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The seed orders I placed last month are starting to show up.  Just  like Kathleen @ Kasey’s Korner  I find it fun to go to the mailbox daily to find these surprises waiting for me.  Seeds give us a real opportunity to watch something grow from scratch.  There is no instant gratification like with transplants but the anticipation can be an exciting and rewarding process.  Personally I prefer to grow things that I can direct sow into the garden when the ground warms up in April.   This is just one tiny order from a company in Texas called Wildseed Farms.   I’ve never ordered from them but enjoyed the interesting selections they had in their catalog.  Just for ordering they sent me a bonus back of seeds which is a mix of native wildflowers such as Texas Bluebonnet, Lance Leaf Coreopsis, Corn Poppy, Indian Blanket and Cornflower.  They recommend sowing these directly into the garden in early spring or fall.   I’ve been wanting to try Wallflower after seeing it on another garden blogger’s post last summer.   Sweet Alyssum is an annual that I’ve grown in my garden for years.  The scent is nice and it makes a great low growing plant for the front of borders or as a filler in container plantings.   I just scatter the seed where I want it in my garden and it germinates quickly.


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  1. I’ve not heard of this company, but like their logo. Besides being fun to get them in the mail, there is the added plus of free seeds. a lot of companies do that and I always feel like I am getting such a bargin. :} I’ll be watching to see how the wall flower does. Have fun wit all your goosies.

    I found them through Linda @ Meadowview Thymes. She sent me a seed packet when we did the seedswap in December. I requested a catalog online afterwards. It is nice when they send you a bonus gift, even the bulb companies are good about that now. It’s a nice way to try something new. Thanks Beckie. 🙂


  2. Opps! That should read ‘goodies’. :}

    lol, I knew what you meant. 🙂


  3. Loved the way you wrote about starting from scratch and about anticipation. I keep buying young plants from nurseries but sometimes when I do sow seeds my eagerness/hope crosses all limits!

    I do the same thing Kanak (buying young plants), sometimes that is the only way to get something new. It is just a different experience whan you grow them from seed. 🙂 Thanks!


  4. My mom had been in Texas a few years ago and brought me a poster from the Wildseed Place in Fredericksburg TX, nice poster. I used to live in Texas and didn’t know about this place but oh…the Bluebonnets blooming on the hillside was spectacular! I have some Wallflower and it has been evergreen here. It is also trying to bloom right now!! You will like the Wallflower.

    I found them when Linda from Meadowview Thymes sent me an extra seed packet of Salvia. The funny part is I grew up in Texas and never heard of them either. 🙂 But I fondly remember the Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush growing along the highways and in pastures. Thanks for the info about the Wallflower, I love the color orange in the garden!


  5. Everyone’s seed orders are making me want to order some now. Darn!

    Well you could always give into temptation Tina, lol. 🙂


  6. Ohhh I love the Wildseed Farm!! I wish everyone could come to south Texas and visit. I told my husband last week it was about time for a trip to Fredericksburg! It is worth the trip–especially in spring. I have had great luck with seeds from them. Keep us posted on how yours do this year. I planted California Poppies in fall and they are still hanging in there–just waiting for warm weather.
    Have a great day Racquel!

    I remember since you sent me the extra red salvias seeds you had leftover from an order! I ended up going to their webpage & requestiing a catalog thanks to you Linda. 🙂 I should of mentioned that in my post today, sorry. Promise to keep everyone posted on their progress this spring. Oh I should of ordered some California Poppies, they are very easy to grow too. Thanks!


  7. I keep going back and forth — putting seeds in shopping carts online and taking them out. Trying to decide if my eyes are bigger than my garden! 🙂

    I just got a catalog from Thompson & Morgan and they have a sticker on the cover for $10.00 off the first order — no minimum. Hmm… sounds too good to be true?


    I do the same thing Cameron, the pictures are just so tempting. I’ll have to create more garden beds to accomodate all the seeds I have this year to plant, lol. 10.00 off is a great deal! You might want to check out the shipping & handling, that’s where they get you sometimes.


  8. I’m not really that good with seeds and I lack the patience. Maybe if I had a green house I could do better with them.

