Poor Kitty


I had to rush my poor cat Mooch to the emergency vet yesterday morning bright and early.  I awoke to him meowing nonstop which is unusual.  Normally Mooch is a pretty quiet and laid back cat.   He was bit by another cat this week and the wound became abcess.   He had to undergo minor surgery and will be wearing this lovely blue collar for awhile.   Unfortunately they had to trim his whiskers on the right side of his face a bit and he’s having a hard time judging distance.   Another upset is he can’t go outside at all for at least 3 days and the attitude has begun.   Considering how cold it was yesterday I didn’t feel too sorry for him.  Believe it or not it was 12 degrees here Saturday when he wokes us up at 5:00 am.    Hopefully everything will heal up properly and he should be as good as new in a couple of weeks.  Bless his little heart.


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  1. Posted by skeeter on January 18, 2009 at 12:06 am

    Poor wittle puddy tat…
    I dont know how you are keeping that collar on Mooch as Sheba and Cheetah would somehow get out of it. Hope that precious fur baby gets well soon. No fun for a big boy to be cooped up inside when there is so much to sniff outside. Hang in there Mooch…

    Yep he’s pretty pitful at the moment. Believe me it’s not easy keeping that collar on him Skeeter, he already managed to get one leg through it. If he got the other through he would look like he was wearing a skirt. 😉 He looks a bit better today but he is not happy about being stuck inside that’s for sure. Thanks for the well wishes!


  2. Oh dear! It’s so sad to see that cute little ball like that, but don’t worry Moochie, you’d be well soon and kicking your momma about soon!

    Thanks Chandramouli, it did break my heart to see him have to go through this yesterday. He drove me crazy last night with his meowing cause he wanted to go out.


  3. Poor pussycat. He looks very sorry for himself, doesn’t he? But if he’s anything like my Pushkin, he’ll be bounding around again before you know it.

    Yep he is milking this for all it’s worth Victoria. He’s feeling a bit more like himself today though.


  4. Poor Mouch – hope the infection clears up quickly.

    Thanks Karen, I hope so too. The Dr thinks he should make a full recovery in no time and be back to his oldself.


  5. Posted by sppokydragonfly on January 18, 2009 at 6:19 am

    Awww..poor Mooch!! I hope he heals quickly. He looks so pathetic with that collar.

    Thanks Spooky. He isn’t thrilled with the collar at all!


  6. So sorry to hear that! Hope kitty is better soon!

    Thank you so much Maryann.


  7. Poor Mooch!
    I am wishing him a speedy recovery!and a full set of whiskers!

    Thanks Philip for the well wishes. I hope so too!


  8. Is that the wound on his right side of his face? Looks painful and I do hope he gets better soon. Poor Mooch.

    Yes it is Tina, he has two that are all stitched up. They have to stay in for at least 10 days. The vet said he isn’t in any pain now that the yucky stuff has drained out of it. Thanks for the well wishes!


  9. Racquel, I am sorry your cat is ailing! We have to keep our kitty inside…Too many predators: cars and coyotes being the main ones. I do miss having a cat in the garden. gail

    Thanks for being so sweet Gail! I’m lucky that I don’t have those obstacles in my neighborhood but he’s managed to get into a couple of cat fights in the past two years. He loves being outside at least for part of the day.


  10. Poor Mooch! Those cones are so annoying to pets, yet they’re a necessary precaution. Hope he’s feeling much better soon.

    Thanks Rose, yep we had one for Spaz at one time and she hated it too. It’s keeping him from messing with the incision area right now. Cat’s mouths are very dirty which is why they are so susceptible to infection.


  11. awwww, poor kitty is right. I can see a little of his attitude. I don’t let my cat outdoors either ~ I don’t like him killing the birds and butterflies, etc., but also we have many predators as well (like Gail). Owls freguent my yard and they would love to snag my cat for a good meal! I hope he recovers quickly.

    Yep he is one unhappy camper Kathleen. I would love for him to stay in permanently but when he found us he was an outdoor cat. So now is an indoor/outdoor cat. My vet says once they experience that freedom & independence it’s hard to change them. The only predators he comes across is other cats. He has no front claws so he can’t really catch birds easily. Thanks!


  12. Poor little kitty. Hopefully, he will be well soon. We had to do the same thing for our poor departed Dixie. She like to fight.

