Tag I’m it!

I’ve been tagged by Susie from Digging in the Dirt.   I’ve never been tagged before and this one looked like fun.  So here we go…

The rules are: open a document or file folder, click on the fifth folder and then the fifth photo. Post the photo and describe it. Then tag 5 other bloggers.   So here’s my photo….


Hummingbird Moth

Hummingbird Moth

After seeing the Hummingbird Moth photos on many other blogs this summer I was excited when I found one visiting my garden this past summer.   He/She really enjoyed the lovely nectar of the creeping verbena.  This plant will definitely be in my garden this season too!  Unfortunately before I could get another shot, my little dog Spaz  who was curious frightened it away.  🙂  Now wasn’t that fun to relive a bit of this past summer?

Here’s who I am tagging!  No strings attached of course! 🙂

Beckie from Dragonfly Corner

Balisha from Never Enough Time

Janet from The Queen of Seaford

Jan from Thanks for 2 Day

Carla from A Mellow Life


9 responses to this post.

  1. This was one of the easier tags. Fun to see what photos we have forgotten about. Nice to see spring/summer photos when the temps are 23 outside!!

    It was easy & fun Darla! 🙂 Isn’t that the truth, it was 13 degrees here today, Brrrr!


  2. Cool pick Racquel. Especially on a dreary day. Though we are at a balmy 25 degrees now.

    Thanks Tina, I thought it worked out well for a cold day like today! It was 13 this morning when I got up and now it’s about 28.


  3. Thanks for participating Racquel in this tag. I usually don’t forward tags but this one is easy and I thought fun to do. It’s fun to see what pic comes up. I hope we get to see hummingbird moths again this year. I enjoyed the photo. It warmed me up a little bit. Have a great weekend my friend.

    You are quite welcome Susie, thanks for the tag! 🙂 This was fun & easy. I’m glad that a summer pic came up, it really brightened my mood on this cold day. Thanks, have a great weekend yourself!


  4. Now this is a tag that is fun and one doesn’t mind passing on! gail

    It was fun Gail, I should of tagged you too! 😉


  5. Ok Racquel, thanks for the tag! BTW, I remember the first time I saw one of these hummingbird moths…truly an interesting little creature. Janet.

    You are quite welcome Janet, thanks for playing along! Last summer was my first sighting of one in my garden. They are definitely an unusual creature! 🙂


  6. What a delightful photo! I’m going to have to spend more evenings in the garden, maybe if I’m lucky I’ll get a hummingbird moth too! I think i deserve a visit since i’m always telling people not to kill their tomato hookworms, because they turn into such cool creatures!

    Thanks Anne! 🙂 This one actually paid me a visit in the late morning. I was so thrilled! Hopefully you’ll find one of these interesting creatures in your garden soon.


  7. Susie tagged me too–fun to look back and see what that 5th picture would be!
    Love the hummingbird! Can’t wait until they visit us again!

    This was a fun & easy tag! Before long we’ll be enjoying another summer with lots of wildlife friends!


  8. Fun, wasn’t it? It was even relatively painless too. Apparently we’re playing the same game with slightly differing rules. I suppose someone changed one of the rule sets so they could use the picture of their choice or something. Oh well, at least it helps us to keep our minds occupied a bit this winter.

    It was fun Cinj! 😉 Looks like someone did a switcheroo on us with the rules, lol. A great way to while a way the winter time.


  9. Fun tag Racquel! and I’ll look at a summer picture anytime of the year but especially in winter!!

    Thanks Kathleen. It was fun and I’m glad to share a bit of summer with you in the middle of winter!


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