So many choices!

 photos courtesy of  Bluestone Perennials© (click on any photo to enlarge it)

The spring catalogs have been arriving in the mail and one of my favorites has to be  Bluestone Perennials which has some tempting new selections to choose from for 2009.  The photos above are a sample of the ones that caught my eye.  Now realistically I probably won’t be able to purchase all of these beautiful plants so it will a difficult decision to make.  Plus I have to think about where these plants will go in the garden before ordering them.  Some of these will probably stay on my wishlist for future expansions of the garden.   I know I could find a space for the Bergenia, Brunnera and Heucera in the Woodland Garden .  The Bergenia was suggested as a replacement for the Lirope that exists in this bed at the moment.   Viburnum and Hydrangeas are always at the top of my list for must have ornamental shrubs.  ‘Little Honey’ is a small Oakleaf variety Hydrangea with  beautiful golden leaves.  The Viburnum ‘Cardinal Candy’ has vibrant red berries in the fall  which would be a nice treat for the wildlife.   I don’t know if you noticed that most  of the plants have purple foliage or flowers.  That color seems to call to me the most.  But there are a few yellows & oranges which make for a striking combination with the purple.   The redbud Ceris ‘Don Egolf’ is a small landscape specimen that I  considered for a new garden island in the front yard.  A couple of trees along with some underplantings of perennials and groundcovers that can withstand mostly full sun.  The dreaming and planning stages of new garden beds is my favorite part of the process next to planting.   So many choices, so many decisions and so many possibilities to think about.  I’m just itching to get started and get my hands dirty next spring.  🙂


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  1. I just checked out the Bluestone site-I was paticularly interested in the ‘little honey’ hydrangea. And guess what it will live in my zone. Then I started browsing…”so many choices!’ indeed. I found several new plants that I’d like to put on my wish list. It is going to be fun to dream and plan the next couple of months.

    I think you will be happy with whatever you choose from their site, I love their plants. Isn’t that ‘Little Honey’ an interesting hydrangea. I’m glad that it will work in your zone too! They tend to be hardier than the mopheads in colder zones I know. The dreaming part is the fun part I think Beckie! 🙂


  2. Do they sell extra garden space? Because that would be a hit with me. I have a list of potential plants and nowhere to put them, sigh!

    lol, EG! Wouldn’t that be a great bonus for any gardener, more space. 🙂


  3. Racquel,

    The folks at Bluestone are fabulous! I bought blue nepeta from them. A year later, they bloomed pink. They sent me replacements, that were also pink. So, they sent me replacements that are blue. They didn’t want any of the plants back. While they made a mistake, they really stood by their guarantee.


    Yep they have a wonderful guarantee when it comes to their plants. I’ve never been disappointed with the quality of the perennials they have sent me either. You can’t beat a company that stands by their product and gives such good customer service. I contacted them about using their pictures for this post via email and was thrilled to get such a timely & gracious response. It impressed me even more!


  4. “Green thoughts emerge from some deep source of stillness which the very fact of winter has released.” – Mirabel Osler

    What a great quote Mom! 🙂 Very appropriate for the situation.


  5. Racquel .. I use Bluestone as reference material on the web since we can’t get it here in Canada .. they have great looking plants with lots of info that I can use to judge whether I will pursue looking for the plants here .. if you saw my “favorites” list on my lap top you would be amazed (my husband is for sure ! haha) .. that is what I do all these winter months while waiting for my garden to come alive again .. and I can do the “plant mission” hunt ! LOL
    Great choices Racquel !

    They are a wonderful source of information for plants Joy! The quality of their perennials is wonderful and the prices are fair too. I’m sure if it looks anything like mine, I wouldn’t be to shocked. lol The winter is a great time to dream & plan for next season. Thanks Joy!


  6. I hear you loud and clear!! I spent yesterday moving grass, to expand my already large flower garden, today we buy lattice so I can be ready to plant my vines on it in the spring. It’s been in the 70’s this week, my husband wore shorts on Christmas! February is normally cold for us!! Enjoyed your post!

    Looks like you are getting a great start before spring Darla. We had temps in the 70’s for Christmas too, but it’s back down to the 50’s today & rainy. 😦 January & February are the coldest months for us. Thank you!


