More Snowy Day Pics

2009-03-02_101445Sorry I just couldn’t resist taking more photos of the garden covered in snow.  These are much better than the ones I took at 5 am since it isn’t blowing like crazy.  The dogs are really enjoying playing, running in it as well as eating it.  lol  As you can see my little photo hogs managed to get in a couple of the shots.  🙂

Arbor Garden

Arbor Garden

Doesn’t the ‘Arbor Garden’  look pretty covered in snow?  I love how the red accents of the bench, washtub & berries of the Nandinas stand out against all that white. The two little shrubs in front (just to the right of the washtub) are Spirea ‘Goldmound’.  Even without foliage they look interesting at this time of the year. 


The Rhodie in the corner of the ‘Fountain Garden’ is looking weighted down with all that snow on it’s branches.  Hopefully it doesn’t cause any breakage.  Here you can see my Forsythia with yellow blooms & a light frosting.  Spaz managed to squeeze into another shot, look how the snow rested on the base of that tree.  I don’t think I will be sitting on the swing anytime soon, lol. 


The other day when I went to fill the feeders from my pourable container the lid fell off, oops! 😉  Oh well the birds found the messy pile and are devouring it.  A few seconds after I took this shot Spaz noticed them and chased them away.  They’ll be back as soon as she wanders off again, lol.


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  1. Great snow shots! The dogs are having fun!

    Thanks Dave, yep they are having a blast! lol I need a revolving door now. 😉


  2. It is so beautiful! I do love the red’s peeking out beneath the snow!!

    Me too Darla, thanks! 🙂


  3. Am watching it start to snow again. What is odd is watching the flakes in the reflection of the water against the dark bulkhead across the creek. It looks like the snow is falling up! Guess I should start doing something productive. I like the photo of the forsythia with the white frosting on it.

    Yep it’s snowing here again too Janet. I bet that is pretty the snowflakes reflecting off the pond. Hope you post some pics of your garden covered in snow. Thanks!


  4. What a ton of birds! They must be having a hard time finding food under all that snow. Your garden would’nt be complete without the dogs in a few pictures:)

    Actually for some reason the birdseed didn’t get buried under snow, the birds are happy campers cleaning up my mess. 🙂 That is so true Tina, lol, about the dogs.


  5. Your snowy garden shots are wonderful, Racquel! I love the red, green and white of your Arbor Garden! I LOVE colour in the garden!

    Thanks Nancy! It does look alot like Christmas with all those festive colors out there right now. 😉


  6. It is crazy, but don’t you enjoy it just a little?

    Alittle bit, but the boys are enjoying it more than me at the moment. 😉


  7. It just keeps getting more interesting, doesn’t it! You’ve got the feeding frenzy going there, too.


    Yes it does Cameron. Those birds had a good time all day cleaning up my boo-boo! lol 🙂


  8. I do love your arbor garden, Racquel. It’s stopped here for the moment, but the temp is starting to drop so I’m worried about roads tomorrow (we have to drive about four miles before we get to a road that’s been cleared or sanded). Looks like Spaz is having a great time–Ranunculus ran around all morning and now won’t budge from the fireplace.

    Thanks Cosmo, it is my favorite garden and the first I created here at this home. I’m a bit worried too about the roads, our schools announced a 2 hour delay already. Our neighborhood can be quite a nightmare to get out of, the main roads are always pretty good. Poor Ranunculus, he must of wore himself plum out, lol. 🙂


  9. I think the snow makes everything look pretty. I too like the way the reds stand out against the stark whiteness. Thanks for showing us the additional pictures! I hope you are inside staying warm now!

    It does look so pretty & fresh first thing before the boys run through it. lol I’m glad you enjoyed the extra pics, it was my pleasure! Yep after the initial thrill of snapping photos was over I stayed indoors the rest of the day. 🙂


  10. A dog named Spaz eating snow… that’s a very funny mental picture!

    If you saw how hyper she was, you would be like oh I get it. lol That was a funny image though…:)


  11. Racquel, your poor forsythia buds..oh well, they’ll survive. I love your Nandinah shrubs, cool red berries. We got about 10″ and I’ll post my winter scene soon…hopefully, this will be our last??!!!

    I think they’ll bounce back too. Thanks, I’m glad we didn’t get as much snow as you guys did, and I hope this is the end of winter. 😉


  12. It’s like a different world when it snows. For me it’s a novelty so I never get tired of it!

    It does change everything into something magical doesn’t it. We didn’t get any snow last year, maybe a dusting at best. Once everyone has tramped all through it by foot & car I’m tired of it. No longer pretty, just messy. 🙂


  13. Do you also feel like a snow covered garden is sleeping even though it isn’t. I didn’t like my garden being covered today. I wanted it to go away when I looked at all that snow. Now I wanted the moisture on the new mulch—just didn’t want to see the garden sleeping. Your doggies are grand sports cause we know mom encourages them to participate in the photo op. I like the pristine look cause that means the weeds are buried too.

    Yep it is definitely in a sleeping state buried under all that snow right now. Hopefully it thaws out soon so spring can do it’s thing. 🙂 I don’t blame you, everything was really starting to take off until this storm came along. But by the end of the week it’s suppose to be in the 60’s again which is good news for the garden. Normally when I try to get them to be cooperative with photo ops they won’t, but when I’m taking a picture of the garden they walk into the shot, lol. Yep that’s a good way to look at it, the weeds are buried too.


  14. I always think Spring snow looks nice. Those red berries really do set the scene…your dogs sure look happy to play on a snow day. I think Dakota would try to sneak up on those birds…not sure what our little one would do.

    For the first hour until the boys & dogs have ran all through it that is, lol. The garden looks almost Christmas festive with the green, red & white, don’t you think? 🙂 Yeah the dogs have had a blast playing in the snow & chasing the birds too. 😉 Sounds like Dakota & Spaz have alot in common when it comes to birds.


  15. Love the picture of Spaz jumping through the snow! Snow is so pretty!!

    I was tickled to get that cute shot of her leaping in the air, lol. Yes it was pretty, but now it is starting to melt in spots & looks a bit patchy. 🙂


  16. Freshly fallen snow adds a nice touch to the garden. I think I prefer it in thin layers like you have this time of year though.

    It does cover up all the ugly parts of the garden at this time of the year, a blank slate. 🙂 Yep I prefer it in thin layers too Cinj.


  17. Indeed, everything looks lovely covered in snow–I wish we had some. it’s frigid cold (temps in the teens) here, but no snow. Boo! I love the dog in mid leap in one of the photos. Wheeeeee!

    Cold without snow is no fun Monica. Of course I am looking forward to warmer temps this weekend when it gets back up to 60 degrees. 🙂 Wasn’t that a fun photo of Spaz leaping through the air, lol.


  18. So pretty Racquel. and great moisture. My dog loves the snow too ~ I wonder what it is that makes it so fun for them?

    Thanks Kathleen, hopefully it melts tomorrow and my garden can get back to spring. 🙂 It must be fun to play in, every dog I’ve ever had loved it! 🙂


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