A Saturday Full of Surprises

Thanks Rose!

Thanks Rose!

Yesterday was full of surprises in and out of the garden.  First off I got a nice surprise package in the mail from Rose of Prairie Rose’s Garden .  She sent me some single heirloom and yellow Hollyhock seeds for my garden.  Thanks Rose, they will make a nice addition to Grandma’s Garden bed.   The majority of this bed will be filled with flowers that grew in her and her mom’s garden.  This will give this area a nice cottage effect next  summer.  



The past couple of days have been pretty mild so I took a stroll through the front garden beds and found these Crocus pushing through the soil.  That is surely a sign of spring being  just around the corner.  These are some of the earliest bloomers in my garden each season.   I just planted these this past fall and the color,  if I remember correctly is a deep purple. 



Even the large flowering Daffodils are coming up now.  I really should of divided these last spring after they finished flowering.  These have been growing in my yard for years and years.  When we moved in here 12 years ago I found these growing in the lawn and dug them up and moved them into a bed.  Forty years ago this subdivision was all farm country, so I wonder if these bulbs date back to then or what.  These bloom earlier than any other Narcissus I have in my garden.   Hope you all are having a nice weekend too!  🙂


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  1. Great gift! That too a Hollyhock! Good luck with that, Racquel. My crocuses have also looked up so, let’s ’em together and share their beautiful blooms. Never seen a Narcissus, so would be eager to see its blooms.

    Thanks Chandramouli! I promise to share my beautiful blooms of the Crocus & Narcissus when they start opening! 🙂


  2. It’s fun seeing your Saturday surprises, Racquel, especially considering we are still living in a frozen tundra. But the best … your thoughtful gift from dear Rose!

    I’m glad you enjoyed my Saturday surprises Joey! Rose is such a dear for sending me those lovely heirloom seeds! 🙂


  3. What a great day. Can’t wait to see pictures of the holly hocks in bloom.

    Thanks Deb, I promise to share pics of the holly hock in bloom this summer. 🙂


  4. Posted by greenwalks on January 25, 2009 at 1:13 am

    Yay for spring! Hope it gets here soon… it was in the 30s all day here today, felt colder, but the little green things are starting to poke their heads out anyway. Nice that you have daffs that come back again and again. Mine seem to poop out after a year or two.

    I hope it gets here soon too Karen, winter has already become a bore. It has been quite cool here too that’s why I was surprised to see their little heads poking through the soil so soon. I’ve had some of my daffs for over 10 years now, unlike Tulips they are very reliable in my garden.


  5. I saw some crocus down by Copper Top Cottage today. I guess my neighbor planted them. He use to own our lot. It was a nice surprise to see them growing. When we moved here last spring, i know they weren’t there.

    I too like to know the story behind the plant. So nice that Rose sent you some Hollyhock seeds. I love to see that in the garden blog world.

    How nice that you will have some early bloomers by your ‘Copper Top Cottage’ soon. Looks like you will have the early makings of a garden in that area. 🙂 Me & Rose actually did a seedswap, I sent her some of my SAC seeds that she was coveting and in return I got some nice heirloom Hollyhocks that I don’t have in my own garden currently. It was a nice trade!


  6. some days are full of good surprizes! good for you.

    Yes they are, thanks Marmee! 🙂


  7. Daffodils? Those are my favorite. Please post pictures of daffodils in your garden. I’d love to see them.

    They are one of my favorite spring bulbs too Blossom! I promise to share lots of photos with you this spring! 🙂


  8. I love hollyhocks. They bring to mind old New England farm houses. I really need to grow some in my garden, but I just don’t have the place for such a tall plant.

    Me too Daphne, I had some doubles years ago but they somehow disappeared. They truly are a quaint old fashioned flower that never fail to remind me of my grandmother’s gardens when I was a child. 🙂


  9. Racquel — it is so wonderful to receive surprise seeds in the mail! Your flower beds will be overflowing.

    I received a beautiful assortment of heirloom seeds from another blogger this week, too.

    My daffs have started poking through the soil. I noticed them after the snow melted on Friday.


    It was a nice surprise since I forgot that she was sending them. lol That they will be with all the wonderful seeds I’ve received from other bloggers plus the ones I ordered. Can’t wait to see what your blogging buddy sent you soon! 🙂 That is what amazes me about Daffs, they will reliably come up year after year even through the snow.


  10. I thought that card looked familiar when I stopped here, Racquel:) Glad the seeds made it to you okay. I’ve never started hollyhocks from seeds before, so I do hope they grow!