    I try to get things I can scatter directly into the garden for the most part. You just push back the mulch from an area and wait for them to germinate. 🙂 A greenhouse would makes things great though…


  9. Alyssum is a great plant. My continues to come back year after year in the containers. This year I bought some pink and purple to compliment the white I already have. I enjoy starting seeds inside, although I am beginning to think I like sowing them directly in the garden better!

    They reseed very easy from year to year in my garden too Darla. Love the sweet honey like scent too. 🙂 I’ve found the white to be more hardy than the colored ones. Good for you, I’m not patient enough to start seeds indoors or have the space to do it.


  10. Like you, I prefer to sow seeds directly in the ground, but I’m going to try to start some indoors again this year. I didn’t have much luck with them last year, but I think I’ve learned from my mistakes. The great thing is that you can start gardening while the cold winds of March are still blowing outside!

    Good luck with your indoors seedstarting Rose! I’ve tried in the past with some success and maybe I’ll try again in the future. That is a good reason to give it a try I agree. 🙂


  11. I wish all packets could have pictures on them – that is half the pleasure (lol).
    Most of mine are in plain envelopes which is a bit dull.

    That’s how most of mine are too EG! The colorful packet they sent was the free gift, pretty huh? 🙂


  12. I love getting fun things like that in the mail. It kind of feels like Christmas in Feb. doesn’t it? By the way, did you order those trees you mentioned a few posts back?

    It does feel like Christmas in Feb! 🙂 No actually I decided to hold off on the trees until I get that bed dug out. I know I want to put 2 or 3 Dogwoods over there. 🙂


  13. Posted by skeeter on February 2, 2009 at 11:28 am

    I loved the blue bonnets while living in Texas. We would drive the interstates not going anywhere just to see them! Cheap entertainment with cheap gas back then… 🙂

    They are so pretty when planted in masses! I grew up in Texas and I remember the fields of blue along the highways were so pretty.


  14. Oh, how SWEET of you Racquel to link me up with your post. 🙂
    I’m glad your orders are coming in. I haven’t ever ordered from Wildseed Farm ~ I’m going to have to check that out. The packets look fun. Oh and Cameron mentioned the $10.00 off at Thompson & Morgan ~ I didn’t get that much but my catalog had a $5.00 off sticker and they gave it to me so it really works! Have fun with your seeds too!

    You are quite welcome Kathleen, we were on the same wavelength this week! 🙂 Glad I could mention a company for you to checkout. Thanks for the info about Thompson & Morgan. 🙂


  15. Racquel, A new source of seeds. Thank you! I shall head over there shortly. I love plants that don’t need me to be a serious sower; scattering is perfect for me….I love wallflower and hope it has reseeded in my sunny border.

    You are quite welcome Gail, hope you enjoy perusing their supply of wildseeds. I know what you mean, scattering seed randomly in my borders is my preference! Thanks!


  16. Hi Racquel, ooh, seeds are so much fun and relatively inexpensive too. The dreams we can conjure by looking at the pictures for our wish list, online and in print. I love the wallflowers and had some reseed for the first time last year, in the gravel of course. Before that I had to buy plants or sow seeds each year. I agree that the kinds you can just sow outside are by far the best, like zinnias and cosmos and nastursiums too. I can’t wait for spring.

    Yep they are the most economical way to grow the things you want for the garden. I’m looking forward to growing the Wallflowers in my garden and hopefully they’ll be happy enough to reseed themselves throughout the garden. If I had a sunroom like yours I would be more tempted to do some indoor seedstarting. 🙂


  17. I was VERY surprised to get some seeds I ordered so soon:) Isn’t it nice to know what works well, and try new things too? Love it!

    The mail does seem quicker now with the holidays over. 🙂 I love trying new things and growing what I know will do well in my garden each year. 🙂


  18. I love yoru pictures! Thank you for sharing them. It alwasy gives me hope for spirng to see pictures like these!
    Paula from Idaho


  19. Said true, Racquel! There’s nothing more rewarding than watching your plants grow from seeds and give those seeds back! Wish I had more space!


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