Bloomin Tuesday – Past Springs

Today I thought I would share some photos of spring bloomers from past years.  I found these pictures in one of my photo albums and scanned them into the computer so they may be a bit fuzzy around the edges.  The garden was still  fairly young in these shots.

Iris pallida

Iris pallida

 This Iris was growing in the garden when I purchased the house almost 12 years ago.  There were two huge clumps that desperately needed dividing.  I think the identity is Iris pallida or Dalmation Iris.  It has fragrant pale lavender blue flowers with yellow beards.  I shared so much of this with my neighbors that after an extremely wet winter one year it was completely gone from my garden.  Fortunately one of my neighbors gave me a clump of it this past summer. 



I’ve had this reddish pink Peony in my garden for going on 10 years now.   It was purchased at my local big box store so if it had a name it is long since forgotten.  Like clockwork I can depend on this late spring bloomer to put on a nice display.   The flowers get quite large (about 4-6″)  and need support to keep from flopping their pretty heads in the soil.  Did you know that if you plant one too deep it won’t bloom?   I found out the hard way myself. 



I was quite excited to find this photo since this was my one and only time to plant Tulips in my garden.  Our winters aren’t quite cold enough to keep them going for more than one season.  This was the spring after we got a freak amount of snow (12-18″) and they were glorious.  To see more Bloomin’  Tuesday posts or to join in this week  please visit Jean @ Ms Greenthumb.


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  1. I love the Iris they are the same color as the ones I have planted in an old bath tub.The Tulips and Peony are beautiful also.

    I bet yours look great planted in that old bathtub Charlotte. Thanks!


  2. Hi Racquel
    I love the pictures you found of your garden! They make me anxious for spring especially the tulip picture. I have some parts of the yard the tulips just keep coming back year after year and some parts they never show their face again! I never have great luck with peony. Yours are so very pretty!
    Happy Bloomin’ Tuesday

    Hi Ann, I’m glad you enjoyed my springs past photos today. You are lucky to have Tulips that come back year after year. Peonies can be difficult if you plant them too deep in my experience. Thanks!


  3. Posted by greenwalks on February 3, 2009 at 2:01 am

    My great-aunts were big on bearded iris. We moved a bunch to my folks’ place but they eventually all died out, which was very sad. Their peonies are still thriving, though, probably at least 30-40 years old or more at this point. That’s a really gorgeous one! Still wondering if my divided/replanted one will bloom this year. I need that smell in my garden! Love those flaming orange tulips – they are often single-year bloomers here, even though we get the winter temps. I read a garden author who said you should just consider them annuals and not worry about it too much!

    Irises have to be divided every 2 years or just like Daisies they will kill themselves out in the center. Peonies are the longest living perennials, they can live 50-60 years in the garden. I transplanted a Peony this year too, so I’ll cross my fingers for both of ours to bloom! I’ve heard that about Tulips, I would rather plant Daffodils since they will last longer than one year. Thanks!


  4. I guess when spring has not yet arrived, reviewing previous springs is a great alternative! I too only planted tulips once. When they bloomed they were very small and puny, so I decided I wouldn’t do that again! Same with Iris and Hyacinth. To get any of these to grow here, they have to be kept in the fridge for 6 weeks, and I never have any room for bulbs.

    It was a joy to find these photos of past spring blooms yesterday! I have to do the same thing with Tulips, the others you mentioned do well in my area. Thanks Aiyana!


  5. Love to see these blooms–it reminds me of happy blooming times ahead of us!

    Yep it won’t too much longer Linda! 🙂


  6. That’s funny on the iris. I have had that happen to me too. Ironic for sure. Your tulips and peony are lovely. Won’t be long and they’ll be up and blooming.

    Yep I couldn’t believe that it happened either Tina. Irises multiply so prolifically that I was sure they would be here forever. 😉 Thanks, I’m looking forward to seeing my spring friends soon…


  7. I love those Irises! I hope the ones I dug up from the woods will bloom this year. They are putting on new growth right now. Great Peony, that’s a flower that I have not tried, yet! I also found with the Gerbera Daisy, if it’s planted too deep it will not flower either. I read something the other day about a new hybrid of tulips…….need to locate that info again.

