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The weather this past year has been strange at best.   I’ve noticed that most gardeners have experienced things blooming early, late or even out of season.  I’m just patiently awaiting the upcoming spring.  Okay maybe not patiently, lol.  It’s hard to sit back & wait when you start seeing signs of life in January.  The daffodils, spanish bluebells, grape hyacinths, alliums and dutch iris foliage is teasing me mercilessly at the moment.  Then yesterday when I stepped out to the garden,  I found this little speck of white on the perennial Candytuff.  It was hard not to notice a color other than green or brown in the garden.  Don’t get me wrong, the pansies are still going strong in the red washtub planter.  They love the cool temps this time of the year and will continue to put out blooms until May when the weather warms up.  But this little guy is jumping the gun by at least 6-8 weeks.  Our yo-yo weather seems to be causing confusion in the plant kingdom.  Sorry if the picture isn’t too clear, it has been windy & rainy for the past couple of days.    The flowers fully open remind me of snowflakes.  This may be the only resemblance to snow we get this winter.


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  1. It does seem rather early for everything this year. I am worried about it as I can see a big freeze coming after a warm spell and that will not be a good thing. I just love the candytuft!

    Yeah I have the same concerns Tina. I know the Daffs will tough it out no matter what, but the rest of the bulbs might not be so lucky. I love it too! 🙂


  2. Here in NC today, there’s a 30 degree weather difference in a small space. We’ve had 60s, wind and rain off and on. May get snow on Thursday — that would be fine with me!


    It was mild here today with temps in the 60’s with some gusty winds & lots of rain. Looking forward to some sunshine soon. I don’t seen any snow in our forecast but maybe some snow showers mixed with rain next week. It probably won’t stick since the temps have been rather mild.


  3. It has been interesting weather Racquel. Makes you wonder what is “normal” anymore? I hope your candytuft doesn’t get frozen back but it’s taking a big chance coming out so early!!!

    That it has Kathleen, that it has. I don’t think we’ve had “normal” weather in VA for a long time, lol. I think it will be okay because that was the only small blossom that was peeking out so early.


  4. Racquel, Frances and I were chatting about that earlier…is this rain our normal weather…or just aberrant…usually we are having freezing rain about now! Makes me glad I left all the leaves as mulch for the emerging plants! Let’s see what the spring and summer bring our way! Aren’t those two of the loveliest words…spring and summer! gail

    I’m glad we aren’t getting any freezing rain, but it makes me wonder what might happen in the next few weeks Gail. I did the same thing with my leaves since you can never be too careful at this time of the year. Those are the loveliest words in the whole world! Spring will be here before we know it. 🙂


  5. The weather in my area is just about normal. Last year was the odd one. Last year on Jan 7 we had a record breaking high of 60-degrees. Todays temp is 21-degrees which is normal. I think your candytuft will be ok, they can take a lot of cold without damage.

    Brrr that is too cold for me Marnie. I’m being spoiled by these mild temps, when it gets below 50 I’m cold. 😉 I think it will be okay too, that was the only blossom that showed up. I love their evergreen foliage at this time of the year.


  6. Everything is certainly out of whack around here. I was really hoping we would get a good snow this year. We are way over due for one.

    Well winter is not over yet Randy so it just might happen. 🙂 We might get snow but last year we had very little and it didn’t last but a day.


  7. Yo-yo weather is a perfect description of what we’re experiencing here in the east today, too — snow, mixed with ice pellets, changing to freezing rain and then rain…and back to snow again tomorrow. No wonder our plants are “out of sync” — there is no “sync” this year!

    That is some odd weather Nancy! Messy too! Yep the plants are probably confused as can be right now in my garden. With temps in the 60’s in January who can blame them. 🙂


  8. The weather is crazy indeed Racquel. No wonder the poor plants are confused.

    They are definitely confused Susie. Poor things!


  9. I was driving down Hornsbyville Road on the way home and there was a Forsythia blooming!! Must be winter in Virginia!

    Wow, mine is just budding up but I did have a early bloom in December this year. Yep, winter in VA is always odd, lol.


  10. Our Prunus mume is already bloomed out because of the warm winter so far. All it takes is a cold week and everything thinks spring has arrived..

