

    Kind of like little bits of frosting, huh? 🙂 It won’t be much longer now Darla.


  11. Hi Racquel, It will be marvellous. It’s great that we can start planning now, I’ve hardly any snow left. Have a great weekend.

    xoxo Tyra

    Hi Tyra, thanks for the encouragement! Have a nice weekend! 🙂


  12. This area looks so nice already, even in the winter–the nandina berries really add a splash of color. I’ve ordered some hellebores, too, and can’t wait to plant them. Sounds like you have ideal conditions for these plants with the morning sun and afternoon shade.

    Thanks Rose, I am quite happy with the way it is looking so far. I will be keeping the Nandinas to the left for their winter color, but the corner is definitely getting a Camelia really soon…I can’t wait to get my Hellebores either & get them in the ground. They will provide me some much needed blooms & color during the months when nothing much is going on here. Yep these are ideal conditions for shade loving plants. Morning sun is much more gentle than the blaring heat of afternoon.


  13. Your woodland garden looks so pretty already Racquel. I’m looking forward to seeing all the new additions! Have a wonderful weekend

    Thanks Linda. I already have one new addition that I posted about today. 🙂 Have a nice weekend!


  14. Very nice combination of plant material Racquel. If you want to see different camellias come over to the Learning Garden, we have lots….good source for ideas.

    Thanks Janet and I might have to take you up on that visit. I’ve been wanting to stop in there for sometime now. 🙂


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