    Thanks Darla! I hope yours bloom this year too. That’s a good sign if they are putting out new foliage. The Peony is one of my favorite perennials. Some are quite fragrant too. I didn’t know that about the Gerbera, thats for that info. Supposibly species tulips are hardier than the hybrids and naturalize very easily.


  8. What lovely memories of your garden! Nice reminders of spring.


    Thanks Cameron. Some of these plants hold fond memories for me. 🙂


  9. Beautiful blooms as usual Racquel. I did not know that about Peonies. Peonies don’t do well here in our climate, but you’d be surprised at how many people buy them at the nursery. Maybe they know something I don’t. Yours is quite pretty!

    Thanks Susie, I think Peonies aren’t crazy about heat. Luckily mine bloom around the end of April to the beginning of May which is right before summer kicks in.


  10. Posted by skeeter on February 3, 2009 at 10:00 am

    These pictures are getting me excited about spring! My favorite time of year with everything waking up from a long winters nap!

    Yeah Spring is my favorite season too, watching everything come alive and the fresh new foliage.


  11. aaahhhh spring! I say BRING IT ON!!

    I hear you Carla! 🙂


  12. Isn’t it fun to look back? Not only to spring, but to earlier times in our gardens. As I look outside at all that snow we have, it seems spring is far away, but in just two short months, there will be FLOWERS!

    It is so much fun to see what the garden looked like in the past. I change things around so often that it is even more interesting to look back, lol. It won’t be too much longer Kylee!


  13. I’m glad to see some blooms! It’s almost humorous that you gave away so many clumps of iris and then yours was gone! Luckily you got some back:) That’s a pretty peony…I love the color. Mine are white, and I’d love to add that color to my garden. Thanks for sharing. (They aren’t too blurry at all, I think they look great)

    Thanks Jan, yep I’m glad I gave them away because this way I was able to get a few back. 🙂 I don’t have a white one, I have pink, this reddish pink and a true red. This reddish pink is my favorite one. You are welcome and I’m glad they aren’t blurry, I had to clean up the edges a bit w/my photo editing program.


  14. I see you had a beautiful garden in the past too! Those tulips are lovely! Reminds me of the ones my sis bought me 😦 and I killed ’em [banging my head]

    Yep I’ve been garden crazy for some time now Chandramouli! 🙂 Sorry about your tulips!


  15. Beautiful blooms. Love that shade, the peonies, I mean.

    Thanks Kanak, it is a striking color that looks good combined with purples and yellows. 🙂


  16. Great pictures! Isn’t it fun to look back and see how everything looked years ago? The peony is lovely. I only have white ones. Jean

    Thanks Jean! It was so fun to find these photos to share with everyone today. That is my favorite color of the three Peonies I have in my garden.


  17. Your iris story is a good reason to give starts of favorite plants away ~ in case something happens, we can get them back! I’m so excited to see the real thing ~ these pictures just whet my whistle for that!! I’ve had good luck getting my tulips to multiply and return each year. I didn’t realize that didn’t happen for everyone. I’m feeling lucky now!

    Yeah I’m glad I was so generous with some of these original plants, now if I lose one I can always ask my neighbors for a start. 🙂 I’m hoping that the small bunch she gave me blooms this spring! This time I’m going to spread them about in various beds to prevent this from happening again. You are lucky with the tulips, they must like all that snow you get each winter! 😉


  18. Those irises remind me of what’s ahead. I actually had a yellow iris blooming, then we got a cold spell. I planted new ones last year, can’t wait to see them bloom. Yours is a beautiful bunch. My tulips don’t return either. I bet you were surprised to see them blooming again. I don’t know about you, but i’m itchin’ to play in the dirt. Hugs, Rosemarie

    Mine won’t be blooming for at least another couple of months. I’m definitely itching to play in the dirt, yesterday it was 60 degrees so I did some weeding and cut back the roses. Thanks Rosemarie!


  19. Before we know it, they’ll be charming us again. I do love to see blooms in winter. We’re having flurries today.

    Yep it shouldn’t be too much longer Anna! 🙂 We were having flurries too.


  20. The peony is lovely, I am very fond of them – I divided a huge clump for a client at the end of last year, so I fingers crossed I will have a red one in my own garden by next year.

    Thanks Karen, they are one of my favorite perennials too. I wish you luck with your transplanted Peony! 🙂


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