March brings…


 Unpredictable weather….rain, wind, sunshine,  and possibly snow.  But most of all it brings the bright cheery blooms of Forsythia.  This is the view I have from my bedroom window right now.  Little did I know when I bought a small 12″ shrub 10 years ago at a yardsale for 50 cents that it would turn into a massive sign of spring for years to come.   This side of the house is my working area hence the woodpile, but the yellow blossoms of this ornamental shrub brighten this corner in early March.  When the blooms fade they will be replaced with green foliage that lasts till fall.  Another month is done and gone…it’s all down hill from here.  Soon we will rejoice in all the fruits of another season.  Enjoy!


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  1. That is huge! I bet it brightens the corner so much. And that you bought it for 50 cents is great.

    It is a massive shrub Melanthia but this corner fits its’ size perfectly. Yep I love a good deal! 🙂


  2. Wow. Fifty cents. What a bargain. I don’t own a forsythia but there is a massive bush on the way to town. The owner wisely placed it next to a pink flowering quince and a bridal wreath spiraea. The three of them blooming simultaneously is enough to cheer even the most curmudgeony among us. (Sometimes that would be me.)

    It was truly a price I couldn’t pass up Grace. Back then gardening for me had to be on a strict budget. 🙂 That must be a beautiful display when all 3 are in full glory.


  3. Racquel, I went to check my forsythia today, and there’s no sign that any ‘popping open’ is going to happen soon…I could barely even make out any ‘life’ on it. Tonight it’s sleeting, and tomorrow we’re supposed to get snow…just after I went out and bought tulips that need to be put into the ground. I hope they’ll survive until the weather warms. Usually tulips don’t pop up as quickly. Some of them have the flower head already formed, just not opened! VA weather sure is strange:)

    Mine just might be in a microclimate where it is located Jan. It is in a sheltered sunny west facing corner. Yours will bloom before you know it, promise. 🙂 We’re suppose to get some of that snow too, it’s been raining for two days. Gloomy! Tulips are pretty hardy so they’ll probably be okay. Yep VA weather is very strange, lol.


  4. This was always the true sign of warm weather to come when I was growing up, we would dress up in our little Easter outfits and have our pictures taken in front of Mama’s forsythia … it is 20 degrees here in Cleveland … big sigh 🙂

    I remember you telling me that story Mom, and then you girls would run back in & put on your winter stuff. lol 🙂 We aren’t much warmer than you today. By Friday it will be back in the 60’s again. This screwy weather might make me sick.


  5. Well you sure don’t know from one day to another what type of weather will be here in North Florida in March. The 40’s today! Love your yellow blooms.

    That’s how our weather is too Darla. You are having warmer temps than we are today, it is in the 30’s right now and by the end of the week it will be back up to the 60’s. This yo-yo weather drives me crazy sometimes. lol 🙂


  6. What a nice view to have out your bedroom window…a burst of spring color! It is a nice size and shape to fill the corner of the yard and will be a bright pop of color for a while now. My UPS guy gave me a few whips of a forsythia… all are growing. i checked yesterday and I have one flower open on a 8 inch stem… the smallest one of the group. Poor little guy is just plugging along. Next year I guess I will have almost a bush instead of three stems sticking out of the ground!

    It is a lovely way to start the day Janet! 🙂 Thanks! That sure was a nice gift from the UPS man. Mine just brings me packages, lol. You will be surprised on how fast this shrub grows. Give it a couple of seasons in the garden & it will surpass your expectations.


  7. Perfect spot for such a cheery shrub. March brought us snow here in Tennessee-brrrrr!

    Thanks Tina, it really loves this corner of the garden. We might be getting some of that snow too, brrr is right! 🙂


  8. Racquel .. now that is what I call a bargain and what a beauty it has become. There is something so cheery about yellow in the first throws ? pf Spring .. even if the weather turns a bit nasty again .. seeing that yellow keeps us going girl !

    Thanks Joy, it really was an economical way to add a large ornamental shrub to my new garden 10 years ago. Back then I really had to garden on a strict budget & this one fit that bill. 🙂 The yellow I think reminds us of summer & sunshine which is warming to the soul in early spring.


  9. Racquel, your description of March is so true; I’m hoping this year it brings a few warm, sunny days. Your forsythia was quite a bargain! I love to see them bloom–definitely a promise of spring.