    Thanks Deb, yep Mooch is a fighter too. He’s been declawed and fixed but is still quite territorial with our yard and the neighbors that surround us. 😉


  13. Oh poor baby, the indignity of it all too, and whiskers cut, what an insulting state of affairs. I do hope he heals up and is good an new soon. And keeps his roamings to his own yard

    Yep is not happy with his current situation or us. Thanks Frances for the well wishes. Maybe he’ll behave himself from now on, but I doubt it.


  14. Racquel,I almost didn’t read your post because I feel so terrible when a pet gets hurt. But your little guy is in good hands and although he’s sporting an attitude, deep down he knows it’s the right thing and that he’s very loved and very soon he’s going to let you know it. 🙂 Cats can be very mean to each other, especially if they aren’t altered. It’s sad that they can’t all get along. -Grace

    That’s okay Grace, it bothers me to see a pet suffer too. Last night he was just downright miserable and kept me awake with his pitiful meowing to go out. Today he is being a bit better with his mood. Mooch was fixed & declawed when he found us almost 2 years ago. The vet doesn’t understand why he is still so aggressive. Thanks!


  15. I hate that for poor Mooch. Bless his little heart. I hope he gets better soon. I think it is pretty neat how he let you know something was definitely wrong. I love cats, wish I could have one.

    Thanks Susie for the well wishes and goo thoughts. Yep he is pretty vocal when something is wrong. I’ve always loved cats, but Mooch is the first one that my husband has been fond of too. 🙂


  16. Posted by greenwalks on January 18, 2009 at 2:10 pm

    Ouch! No fun for poor Mooch. I hope heals well and is back in action soon. Our cat was an indoor guy, which had its own challenges but did avoid the dust-ups with other felines. Guess the attitude aspect of life would be too unbearable for everyone if you tried to keep him in beyond his 3-day convalescense, huh?

    Thanks Karen. Nope he is not too pleased with the situation right now. I wish we could keep him in all the time but he was an outside cat when he found us almost 2 yrs ago. My vet said once they taste that freedom there is no going back for them. We’ve tried several times in the past but he just really raises the roof with his meows.


  17. I think it would be better if Mooch stayed inside till his collar came off. A touch uncool as a fashion statement. A cat has to look elegant at all times (lol) Hope he feels better soon.

    I have to agree on that EG, not only that but he might get stuck somewhere with that thing on his head. He is not happy with his current situation. Thanks for the well wishes!


  18. Poor little kitty! I hope that bully cat stays away.


    Thanks Cameron, I would love to blame the other Kitty but my cat started it! 😦


  19. Oh poor little kitty is right! We had a similar situation with our Boo and you just wish you could make it go away instantly. He’s so lucky to have you! I hope he’s back to new soon!

    Thank you Kylee, I hate that he has had to suffer through this. He’s such a sweet cat.


  20. Awww, poor little thing. Hope you’re feeling better soon Moochy!

    Thanks Robin, I will pass on your well wishes to him. 🙂


  21. Dang! Don’t you hate those surprises? Hope the kitty heals fast and completely.

    Yep it was a big shock! Thanks Darla for the good wishes for Mooch.


  22. Racquel, how are you doing with all this? Having a sick or injured pet can be qiute time consumming and energy draining. But I know Mooch is getting the best of care, even if he feels a little put upon. :} Hope all is back to normal soon!

    Thanks for asking Beckie, I’m a bit tired. I didn’t get much sleep last night or the the night before. He’s not happy with his grounded to the house situation. I hope he gets well soon too. 🙂


  23. Get well soon Mooch! Hope your cat doesn’t take long to heal Racquel.

    Thanks for the well wishes for Mooch! 🙂


  24. Hope you little friend gets well real soon. They get used to those collars…I think they bother us more than the animal.

    Thank you Balisha! 🙂 He seems more bothered by being trapped in the house than the collar at the moment!


  25. poor baby! Hope he heals fast, and doesn’t drive you crazy in the process:)

    Thanks Carla for the well wishes. He is a bit stircrazy at the moment. 🙂


  26. Oh !! Racquel !! Poor Mooch ! .. I just saw this now and felt terrible for him. Cats especially with that collar thing .. ouch .. they are usually so quiet even with pain .. it must have been just awful for him .. and you too.
    Hope he is healing fast and well !
    Sophie and Emma send him friendly head bonks … and the vet should have cut the other whiskers to the same length, so he would be balanced .. that poor cat !!

    Thanks for the kind words & thoughts for Mooch! He is healing nicely at the moment, but the collar and being cooped up indoors is making him a bit stircrazy!!! Give Sophie & Emma a nice scratch from me. 🙂 You got a point on the whiskers thing, hmm…


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