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Look what I picked up at my local  Big Lots yesterday.  I like to stop in there occasionally to check out their garden section.  I’ve found some great stuff over the years at bargain prices .  Don’t you think these hanging planter jars will look great on my garden shed?  Especially when I finally paint it the creamy tan color to match the siding on the house.   I’m thinking one on either side of the doors.  Or maybe an asymmetrical look with both mounted on one side & maybe the sign on the opposite.   For visual reference, the lightest tan stripe in the runner above  is similar to the color of my siding .   The sign is metal and has a nice weight to it.  They also had some Paperwhites and Amaryllis kits for forcing.  Each kit came with 3 bulbs, a small pot and a peat moss disk that you soak in water to create the soil.  I’m kicking myself now since the cost was minimal and I had nothing to lose by giving them a try.  Can you believe I have never forced bulbs? Me neither, and I call myself a gardener. 🙂  Oh well, I am happy with my finds and they will be great additions to the garden this spring.  Now my only dilemma is what to plant in the new containers…….lol

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  1. I love them both-and the colors too! They will look great on your shed. And have fun forcing your bulbs.

    Thanks Tina! I’m very pleased with the color combination for the shed too. I didn’t buy the bulbs unfortunately, but I might go back to get some. 😉


  2. Forcing bulbs! Well, I got no idea about it, but I’d like to see what it’s like from your future posts. I like the color of the planters especially!

    Me neither Chandramouli, but I would like to give them a try too. Thanks! 🙂


  3. I love them Racquel!!! How about 1 on each side of the door and the sign above the door? You could plant asparagus fern in them..cute, cute!
    Now..go back to Big Lots and buy those bulbs!!! 🙂

    Thanks Linda, that is a great suggestion for the arrangement. You have a good eye for that! 😉 Asparagus Fern would be perfect, I didn’t want anything colorful but the lovely delicate foliage of AF would be perfect! I think I might have to go get those bulbs, lol. They seem pretty easy to grow too.


  4. Racquel ! .. You have beaten me to buying the first piece of garden art this year .. I have to get to Home Sense and drive the girls crazy there .. but you have so many other stores to wander around and find such great bargains .. I am VERY jealous girl .. fantastic job though !!!
    I haven’t forced bulbs in years .. I have to enjoy other people’s efforts ? haha

    Hi Joy, sorry for beating you to the punch. lol Now’s a good time to wander the stores, the garden stuff from last season is marked down and ripe for the pickings. 🙂 Thrift stores are another good source for garden accessories too. Thanks! Well at least you’ve forced bulbs in the past, this will be a whole new experience for me. Hard to believe, huh?


  5. What a great find, Racquel! I find that when I’m looking for something specific I can never find it, but when I’m not looking, that’s when I’ll see something I really like. I’m trying to force bulbs for the first time this year, so don’t feel too bad. I hope I have more success with them than with seed starting:)

    Thanks Rose, I got lucky with these finds. I wasn’t really looking for anything in particular, just browsing to see what they had leftover from last season. They have a huge garden section at my store that they use for gardening & then later holiday decor. Looks like we are both new to the bulb forcing arena. I’ve had little success with seed starting in the past too, I don’t have the proper environment or equipment really. A basement would be ideal, but all I have is a garage that gets too cold in the winter. 😦


  6. Wonderful finds! The colors are great.


    Thank you Cameron! 🙂


  7. Racquel,
    I’m sure when spring gets here you will have no problem finding something to go in those planters. 😉

    Thanks Randy, I’m considering the Asparagus Fern like Linda suggested. It would look great, don’t you think? 🙂


  8. Those are great finds!! It is hard to decide what to plant in containers some times. Whatever you do with them I am sure they will look great!

    Thanks Darla, I’m pleased with them. 🙂 It is hard to figure out what to put in containers sometimes. I’m really leaning towards the Asparagus Fern like Linda suggested though.


  9. I like the pots and especially the sign. I’ll have to check my Big Lots for paper whites. I can’t seem to find any in the usual places and I forgot to order them from the catalog.

    Thanks Marnie. I hope you find some Paperwhites at your Big Lots, I was surprised to find them this late in the season. But closeout stores are great for after season stuff.


  10. Raquel…it is a great find! I forgot about Big Lots–I used to go there occasionally. Now that it’s winter, hmmm…I’m thinking that might be a nice outing for me:)
    My neighbor gave me a paperwhite bulb kit for Christmas. It had the disc and everything you mentioned. It is now starting to bloom. I took a photo as it started to come up; now some flowers are beginning to open, and it’s on my windowsill, looking sweet:) So far, my kitty hasn’t touched it–but, time will tell. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen bulbs come up so quickly in a pot…it’s really easy to do!

    Have a great day!

    Thanks Jan! When I first started gardening, I found them to be an economical source for bulbs, seeds & other garden necessities. Their decorative pieces are very reasonably priced too. Enjoy your outing, glad I reminded you of them. 🙂 That was a nice gift to receive from a neighbor, she must know you enjoy gardening. Hope to see a picture of yours in bloom soon. Thanks for the vote of confidence. Have a wonderful day too!


  11. Great bargains Racquel, it is always fun when you find great stuff at bargain prizes. / LOLove Tyra

    Thanks Tyra, it is fun to find great deals on stuff for the garden. 🙂


  12. Okay, that does it! I think I better get to Big Lots to see what I can find. Your pots will look great! Can’t wait to see how they look. And that garden sign is too cute!

    Well since I have never forced bulbs either I hope my store has those kits. I think I would like to give it a whirl!


  13. Hi Racquel,
    I remember talking about your shed last fall…and wondering what to do with it. Here you are just a couple of months later and you have an idea. I think the pots and sign will look great. They must be flat on the back…are they deep? I think asparagus fern would be good too. They don’t need a lot of water and can dry out and not wilt. Good find! Now, maybe I can find some rabbit statues that I like.