    Thanks Rose, it is a unpredictable month in the garden that’s for sure. They are truly a messenger of a new season and mine has surpassed it’s bargain basement pricing. 🙂


  10. Hi, Racquel–The forsythia is lovely. Like Jan’s, ours haven’t started yet–is yours in a sunny-ish spot? There isn’t one in bloom in the whole neighborhood! Hunker down–I can’t believe we’re starting March with a snowstorm.

    Thanks Cosmo, mine is in a sunny sheltered west facing corner of the garden. That could be why it is blooming already. It always has bloomed around the end of February-first of March. I know I can’t believe it either, but that’s VA for you. lol Take care & stay warm! 🙂


  11. Very cheery! I hope this big snow forecast passes us by, don’t you? How is your grandfather?

    Take care,

    It is Cameron, it really is! 🙂 I sure do hope it completely misses us, cause I could live without snow this year that’s for sure. He is doing well, thanks for asking. Take care!


  12. Oh, I want one too!

    If you lived closer I would be more than happy to share a cutting with you Balisha. 🙂


  13. Love those bargains especially when they turn out to be such jewels in the garden! Be sure and post a picture of the bush in full bloom. I love these, just can’t find the right place
    for one. Yes, we are on our way to gardening “thyme” !! 🙂

    Me too Linda and this and the other plant I bought that day have been real workhorses in my garden for the past 10 years. I promise to post a picture when it is full glory. 🙂 They look great in a corner of the garden I think.


  14. It’s good to see you back Racquel! I hope that means good news on your grandfathers recovery? I wish I had a couple branches of your Forsythia brightening my living room right now! Is this the bush you took the cuttings from when you forced yours?? March really can bring an assortment of weather, can’t it? Lucky for us, this year its coming in like a lamb….

    Thanks Kathleen, it’s good to be back. Yep he is doing very well & getting stronger each day here at home now. I would be more than happy to share a couple of branches with you. 🙂 This was the bush I took cuttings from this past January and they have long since bloomed and are spent now. It was like getting a two-fer this year. Yes March can be very unpredictable for us, for example we are expecting a snowstorm tonight. BRRRR 😦


  15. That’s such a cheery sight from your bedroom window. I don’t know if I would have planted Forsythia had it not already been here, as it seems to be everywhere, but I’m glad I have one. The flowers just shine.

    Thanks MMD, always makes my morning a bit happier when this shrub is in bloom. 🙂 Actually when I planted mine 10 years ago, believe it or not, I didn’t even know what it was at first. lol But for 50 cents it was worth giving it a corner of the garden to shine in each spring.


  16. Ms. March brought us a little dusting of snow this a.m. As you said, you never know what weather to expect in March. The forsythias have been blooming down here too! I love to see them cause then I know Ms. Spring is on her way.

    I saw your dusting of snow, they are calling for 2-3″ in my area tonight. 😦 Yep the Forsythia is always a gentle reminder that spring isn’t too far off & winter is almost over.


  17. Posted by skeeter on March 1, 2009 at 2:12 pm

    Our Forsythia is in full bloom right now! She is so full of blooms like I have never seen before. She actually glows under the security light at night. The green is showing up so soon the pretty blooms will be gone bye bye…

    Mine will soon be a large mass of yellow that just brightens up this corner like the sun. Looks like yours is a bit ahead of us. 🙂


  18. That was one heck of a bargain! I personally haven’t seen one that good.

    Yep I got a couple of plants that day including a Euphorbia polychroma or Cushion Spurge which works great as a drought tolerant ground cover. Thanks!


  19. For us, all that happens in April. But isn’t it funny how one remembers the prices to things one gets at yard sales, in a way one doesn’t in the rest of life?! I have one really nice lined skirt that I got for 50 cents once, and if someone gives me a compliment the first thing I say after a gracious “thank you” is a smug “50 cents!” 😉

    Isn’t that interesting how different our zones are that what blooms for me in March waits to April in your area. I love getting a good deal & when it’s something that I know I will use for years even better. 🙂


  20. That’s pretty awesome! I like stacked wood and think it looks good and especially with the Forsythia beside it.

    Thanks Anna. I like the look of stacked wood myself. 🙂


  21. That’s a real good-looking shrub. And with a window view like that it must be a cheery sight–first thing in the morning.

    Thanks Kanak! It really is a nice view first thing in the morning! 😉


  22. Posted by greenwalks on March 2, 2009 at 11:54 pm

    OK, I have a new goal – get a great plant sometime for under a buck and live to see it thrive as your forsythia has! Nice that it has its very own corner where you can see it and be cheered at spring’s near-arrival.

    It was a very thrifty success story that’s for sure Karen. 🙂 This is the perfect location for it, it can do it’s thing.


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