Bloomin’ Tuesday (new additions in 2008)


It’s Bloomin’  Tuesday and there is nothing blooming in my garden quite yet.  So here’s a  flashback of past bloomers.  After a couple of years of growing the same old plants in my garden I added quite a few new things last season.  Some of those new additions in 2008 were quite successful and will definitely be welcome to grow in my garden again.   So here they are (round of applause please):

Salvia 'Black & Blue'

Salvia 'Black & Blue'

The vibrant blue makes a striking contrast again the almost black sepals.  According to the info I’ve gathered it is hardy in zones 7-10 so I’m really hoping it comes back up this summer in my zone 7b garden.  It blooms late summer through the early fall.  Oh and the Hummingbirds really love it too!  Actually I added 3 new salvias to my garden this past season and they all did great.   They’re starting to rival my passion for Hydrangeas a bit.  🙂

Lantana 'Miss Huff'

Lantana 'Miss Huff'

I’ve grown Lantana before in my garden but not this cultivar.  This is the only variety that is definitely hardy in my area according to my local nursery.  You just can’t beat a plant that thrives during the hot & humid days of August.   The butterflies were constantly flitting around these tropical colored blossoms.

Thunbergia (Blackeyed Susan Vine)

Thunbergia (Blackeyed Susan Vine)

This fast growing annual vine was a nice addition to my new garden bed this past summer.  I grew it on a TV antennae turned trellis and once it started blooming it didn’t stop until the first hard frost in December.  Even though I have plenty of seed left I bought seed for the white flowering variety this past fall too.  For more Bloomin’ Tuesday posts or to join in this week please visit  Jean @ Ms Greenthumb.


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  1. Hi Racquel
    I love all the pictures you posted! Don’t they get you excited for this year planting? I also saw your valentine gift you posted on a previous post, your tabletop light seed kit. I LOVE IT! How perfect to start your seeds indoor for the upcoming spring!
    Love, Ann

    Hi Ann, I’m glad you enjoyed my past summer blooms today. They do get me excited for the upcoming season! Thanks, I can’t wait to get a jumpstart on the summer with my new tabletop light kit. 🙂


  2. Your flowers are wonderful,the black and blue salvia is beautiful.

    Thanks Charlotte. Yep that Black & Blue Salvia is quite striking when it’s blooming. 🙂


  3. I’m in Zone 9b and can attest that Salvia ‘Black & Blue’ grows well here, as well as the ubiquitous Lantana. However, ‘Miss Huff’cultivar doesn’t do so well in mid summer. The Thunbergia will grow here, but must be kept away from reflected heat, which limits its use somewhat. I wish we could grow some of the Thubergia species and cultivars here, as I really like the look of the foliage and flowers.

    The different plants and similar plants that can be grown in other zones is amazing. That’s what makes Bloomin Tuesday so fun & interesting. I’ve found the Thunbergia to be a thirsty annual Aiyana so I have to limit it to areas where it is easy to do some supplemental watering by hand.


  4. I’m so excited! Spring is closer, your Salvia is nice and I am going to try that vine this year, is it full sun?

    It is creeping up on us Darla! Thanks I really enjoyed the Salvia this year for it’s unusual color. I planted the Thunbergia (Blackeyed Susan vine) in full sun and it did well. It likes some supplemental watering though.


  5. Racquel, it is amazing how many plants are grown by gardeners in such different zones. Your photos certainly inspired a longing for warm weather plants.

    Always Growing

    That’s what makes posting photos so much fun Jan. I love seeing what other zones are growing at different times of the year. Yep I’m longing for some warmer weather plants minus the humidity of course, lol.


  6. Racquel, how funny that you share the Black and Blue and Miss Huff. They are both new additions from last year. Am looking forward to having them come back strong this year. The Thunbergia has always caught my eye. Will think more about using it this year.

    lol, looks like we both have the same great taste Janet! 🙂 I’m looking forward to them coming back stronger & bigger this season too. I found the Thunbergia to be a nice annual vine even though it is a bit thirsty (mainly in the beginning).


  7. Racquel, was your Tunbergia in sun or shade? I have trouble getting them to bloom in the heat of summer.

    Mine was in sun Linda. But if you got an area that got morning sun w/afternoon shade it might be happier.


