Here’s a useful tool for the garden…


A reciprocating saw works great for trimming back woody shrubs and roses in the garden.  Some of these limbs can get quite large over time and a pair of pruners just wouldn’t cut it.  Unless you have the strength of Hercules, which I don’t.  🙂  This past weekend was so pleasant with temps in the 60’s and sunny that I got my hubby to give me a hand with trimming back some of the woodier specimens in the garden such as this White Buddleia.  Every spring I cut it back to about 12″ from the ground.  It blooms off of new wood and gets anywhere from 6-8′ in one season.  If I didn’t give it this much needed haircut each year it would be as tall as my house.  Of course this happens to be my cat Mooch’s favorite bush to lay under so he was a bit peeved and kept going to the curb where we laid the branches to sniff it.  Poor Mooch, we go through this each spring with him.  Hopefully he forgives me once the new growth starts sprouting in about a month, lol.  So here’s another useful tool to add to your arsenol of garden utensils!


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  1. Posted by greenwalks on February 9, 2009 at 2:54 am

    Wow, that looks powerful! I’m kind of afraid of power tools, figure I would manage to lose a digit or three. Glad you have a handy helper! I have heard it’s good to do that with butterfly bush, maybe I’ll try it this year since, as you say, they just get so ridiculously tall!

    It is a bit scary to me too Karen, that’s where my handy hubby comes in! 😉 It really rejuvenates the shrub every year in my experience. Glad I could share this tip with you!


  2. Hi Racquel, uh… that looks dangerous, but I guess it it bri´lliant tool to have in the garden. I’m going to take down a hedge of Syringa vulgaris and I really do need something better than a pair of secateurs. Thank you for sharing!

    Have a great week/ Tyra

    Hello Tyra! It is a mean looking saw, but hubby is quite comfortable & experienced with the powertools. It would make lightwork of your hedge that’s for sure. You are quite welcome & have a nice day! 🙂


  3. Like Karen, I’m afraid of power tools too but your arsenal looks like it means business. Sweet of your hubby to land a helping hand!

    Yep I don’t mess with them myself Kanak, but hubby is very handy with the powertools. 🙂


  4. Very neat use for the saw. Poor Mooch, is he feeling much better now?

    Thanks Tina, it really makes my heavy pruning easier. Thanks for asking, yes he doing very well now. 🙂


  5. A recipricating saw, interesting! I am sure it makes quick work of pruning down a Buddleia. I have a couple pruning saws, one is both a push and pull toothed saw….makes quick work of my shrubs….not as quick as you though! Good idea!

    It was so fast Janet! And no handcramps for me! 😉 I have one on a long pole (saw) for pruning tree branches. Thanks!


  6. I’ve never heard of that one–but I am going to show this to hubby. Sounds like something HE needs for the garden! 🙂
    Have a great day Racquel!

    Glad I could share something useful with you today Linda! 😉 Hope hubby appreciate it too, lol. Thanks!


  7. Poor mooch! Nice of your hubby to help you out 🙂

    He’ll get over it Chandramouli, lol. He already found a new place to sleep today. 🙂 Thanks!


  8. That reminds me I have two of those that need pruning! Today is supposed to be 72 again so maybe I can tackle the bushes.

    Glad I was able to be a reminder Dave. 🙂 I guess we are both getting some pleasant weather this month.


  9. Buddleia, Butterfly Bush Correct? I was wondering when to prune mine. My husband has that tool and heck yes it works great!!

    Correct Darla. Glad I was able to give you a good tip today. This saw has come in handy for so many different household projects since we bought it. Well worth the initial cost. 🙂


  10. Posted by skeeter on February 9, 2009 at 9:36 am

    A great tool for those thick branches! A great Valentines Day gift even if a bit early. tee hee. You sure have been busy in the yard lately…

    Yes it is Skeeter, makes my life easier. No more cramps in my hand. lol, yep I was a bit anxious to get my VD gift early this year. It was great to have the right weather to do some gardening this week that’s for sure.


  11. That’s funny about Mooch. Poor thing! Maybe he needs to scout out a new shrub to relax under. That does look like a handy, dandy tool to have.

    Yep now he has decided to lay in the middle of my Euonymous shrubs, lol 😉 It really does come in handy for many household projects Susie.


  12. Be careful using that tool. I envy you being out in the garden already. Tomorrow is going to be warmer here and I can do a few things. I don’t have a butterfly bush…they are so pretty.