    Hi Balisha. Yep I was perplexed a few months ago on how I wanted to spruce up my shed. Sometimes if you just sit on something a bit, inspiration will come to you. 🙂 Yeah they are flat on the back with a hole for hanging them. They are about 6-9″ deep so an annual would be great. The AF sounds wonderful to me too, plus I can pull it out when winter hits so I can put the pots away. They had some wonderful little garden statues too, I was almost tempted to pickup a couple of little birds for the garden. 🙂


  14. If they will be mounted on the shed they definitely need a trailing plant … IMO 🙂

    Hi Mom, Yep a trailing plant is definitely the answer for these pots. I’m leaning towards the Asparagus Fern like several people suggested. It has a beautiful lacy like foliage that will really compliment them.


  15. isn’t fun to find great finds. i have been finding great finds but nothing to do with gardening. i have an addiction to fashion. i try to give it up but it calls to me. i hope you will enjoy your sign and pots, part of the fun is discovering what might look best in them.

    Yes it is fun Marmee, I enjoy the hunt almost as much as the finds. I use to be addicted to shoes years ago, so I can relate. lol Thanks, I think I have a pretty good idea what I will be planting in them now. 🙂


  16. Great finds! It’s so satisfying to find a bargain isn’t it?

    Thanks VP! It is satisfying to know I found a great deal on something I want for the garden. 🙂


  17. Will your shed be getting matching curtains 🙂
    I’ve never been very successful at forcing bulbs – I usually cheat and buy them in flower!

    Unfortunately I only have one window in my shed and it’s in the back with a lovely view of the fence. 🙂 I’ve never tried before so it will be interesting to see what kind of results I get. I’ve never bought them in flower before, they always seem kind of pricey that way.


  18. They seem great, especially when you paint them the creamy color. I can’t wait to see which configuration you choose.~~Dee

    Thanks Dee, I promise to post a photo when I get them hung up & planted this spring. 🙂


  19. Fun find … love the color!

    Thanks Joey! 🙂


  20. Posted by greenwalks on January 8, 2009 at 8:26 pm

    Lovely! I think it will look great on your shed.

    Thank you Karen. 🙂


  21. Racquel, The hunt is important but like Rose I never find what I’m looking for but, somthing else does catch my eye. It will look super on your shed! gail

    Thanks Gail. That happens to me sometimes too. 🙂


  22. How cute are they???? Isn’t it fun to decorate everything? Thinking forward to spring makes me forget how long and cold winter can be sometimes.

    I’m kicking myself now. I was in hubby’s store the other day and they had these cute garden ornaments for 25 cents each. I didn’t even buy any of them! What in the world was I thinking?

    Thanks Cinj. I love decorating the outdoors, it makes the garden feel like rooms. Dreaming about spring does seem to help us get through the long days of winter. What were you thinking??? 😉


  23. Hi Racquel! I love the colors on the pots ~ I think they’ll look great on your shed. But I’m thinking you should go back and get a bulb kit or two. They are SO fun and if you’ve never forced bulbs, you definitely need to give it a try. (especially for a cheap price!)

    Thanks Kathleen! I’m looking forward to displaying them on my shed this spring. Shh…don’t tell anyone but I already did go back & get some of those bulb kits. lol 🙂


  24. The colors are great- what a good find! I’m sure you’ll come up with something nice to plant 🙂

    Thanks Tessa, I was really pleased with my find. 🙂 I’m actually pretty sure I’ll go with the Asparagus Fern like Linda suggested. It would be the perfect plant for these pots.


  25. Nice finds Racquel. Hmmm. . . we have a Big Lots very close by. I think I might have to check it out!

    Thanks Linda, I hope you find some good finds at your local Big Lots too. 🙂


  26. We just love planters and containers too – yours look great – how about planting them in the Spring with Calibrachoa, Euphorbia and Biden – a great combination with your cream color walls!

    Thanks Planterlady for the great suggestions. I will keep that combo in mind when I plant them this spring. 🙂


  27. I may have to do a Big Lots ‘drive-by’ tomorrow:)

    It’s worth the look Carla. 🙂


  28. I do the Big Lots stop every once and a while too.. I picked up three mirrors I use outside all year round – all for $9 each! Since merchandise changes every few months it’s like visiting a different store each time.

    Yep you never know what you may find there in any given month. Ours has a pretty substancial gardening section. Sounds like you have found some bargains yourself. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by today Jim.


  29. Hi Racquel, those are great! I love the color of the pots too. Big Lots is a fun place to poke around, you have to go in with an open mind, not a specific shopping list, for you never know what it going to be there. I found a fantastic cat condo at Christmas for our cats at a good price that I didn’t know I needed until I saw it and saw the price. That is the way that store is, HA. So much fun.

    Hi Frances, I’m glad you liked my bargain pots. 🙂 They will be perfect with my new color scheme for the shed. You’re right, you may not find what your looking for but you will always find something you could use. 😉 Thanks!


  30. I’m a fan of Big Lots, too. The medallion on the side of the pool house which faces The Japanese Garden came from Big Lots. (It’s shown in a photo in my Snow Can Cover… post.)

    I did the same thing you did today! We were in Lowe’s and they had amaryllis and hyacinth and crocus kits. I wanted to buy the crocus kit (3 bulbs plus the glass forcing vases for them) for $2.23 or something like that and I didn’t!! I did get an amaryllis though, for $3.49 (‘Piquant’). I don’t nee another amaryllis, but at that price, who’s counting?! 🙂

    Great finds, Racquel!


  31. If you are like me, you’ll move it a million times before you decide. We have a big lots and I’m going to have to check them out. Great find.


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