Indoor sowing update

Cosmo 'Psyche White'

Cosmo 'Psyche White'

As you can see in the photo above the Cosmos bipinnatus seedlings are doing well.  They now have their first true leaves.   On the other hand the seedlings from the Angelonia are just emerging and are so teeny-tiny that trying to photograph them was impossible.  While I was distracted with family stuff they did suffer a minor dry spell when I forgot fill the reservoir tank so that the wicking mat could keep them moist.  Hopefully they will recover from this slight neglect soon. 

Yellow Bell Pepper

Yellow Bell Pepper

I planted 4 types of peppers from the seed Darla at Family and Flowers sent me this past December during our seed swap.  Strangely though the only emerging seedlings so far are from the Yellow Bell Peppers.  I’m going to wait a bit longer and if the others don’t emerge I’ll just plant more seed.  So far it has been fairly painless but I still prefer direct sowing.


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  1. Hi Racquel, man those cosmos are looking good! The stems are nice and short and the true leaves look so healthy. I left mine on the heat mat too long before putting them under the lights while waiting for other seeds to germinate, a novice mistake. Now they are too long and lanky to hardly stand upright. The wicking mat is one more gismo I have not added to the setup. Do you think it is the best way to water them? It does seem like it would prevent overwatering. My peppers took a long time to germinate too so I put more seeds in the pots and now they are way too crowded, a month later.

    Thanks Frances, I’m pleased with their progress so far. They didn’t get too tall & spindly which is good. It seems that watering underneith eliminates some of the problems that seedlings are prone to. It also keeps a constant source of moisture which is good too. Yep that’s why I’m going to wait on planting more seeds so I don’t end up with too many!


  2. Cute little seedlings. You never know how long things take to germinate. I planted three kinds of lettuce inside. Two came up within three days. The other took twice as long. Maybe your other peppers will show their cute heads soon.

    Thanks Daphne. I’m trying to be patient & give them some time to do their thing. 😉 Lettuce I usually just direct sow outside since it comes up pretty quickly. Thanks for the encouragement!


  3. Good for you to have some indoor seeds going. I haven’t done any yet (or maybe at all). I pretend I am Mother Nature and scatter seeds into the soil…for flowers. I do have seeds for some lettuce but am going to direct sow them into the window boxes I just bought. Maybe soon… Janet

    Thanks Janet, I’m feeling pretty adventurous this season. 😉 I’ve always used your approach in years past with much success.


  4. It took my peppers about 6 weeks to emerge last year. They do need bottom heat, you probably know that. I didn’t use any, just had them on the back porch. Cute little cosmos seedlings.

    Thanks for the advice Darla. Nope I didn’t provide any bottom heat, oops! 😉 Learn something new everyday. I will give them another shot since I have plenty of seed left from what you sent me. 🙂


  5. Posted by skeeter on February 28, 2009 at 9:23 am

    Looking good!

    Thanks Skeeter! 🙂


  6. Hi … I hope the seeds will grow for you. Maybe they need more time. Me, I always spread seeds directly onto soil and waited for them to grow.

    Hi Blossom, thanks for the well wishes. I’m going to try to be patient & give them some more time. 🙂 I’ve always used your method too.


  7. Well, I am going to venture into indoor seed planting this year. I don’t have a wicking mat or a way to provide bottom heat…just a sunny window and a planting apparatus with peat pots and a plastic lid type thingy. I got the bug from all of you experienced gardeners. I will let you know how it goes. I think that I have selected “easy” seeds. Zinnias, marigolds etc. Wish me luck.

    Good luck with your new indoor seed sowing venture Balisha! Your sunny window just might be the ticket for getting your new babies off to a good start. Keep up updated along the way.


  8. I have had a less than stellar performance with my seedlings. Out of 36 little sections in my egg cartons I think 7 sections have something growing in them. I’m sure it’s due to not having enough warmth.

    I’ve had the same experience in the past too Susie. Gardening can be a test of patience sometimes. Trial & error is the only way we learn sometimes. Good luck with your seedlings. 🙂


  9. Those are looking great. I keep being reminded by efficient gardeners like you that I’ve got to get some seeds started! February was such a busy month for me.


    Thanks Cameron, glad I could act as a reminder to you to get some seeds started. I know what you mean, I’m glad February is almost over, it was a hectic month.