    That must be what it is, the warm days mixed with the cool days. Lots of rain this winter too. I just hope we don’t get hit hard with some freakishly bad weather & send the plants into a state of shock!


  11. It is true the weather patterns change and fluctuate in cycles. We were unusually cool in November which I loved and now back to our normal mild temps. Fortunately nature has a way of balancing out itself as time goes on… Nice you have some color to look at in your garden while you wait (hard to be patient, I know) for spring.
    Meems @Hoe&Shovel

    It must be nice in your neck of the woods Meems with all the gorgeous blooms you have right now. It was in the 60’s here today which is quite warm for January but the rain & wind made it yucky. Yep I am anxious for winter to be over & spring to start. 😉


  12. Poor plants – they don’t know where they are with the weather. Neither do we gardeners for that matter. At least we get some surprises!

    Yep their heads are spinning with this yo-yo weather right now. I’m just ready for winter to be over already. I love the little surprises the garden can give especially in January which is my blah month.


  13. The weather has bounced around from warm to very cold. Here in TN they said December actually averaged about normal. Even though we had 70 degree days we had sub 30 degree days. Those fluctuations are really playing with the minds of the vegetation!

    Looks like your weather has been quite similar to ours this year. And that is what usually messes with my sinuses at this time of the year Dave. Hopefully the plants recover from this yo-yo weather & put out a nice spring display this year.


  14. Hi Racquel, like Dave said, our weather is normally very up and down. We have just finished flooding rains, we had 6 inches in a couple of days! I should check our candytuft, it does often throw out an early bloom. I also noticed that it has seeded in the gravel, that is a first. I left the leaves in place this year and think it might help with those late freezes that are bound to happen, hopefully not as late as 2006. All we can do is complain about it! 🙂

    Hi Frances, ours is similar to yours in that respect. We’ve been getting alot of rain lately too, and to be honest I am ready for the sun to come out. I’ve never noticed it blooming this early before but then again I had roses in december. 😉 I never cut mine back, just the blooms every spring & sometimes it continues to put out sporatic blooms into the summer. Yep all we can do is pray for a short & mild winter.


  15. I don’t see any blooms on my candytuff. I put them in last spring, so I don’t know what to expect this spring. Do you feed your Racquel?

    That’s okay Linda, they shouldn’t be blooming yet anyhow. Usually Mar-Apr is the bloom period. They are really an easy perennial. I normally just scratch a granular type fertilizer (10-10-10) into the soil of all my beds around the time the daffodils start blooming.


  16. Posted by greenwalks on January 7, 2009 at 8:33 pm

    We’re having a weird weather year here as well. Hope it’s not a portend of continued climate craziness!?! Nice that you have a flower to brighten your (and our) day.

    It seems to be the trend everywhere this past year Karen. Me too! Thanks, I’m glad I was able to brighten your day!


  17. I can’t believe you’ve got blooms on your Candytuft! I love it and have a large clump of it. Even when it isn’t covered with white blooms, the foliage is solid and undulating and just as lovely in fall as it is in spring.

    Have you ever grown annual Candytuft? It has a similar look, although more airy, less branching, but there are luscious colors of pink, magenta, purple, and of course, white. And it self-seeds.

    It is just one single little bloom Kylee, but I was surprised too. It is one of my favorite perennials in the spring too. The flowers last quite some time & if you deadhead they will sporatically bloom through the early part of summer. The foliage is evergreen which is always a plus in my book. I’ve never grown annual Candytuft, but I will have to keep an eye out for it. Sounds like it would be a great filler for planters. Thanks!


  18. Gardeners are funny…when were not in the yard…were in the store or garden mart looking for stuff for the yard. Looks pretty neat to me. You have a big lots too? Isn’t that a neat store for sesonal stuff?!

    Yep we are truly addicted to our passion Patsi! lol Yep they have some really cool stuff for the garden and the prices can’t be beat. 🙂


  19. I agree the weather has been strange this year. However, I don’t have any signs of life in the garden like you, but then it’s been very cold here for the last month. I would be getting antsy, too, if I saw these blooms!

    Your cold & snow probably keeps the blooms at bay. Our constant freezing & thawing concerns me a bit. This causes some perennials to upheave or jump the gun with blooms. It is such a tease! 😉


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