Perfect Weeding Weather



With a temperature of 68 degrees yesterday who wouldn’t take the opportunity to catch up on some weeding in the garden.  The winter weeds were beginning to take over so I figured I better get a handle on it before I ended up with total mutiny.   The Chickweed and Henbit are the main culprits at this time of the year along with some wild grass and a few sporatic dandelions.  The picture above is the Woodland Garden before I tackled this chore.



Unfortunately I did have to clear out the leaves to get to the weeds, but it looks ten times better than it did.  Plus I can always put the leaves back as a mulch until spring.   I need to plant more groundcovers like Sweet Woodruff to help keep these weed thugs at bay in the future.  Most of my early spring bulbs are starting to emerge so it was good to note what was coming up.  I also worked on the Arbor Garden bed yesterday too.  If the weather is nice today I will be tackling the front beds and the Rose Garden.  January in the past has been our coldest month so it’s good to get a jump on some spring tasks.


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  1. Racquel, I had to laugh at myself-when I first read your title, I read it as ‘Perfect Wedding Weather’! And I thought wow were going to get to see a wedding. :} Well, it was almost as much fun to see a great job of weeding instead. I can’t believe you have bulbs starting to come up. We are a long way from that. Although on Sat. we had a high of 66. Today it’s back in the low 30’s. :{ Nice while it lasted. Now, don’t be working to hard!

    Now that would of been something Beckie. lol I can’t believe those early risers are coming up either. Today it was not as warm but still over 50 degrees which is nice in December. I promise not to work too hard. 🙂


  2. OK, I am officially jealous of your climate. 🙂 Snow has melted here at long last, but we have quite a ways to go before spring bulbs (or weeds, for that matter) begin to poke their heads out! Hope you enjoy the balmy weather.

    lol, Karen, lol. Glad your snow finally fmelted at least. It is rather early for these things to be showing up I think. I know I have bulbs that bloom in February but even so, it still seems even early for that. It was 50 something today which wasn’t quite as ‘balmy’ but not bad for December. 😉


  3. We had a warm day yesterday, and I SHOULD have done some weeding. 🙂 Good for you for getting it done!

    Thanks Kim, but I got a ways to go. Some of the beds really got hit hard with winter weeds this year.


  4. I spent most of my Christmas vacation weeding! Now off to work I go . . .

    You’ll be glad you did come next spring WG! 😉


  5. Posted by mothernaturesgarden on December 29, 2008 at 7:10 am

    A warm day in winter is such a special treat. I was out and about in the garden also.

    It is nice to have some warm days during winter Donna. It would be hard to be away from the garden for those few months otherwise.


  6. Hi Racquel, yes, now is the time to get at those pesky winter weeds. They are growing like crazy here too and I know it won’t be long before they bloom and broadcast those millions of seeds to ensure their presence in the garden forever! Good deal on those warm temps and way to take advantage of the break in the weather for who knows what tomorrow will bring!

    Yep, I’ve been stalling too long Frances. The ground was nice and moist from recent rains too so it was easy to pull them out. I hope they don’t get to flower before you have a chance to pull them. Yep today was not quite as warm but still above 50 isn’t too bad for Dec. 🙂


  7. Good job! We have been working hard in this great weather to be ready for spring too, it will make it so much more pleasurable!!

    Thanks Darla. You guys have really been working hard! I can’t wait to see how wonderful your gardens will look next summer with all these projects completed.


  8. January is one of our coldest months too. Time to work inside the garage on project. Great you were able to get all the weeding done. I just hate those winter weeds!

    I bet you will be working on those birdhouse gourds this January Tina. I didn’t get all the weeding done, but I got the areas I planned on completing. Winter weeds are the worse, but it will cut down on my spring prep doing this now.


  9. Racquel,

    I hope this balmy weather doesn’t shock us with a foot of snow in a week or so! It was another great day to be in the garden. I took time to tidy up my planters of petunias and mums that won’t give up.


    Me too Cameron, maybe we should knock on wood now! 😉 It’s nice to be to work in the garden during the winter on mild days. It helps curb my itch somewhat to be digging in the dirt. lol Gald you were able to get some stuff done too. 🙂


  10. 68? Here I thought we were lucky to have a temp of 41 degrees the other day. At least our roads aren’t coated in snow for now. We still have our coldest winter months ahead of us here and lots more snow to look forward to. On the bright side though, that thick blanket of snow protects my plants from frosty cold winds AND unwanted winter weeds so I guess I kind of like having all of this snow around here….