  10. I just love baby pictures! They all look healthy. Keep us ‘posted’ on their progress! Happy Gardening

    Thank you Tessa, I’m glad you enjoyed my new babies! 😉 Promise to keep you in the loop along the way. Happy Gardening to you too!


  11. Good job! New seeds are so promising and it looks like you are well on your way with your garden already.

    Thanks Tina, they are so full of hope & promise for the upcoming season.


  12. looking good Racquel! It’s been so long since I started veggie seeds I’d forgotten peppers can take awhile to sprout. I’d planned to wait until mid-to-late March to start my seeds – guess I’d better get moving on the peppers!

    Thanks Linda, I’m patiently waiting for them to make their appearance. Yep the peppers can take awhile from what I’ve heard so you better get busy. 😉


  13. Looking good! I just got more seeds in the mail this week and started my peppers and tomatoes yesterday. Can’t wait for this stuff to finally get going!

    Thanks Dave, I’m happy with the results thus far. 🙂 Looks like you will have alot to look forward to in the months to come.


  14. You have been doing a great job, Racquel. The cosmos look adorable…I love their shape. I have some cosmos seeds, perhaps I should put some in. I was going to direct seed them but maybe I ought to go ahead and start a couple, if not only for the ‘cuteness’ factor:-)

    I still don’t have a grow light (or lights) and can’t seem to find any! I just want to switch them in some florescent light holders…do you know of any placed I can hurry up and get them? Lowe’s or Home Depot had none. I forgot to check Walmart. Hmm. an idea….

    Thanks Jan! Most Cosmos seeds can be direct sown right into the garden, but this specific cultivar said it needed to be started indoors. They came up quickly & I have plenty of seed left so I might try direct sowing a few in April too. Walmart is a good idea or a local garden center might be a good resource as well. I bought mine online from Gardener’s Supply Co.


  15. Posted by greenwalks on February 28, 2009 at 3:23 pm

    They look so great! Congrats. These are all super summery things for us, so we don’t plant them out until really late in the spring. You get to start earlier on all of that stuff. Fun!

    Thanks Karen, I’m glad they are doing well. Can’t wait to start my planting around the end of March-beginning of April. 🙂


  16. It was good to see your post Racquel–I’m so glad your grandfather is home.
    Your blooms (last post) are beautiful–and I can’t believe your indoor seeds are doing so well. Before you know it, you’ll be planting them outside! 🙂

    Thank you Linda, how sweet are you! 😉 I’m happy to have him back home where he belongs & so are the boys. Yep the garden is really showing some signs of life indoors & out.


  17. It is exciting to see your new seedlings…I will start some seeds between now and the next month (our last frost isn’t until mid-late May). I do prefer to direct seed what I can, though I always attempt some indoor starts.

    My trouble is that I usually do not set-up enough light and sometimes start too early…This year I might just experiment and see how far ahead the indoor plants are compared to some direct seeded ones. Didn’t try winter sowing this year.

    Thanks Chris, I’m excited to give this indoor sowing another try after unsuccessful attempts in the past. Wow, your last frost date is only about a month-6 weeks behind me. Good luck with your indoor sowing this year, hope you share the journey with all of us. 🙂


  18. Aw, the cosmos and bell peppers are so cute. I’ve only ever direct-sown cosmos, but I do love them so. And I have no idea why it didn’t occur to me to start bell peppers as I love them (esp. yellow, red, and orange ones and stuffed peppers is one of the few things I can cook!)… but I guess it’s not to late. I just have to find seeds. Yippee!!

    Thanks Monica, they are really doing well inspite of my slight neglect for a few days. 🙂 Normally I would direct sow my Cosmos in April but this specific cultivar stated to sow indoors. Weird, huh? Good luck with your pepper seeds, look forward to seeing what you create with all those yummy veggies.


  19. So gratifying to see those plants emerge from the tiny seed. I hope the peppers will do well too for you. I have never heard of a wicking mat. That would make it less stressful. I’m going to start my seed soon. I’m going to use either newspaper rolled up to make pots or buy unwaxed paper cups if I can find them. You are ahead of me for sure. Did you get snow?

    Yes it is Anna, and I’m still holding out for the peppers. It seems to eliminate some of the problems with overhead watering that can effect seedlings (wicking mat). Look forward to seeing what you plant & what you end up using for the process. Yep we got a little snow already but it’s calling for more through the night and all day tomorrow.


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