    I can’t believe you have bulbs popping up already! Our temperatures have fallen back down below zero, so there won’t be any signs of spring here for some time. Your indoor bulbs are looking good; I hope you’ll post some pictures when they bloom. I keep watching and waiting for my amaryllis, but it just grows taller and taller without a sign of a bloom.

    lol, Rose! 😉 It was a pretty card, thanks! I’ve never intentionally planted them from seed but I’ve had them reseed themselves in my garden in the past. They should do fine. Yep I was surprised somewhat by the bits of green poking through the soil too, but the ground doesn’t seem frozen. Must be all that nice compost I put down this past fall keeping it loose. I promise to share photos of the Paperwhites when they start blooming. Hopefully your Amaryllis will bloom soon, they had some marked down cheap at Wally World yesterday and I almost bought a couple. 😉


  11. What a surprising day! Looking forward to seeing those hollyhocks bloom. Rose is the best!

    Thanks Tina, I promise to share photos when they do bloom! Yes she is! 🙂


  12. WOW! It is 10 degrees here and you have bulbs appearing already? Geez I am jealous 🙂

    Brrr…that is too cold for me Mom! Don’t be too jealous, your summers aren’t as hot as mine. 🙂


  13. Hi Racquel, I love those dark purple crocus, can’t wait to see yours in bloom. I do want to tell you, this is the perfect time to divide those daffs. I divide mine at all times and it has never hurt them one bit. Now, while they are so small, you can lift them carefully, as long as the ground isn’t frozen solid, and split them apart and spread them wherever you want to see those happy yellow faces in a few weeks. I love those old varieties too. We have one that came with the property that blooms a good two weeks before the earliest others. I believe it to be Rijnveld’s Early Sensation. Give it a try!

    Hi Frances, I love them too. I use to same some others in this bed years ago but when we had our front water line replaced they disappeared. 😦 Promise to share photos when they do bloom. Thanks for the great advice about the Daffs. The soil is quite loose (thanks to the compost I added in Sept) so I will have to give this a try. I do this with Hostas too, it’s easier to divide them when they are just starting to emerge I find. I wish I knew the name of mine but I’m just happy to have them. 🙂 Thanks!


  14. Frances is just a wealth of information, isn’t she? I never knew you could divide daffodils in the spring (before they flowered). So thanks for allowing me to learn that on your blog Racquel. It really is looking like spring in your garden. I haven’t seen any crocus yet but Feb is usually the earliest here. How thoughtful of Rose to send you the seeds. Gardeners are so nice! Have a great Sunday too!

    That she is Kathleen, that she is! I was happy to learn this too. 🙂 I’m glad my post via other bloggers provided some good information today. I’m hoping this is a good sign of spring being almost here. Our winters usually are pretty short. It was nice of Rose to share some of her garden with me. Thanks!


  15. I had the same surprise the other day when I was walking around in the yard — things are starting to pop up!! I’m in zone 7 also — we must be getting lucky!!

    Isn’t this the fun part of gardening Anne? Watching things emerge in the spring and grow! Looks like we both lucked out. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by today.


  16. Yes Spring is closer than it has been. Hope you do post the daffs and the crocus when they begin bloming!! don’t you just love getting seeds?!!

    That’s one way to look at it Darla! 🙂 I promise to post lots of pics of the daffs & crocus when they bloom. Yes I do!


  17. I love the pictures but they do make me a little envious. Very cold here with temperatures in the single digits. I can’t wait to walk outside my home and see plants starting to emerge. Will be a couple of months yet.

    Sorry Jeff, but at least you can enjoy my early risers. 🙂 That is just too cold for me, BRRRR! Soon spring will here for all of us to enjoy, just hold on a bit longer.


  18. I’m sure glad you can identify your bulbs. I have shown famously than I cannot! Don’t you love surprises?

    Well that’s only because they’ve been in that same spot forever now, lol. Believe me there a few new ones that I’m still trying to remember what I planted exactly. 😉 Yep I do love surprises in the garden Brenda.


  19. Wow…this is worlds ahead of our zone! Now I know why I visit all these blogs – to get a warm picture once in a while. It’s also such a nice preview of what will come in a couple of months here. 🙂

    Hi Chris, that is the best part isn’t it. Our zones are so different that we may grow different things at different times. 🙂


  20. Your site displays incorrectly in Mozilla, but content excellent! Thanks for your wise words =)


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