    Yeah it makes me alittle nervous Balisha which is why I leave the powertools to my hubby. It was so nice this weekend that I just had to take advantage of it. Hope you are able to get out & get some gardening done too. You would love them, they attract so much wildlife to the garden.


  13. I laghed when I saw the picture because I thought you were talking about a man was good tool. LOL
    You are right thoug, everyone should have a saw like that, it makes pruning much easier.

    How funny is that Randy! lol 😉 Yep it really has been a useful tool for all kinds of home projects.


  14. I took your advice and clipped my buddleia right down this year. I hope it will bloom–I usually cut it back but not that much. I’ll be knockin’ on your door if it doesn’t!! ha:) My husband trimmed the crepe myrtles but he almost went to Lowe’s to buy a chain saw, as he put it. The reciprocating saw looks more convenient and usable, not too heavy and would do a better job than the instrument he used. I can’t remember what it’s called…but it didn’t give a smooth even cut, that’s for sure…argh! I’ll mention this idea to him…perhaps he can re-do his 1st attempt!! Are those green growths already popping out of yours? Nothings been growing out of mine-yet!

    It will be fine Jan, cross my heart! lol It really rejuvenates it getting a hard haircut every spring. I think he’ll find a reciprocating saw easier to handle and you can buy different types of blades for it for cutting metal, wood, etc. Yep those are some new leaves at the base of it.


  15. Could your husband please talk to mine?? What a sweetie for helping you with the trimming–I don’t like power tools either, other than the drill which I’ve grown to like. And maybe while he’s at it, he could give my hubby a hint about the tabletop seed growing kit:) I saw that in their catalog and thought it looked neat and so simple to set up. Like you, I hate to invest too much money in something until I know it will work for me. I really want one of their bigger set-ups–I think it only costs about $800, LOL.

    I’ll certainly put in a good word with him Rose, lol. He is wonderful about helping me with various things in the garden that maybe beyond my skill. I know what you mean, I leave the powertools to him. It is really a nice little setup (the tabletop light kit) and more economically priced than the bigger setups are for sure. 🙂


  16. It would certainly make short work of a hard task! The kitties will always give us a hard time about altering their favorite hiding places. 🙂

    It certainly does that Nancy, so fast and very clean. Yep Moochers is quite the prima donna (don?). 🙂


  17. I wonder if my husband would approve of a reciprocating saw? He won’t let me anywhere near the chainsaw.

    lol MMD, I’m sure he just worries that you’ll hurt yourself. Personally I let my hubby operate the power tools and just sit back & direct. 😉


  18. I don’t have one of those saws Racquel. Another thing to add to the list! I cut my Buddleia back too but I go even lower ~ to about 6″ above ground. It still does great and gets about the same amount of new growth as yours. Unfortunately I have to use my pruners. It will soon be time for me to head out and get that job done as well.

    They come in handy for so many home projects Kathleen. I just discovered this past year how they worked great in the garden too. 🙂 I’ve never cut mine that far back but they really bounce back quickly from a severe pruning so I’m not surprised.


  19. Wow! Those are thick limbs! Who knew a reciprocating saw would work…very clever! I use a sharp pruning saw! It’s great for the upper arms! Anything to keep me out of the gym! Thank you for the sweet congrats on my blogaversary…gail

    Yep that’s why we had to pull out the big guns. He used it last year to trim off some old stems from my Azaleas and it worked great & quickly! Wow, that saw must give you a nice workout for your arms Gail! 😉 You are quite welcome about the blogaversary comments!


  20. Guess what I was doing today — trimming buddleia! 🙂 I just posted about it and hadn’t made my blog rounds. I use bypass pruners, but the saw is a great idea (sounds easier). Sorry that I’m late today, but we’ve been having sunny, WARM weather. We also went out to a local nature museum today — more on that later in the week. It’s great to be outside.


    We were of the same thinking with this fabulous weather. It is definitely faster & easier to trim with the saw. Don’t apologize for enjoying yourself in the garden today. Good for you! Look forward to hearing about your visit to the museum soon. 🙂


  21. And you let SOMEONE ELSE use the power tool?! Noooooo! I have a small chain saw, which has fewer garden applications than one might imagine, but that reciprocating saw (I do have a smaller one) looks perfect! HAAAARRRR!!!! 🙂

    Sorry Monica, lol. I leave the powertools (other than a drill) to my professional tool using Hubby. 🙂 It works great, easier & cleaner cuts for sure.


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