  8. Racquel, here is an easy way I learned to have many passions-categorize them:) Hydrangeas your first love for shrubs, salvias for perennials…does this help to love them all?:)

    Great idea Tina, this way I can have many passions such as Hydrangeas, Salvia and Clematis! 😉


  9. There is nothing growing here either, though we are having a tease of spring-like weather. I remember seeing this black and blue salvia on several blogs this year; this is one I’m definitely going to have to add to my garden!

    It shouldn’t be too much longer here Rose, but I’m itching for spring now! 🙂 You definitely need to add this Black & Blue Salvia for the striking color it adds to the summer garden.


  10. I love the Salvia- the blue is beautiful! I am counting the days till I can dig in the dirt again too!

    Thanks Dee, looks like we have the same wish for spring to get here and soon!


  11. Salvia black and blue is great! I had one last year that I didn’t expect to do anything but it surprised me. I need to get some seed to plant a few more.

    I really fell in love with this Salvia this past year. The unusual coloring was a nice addition to the garden. I wasn’t aware that you could get seed for it and I forgot to try to collect seed from my plant.


  12. Love the blue salvia!
    Thanks for the idea of the vine too – I have several places that could use something like this.
    I need to look for seeds.
    Paula from Idaho

    Thank you Paula, I’m glad I could give you a idea for a vine for your own garden. The seeds are quite easy to find. Try Park Seed for the white ones (online). I found the yellow ones at Walmart I think.


  13. I just love the combination of blue and yellow, so your post particularly appealed to me! Wonderful flashback!

    Thanks Suzanne, it’s one of my favorite color combinations too! 🙂


  14. Racquel you know I am such a big fan of the Black/Blue salvia. It is one of my very favorites! Yesterday I noticed some of it trying to come up. I was so excited to see that. Last year it took forever before I saw it spring up.

    I know you love it as much as I do Susie! That is very exciting, I mounded some leaves around mine this winter so I hope it comes back up like yours is doing. 🙂


  15. Racquel turtlehead is what mine is called.I could not think of the name when I was posting for nothing.Thanks for letting me know the name of it.

    Thanks for commenting back here Charlotte. You are quite welcome, I do the same thing sometimes. 😉 It’s on the tip of my tongue and I just can’t find the name.


  16. Posted by skeeter on February 10, 2009 at 1:23 pm

    Ah, they are still pretty today! Great thing with pictures these day, is they dont seem to fade away!

    That is so true Skeeter, thanks!


  17. What a lovely review! Love your use of the saw:)

    Thank you Carla! 🙂


  18. Posted by greenwalks on February 10, 2009 at 2:18 pm

    Huh, didn’t know there was a vine version of Black Eyed Susan. Might have to try that someday. Lovely lantana, and love your blue salvia – reminds me of one I had in my previous garden, Salvia patens Cambridge Blue. Maybe you’ll have some current blooms in the next few weeks to share, but thanks for putting the effort into finding the older ones in their absence!

    It’s not related to the Rubeckia but the flowers have similar coloring which is where the common name came about. It was a nice annual vine last year and I will definitely be adding it back to the garden this season. Thanks I really love the B&B Salvia for the interesting sepals and striking color. Looks like you might have something there Karen, I saw the first Daffodil buds forming today. Hooray! 🙂


  19. All great choices to add to your garden Racquel. I hope they come back for you (the salvias) I want to have a container with just the black & blue salvia this year. I couldn’t believe how crazy the hummingbirds were for it. So I want to indulge them! 🙂

    Thanks Kathleen! They did seem to attract alot of attention from the hummers this year (B&B Salvia). Sounds like a great idea on your part. They’ll love you for it. 😉


  20. There is nothing growing here but it was 51 and raining today. I can even see some green. Love the ‘blue and black’ salvia. Must look for that. My list is getting bigger! Jean

    Sounds like you are having some mild temps in your area too Jean. Green is a good sign of the season to come. I’m glad I could add another wonderful plant to your wishlist, lol.


  21. Hi Racquel, I love Salvia B&B and was wondering if it will come back this year? Those frigid days we had might have done it in. But it will always have a place in my garden, it is stellar! gail

    I’m crossing my fingers Gail. I’ve gotten so many conflicting facts on the hardy zones. Some say 6-10, some say 7-10, we’ll see. Same here, lovely plant that will always be welcome in my garden too!


  22. I like BES and you just reminded me I forgot to buy the seeds I saw today at HD. I took pictures for the blog but now I need to go back and get the seeds.

    Glad my post reminded you about those seeds! 🙂 I remember that post you did which is why when I saw the white flowering variety I ordered them.


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