Just waiting for the thaw…


As you can see this picture was taken before the winterstorm of 09 that dropped a few inches of snow on my yard & garden.  Not much going on in the garden today since it is pretty much buried under snow still.  Like me Mooch the cat  is ready to get outside and get on with the business of spring coming.  It is is 20 degrees today with a windchill that makes it feel like the teens.  So the snow will be lingering for a bit more still.  With temps rising to the 60’s by this weekend it won’t be much longer until we’ll see green again.  Until then I will be hibernating indoors with a cup of hot cocoa & a good book.  Come on spring!


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  1. A good cup of hot cocoa sounds SO good right now. Still quite chilly here but spring is near. Setting back the clocks this weekend already.

    Well pour yourself a large steaming cup and don’t forget the marshmallows. 😉 Yep the temps are going to rise gradually as the week progresses. Don’t forget to set them “back” Tina.


  2. Hi Racquel .. it is even colder here … minus 18 or 20 with wind-chill and it is CHILL big time .. we were discussing work to be done outside with a contractor and I thought I was going to crack like an icicle ? haha
    Tina .. the clocks are supposed to go forward for Spring “Spring ahead and fall backwards” girl !!!! what did you put in your coco ??? hahaha
    Poor Mooch .. he does look a little disgusted with the weather ? : )

    I can only imagine Joy, BRRRRR! Don’t stay outside too long in that weather, you might ‘crack like an icicle’, lol. Ha, could catch on the “Spring forward”, I’m sure Tina will appreciate that come Monday. lol 😉 Yep he isn’t happy that I won’t let him go outside & play in the snow.


  3. So understand your impatience but I guess it lets us rest up for the busy days to come. I have kept my coffee cups filled this morning. We didn’t get the snow but I would have loved a bit. Thankfully, we received a lot of much needed rain.

    That’s a good way to look at it Cindy. Moisture in any form is always a benefit for the garden in spring. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by today.


  4. Hi Racquel, we missed the snow by about a hundred miles. Milwaukee got 14-inches. I know exactly how Mooch feels because I feel the same way.

    Hey Marnie, lucky you. Though my boys would of been sorely disappointed if we hadn’t gotten any this year. This may be the last we get for sometime now. Last year we didn’t get any accumulations, just a dusting I think. That is too much snow, 14″!!! Me too Marnie, me too! 🙂


  5. Isn’t this weekend going to be grand!!! My snow is melting rapidly and gone from the trees already. Love your kitty sitting there waiting too.

    Yes it is Anna, after all this freakish winter weather I’m looking forward to it! 🙂 Same here, the front yard which is south facing is all green now but there is still quite a bit of snow in the back yard still. Thanks, he just looked too cute for me to not get a photo op! lol


  6. Hot anything sounds good here lately. We actually made it into the low 50’s today! Maybe close to 80 Saturday. One extreme to the other. It will be welcomed though!!

    It warms the body! 🙂 50’s sound good to me, can’t wait for the temps to rise here. Enjoy your summery weather this weekend. They are calling for at least 67 here on Saturday, maybe a bit warmer. I’m looking forward to it too!


  7. Hot cocoa + good books sounds like a great way to pass the time until gardening weather. 🙂

    Don’t they though, my favorite pasttime when I can’t be outside is doing just that! 😉


  8. It was 9 degrees this morning, when I walked the dog. It’s warmed up throughout the day and warmer weather is on it’s way here.

    That is too cold to be taking the dog for a walk! I’m a whimp when it comes to cold, but then again I’ll be whining about the heat come August. lol 🙂


  9. That’s such a cute picture of Mooch! He looks as eager for spring as everybody else.

    Thanks Susie, I will let him know you thought so. lol Yep he is eager to get outside right now. 🙂


  10. From the 20s to the 60s? That’s a pretty dramatic turnaround. My cats love the windowsill too.

    I know, I hope it doesn’t make me sick with that 360 degree turnabout. It’s the next best thing to being outside for my cat. He can enjoy the fresh air without getting into any trouble. lol 🙂


  11. It was 14 degrees here this morning. We did manage to go out to lunch and for groceries as the roads were clear. A few more days… and it may be close to 80 on Sunday!


    Brrr!!!! Anything below 50 is just too cold for me, lol. I’m glad you were able to get some errands done at least. They did a good job clearing our roads this time too. Won’t that be a drastic change after getting all that snow this week. 🙂


  12. Well it sounds really cold there. I hope you are nice and toasty warm inside doing something fun(-: It is raining here and cold.

    It’s cold for us Cindee, the northerner’s are probably making fun of us though, lol. At least the sun is shining again, that’s something. 🙂


  13. Hi Racquel, glad you’ll be getting a reprieve from all that snow soon! Hibernating indoors with a cup of cocoa and a good book is one of my favorite ways to wait for spring!

    Hi Linda, thanks I need a reprieve. Us southerners aren’t use to this type of weather especially in March! 😉 I would rather be outside but reading is my second favorite pasttime.


  14. If my cats are outside I know it is warm enough to do gardening! Enjoy your book.

    Yep that is how it is here too. Mooch is mad because I won’t let him go outside right now since it is so cold. 😉 Thanks!


  15. I’ve heard about all the snow out East. It seems strange to see all this snow in your garden, when you’re usually able to get out and work in it. We have the cold, but no snow. The arbor garden does look lovely, though, and creates the perfect picture for your header. Looks like all your pets are enjoying it!

    Yes it was so strange to get snow this late in the season. February snow is not unheard of but March is another story…The ground is still quite frozen but the temps are suppose to rise by the end of the week into the 60’s so that’s good. Thanks, I really did love the way the Arbor Garden looked covered in snow with all those red accents standing out like exclamation points. 😉 Yep the dogs loved it, the cat not so much. lol


  16. I don’t think you’ll even want to sit down with a good book once gardening season starts. Lovely photo.

    Isn’t that the truth Kanak, there will be no time for sitting down then. 😉 Thanks!


  17. bbbbbrrrrrr, I, like your kitty cat, am really looking forward to REAL spring and not the spring TEASE:)

    It was a chilly day but the temps are rising and we are looking forward to a nice weekend. After that snow I’m happy! 🙂


  18. Yesterday when I came home, my cat Fiona was sitting near the front window eating her cat grass. It had just sprouted and she was very happy to find it! (I like cats in windows.)

    I need to get some of that grass for Mooch. He would love it I bet. 🙂 Yep they do look pretty cute sitting in the windowsills. lol


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