    Yep 68, weird huh? It is odd temps for us at this time of the year, but VA has an odd climate anyhow. 😉 January & February are usually our colder months. Yep that snow keeps your plants from upheaving and kills those nasty weeds to boot! The grass isn’t always greener…


  11. Racquel, I am going to give you an award for the “Most Industrious Gardener” around! We had 60 degree weather on Saturday, too, but that was accompanied by heavy rains. No garden work here:)

    Thanks Rose, I don’t know about that. I knew that if I didn’t take advantage of the mild temps yesterday & get some of that weeding knocked out I’d be kicking myself come spring. 😉 Well that stinks that you got the nice temp but heavy rain with it! 😦


  12. We got temps in the 50’s over the weekend. Unfortunately our ground turns into soup when it thaws. It did melt most of our snow tho.

    Yuck that sounds like a mess Marnie. That is the problem with snow, it looks pretty at first but then just becomes messy.


  13. So Racquel is your back killing you today because that looks like a lot of hard work?!? Doesn’t it make you feel good though to look at it now? I had hopes of doing a little work in the backyard yesterday but it was way too wet. Who knows, maybe today.

    I’m alittle sore today Susie, but it was worth it to get some of those winter weeds knocked out. The ground was damp from prior rains so it made it much easier to pull them out.


  14. Hi Racquel! I am right there with you on this clean up you are doing. My husband is off all week (poor thing!) :)–we are taking down decorations today and tomorrow tackling the yard. Tomorrow they said it will be 75! Whoo-hoo!!

    Hi Linda, looks like you got your hands full too for the next couple of days. 75! Wow that is nice! We probably won’t take down our decorations until the weekend. I usually leave them up until Jan 1st or 2nd. Have fun, Hubby is lucky to have the week off!


  15. I thought the same thing as Beckie at first (wedding instead of weeding!!) I just can’t wrap my brain around weeding in Dec! My beds are covered in snow at the moment ~ I’m jealous of all these warm temperatures everyone seems to be enjoying. 50 degrees would seem warm to me after we’ve been below freezing tho! It will be quite a while before I see signs of life on my spring bulbs too. I’ll just have to relax and enjoy all yours (and your hard work)! I agree with Rose that you should get the title most “industrious” gardener!

    Sorry about the confusion Kathleen, lol. I guess it is hard to picture the weeding in December when your garden is covered in snow, but my ground isn’t even frozen solid yet. The grass isn’t always greener, without snow I have to deal with these weeds & the constant freezing & thawing which causes upheaval. 😦 You can live vicariously through me for the moment, but spring will be here before we know it. Thanks to you & Rose for the commendation, lol.


  16. We have similar warm spells in our winter, and I love it!! Feels so good to get in the dirt and play! Your clean bed looks so tidy!!!

    Me too Carla, gives me a chance to get out there & dig in the dirt. 🙂 Thanks!


  17. Must be just lovely to be getting your hands in the dirt, breathing in that fresh air, and seeing a bit of green popping up. My mother gave me a bit of sweet woodruff this spring and it’s quite pretty.

    It is what I live for Amy, digging in the dirt! I feel connected to nature when I’m in the garden no matter what I’m doing. It’s exciting to see new bits of green popping up. Sweet Woodruff is one of my favorite groundcovers, the tiny white blossoms are so sweet.


  18. The weather is perfect for weeding and I need to get out there…as Tina said January is our coldest month. I like the notion of sweet woodruff as a ground cover…It has a sweet little flower when it blooms. gail

    Yep and with all the rain we’ve had lately it makes for an easier job of yanking those weeds! Sweet Woodruff would be lovely in your Wayback Garden or even the Garden of Benign Neglect. It loves that woodland type setting. 🙂


  19. Weeding is strangely enjoyable sometimes, though I wish it wasn’t such a Sisyphean task 🙂

    I agree Julian, I find weeding to be very therapeutic. It is never ending though which can be frustrating at times. 🙂


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