  7. It would be so easy for me, the hydrangea gets it every time. I can always find another spot for one. I saw these at the Don Shadows nursery and they are way cool! Good luck making your choice(s).

    Yep me too Tina, it’s really hard for me to resist a Hydrangea. And I’ve been wanting an Oakleaf variety to add to my collection. 😉 Thanks for the info, this one is a definite for next season!


  8. Hi, Racquel–I love Bluestone, too (and, in refeence to your post yesterday, they are one reason I always need new pans). I’ll be interested to see how the brunnera and bergenia do for you–I love them but haven’t had much luck. But the foliage on both is fabulous, so maybe I’ll try them again! Enjoy that warm weather, and think of me shivering in AZ (ok, that’s ridiculous, but so is 70 degree weather in VA in December!)

    Hi Cosmo, Yep they have such a wonderful selection each year it’s hard to resist. 😉 lol about the pans! I’m hoping the Brunnera & Bergenia work out too. I was thinking of the woodland garden which gets morning sun & afternoon shade. Hopefully that is a good spot for them. Shivering in AZ is funny, lol. But the weather has been quite odd lately here, but it is VA afterall. 🙂


  9. Posted by mothernaturesgarden on December 27, 2008 at 11:07 am

    It is that time of year to snuggle up with a good garden catalog. Thanks for info.

    My favorite pasttime of all Donna! 🙂 You are quite welcome.


  10. Great post! and a wonderful reference to check out!

    Thanks Anne! Glad I could refer you to a great source of plants!


  11. Nice choices Racquel. You’ll be happy with whichever you decide upon I bet. I haven’t gotten around to looking at gardening catalogs yet (gasp!) but I will after New Years. Then I’ll be ready to get back into it again too. Have fun making out your order form!!

    Thanks Kathleen. January will be a great month to do some dreaming & planning for next season. The itch to get out there is so strong during the winter for me. The catalogs help with that somewhat. 🙂


  12. Hi Racquel, This list reminds me to start thinking about my own. What would I really like to add, what can I actually fit in the space I already have filled…etc. It’s time for me to expand my garden…but, my body isn’t as limber as it used to be. Time to call in the husband, I guess. “Hubby, can you please take out another 12 x 18 foot area of grass here, in this spot?”
    Ha ha. Boy, I sure could fit a lot into a new area like that. You’ve got me thinking now….

    Hi Jan, glad I could be a gentle reminder. That’s the hard part figuring out where to squeeze more plants in to existing garden beds. I need to expand mine too if I want to add some of these wishlist items, but that will be gradual. Yep hubbies are great for making our dreams come true. I dream up the stuff & he makes it happen. 🙂 Can’t wait to see where your thoughts lead….


  13. dies it ever get easier!!!!! I hope not.

    Nope and that is the fun part Wayne, lol. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by today.


  14. So many delicious choices! It’s going to be terribly hard to narrow that list down, but a whole lot of fun too!

    Thanks Amy, that’s what I’m thinking too. But I know the Hydrangea is at the top of the list thus far. I can’t wait!


  15. So I have not heard of the Leptodermis before. Do you know it’s common name? It looks great! I have not grown the Helenium before but I have seen it and I think it is great.

    I think you have a hard choice before you. Good luck!

    From what I have gathered that is the only name it goes by Susie. It is a small shrub that be even grown as a groundcover according to my research. I’ve never grown the Helenium either but the name & colors were fun! Thanks!


  16. I just received my first seed/plant catalog in the mail a few days before Christmas. I’m now dreaming and planning for spring, too, Racquel. I’ve never gotten a catalog from Bluestone, but I will check them out. So many choices, as you say, but I know I want to plant a viburnum this year. The “Cardinal Candy” is certainly eye-catching, and I love the name!

    Mine are slowly trickling in too Rose. Bluestone is probably my favorite source for great plants. I’ve been ordering from them for years. You can go to their site online and request a catalog or order directly from the site. Viburnum was on my must have list this year & I added two. So now I’m addicted & want more, lol. I also am leaning strongly to the ‘Little Honey’ Hydrangea as well. Isn’t that a great name (Cardinal Candy), those berries look like candy for sure. 🙂


  17. Posted by thegardenfaerie on December 28, 2008 at 9:37 pm

    I vote for Heuchera. What, you’re not taking votes? Oh, OK….

    I like the Heuchera too GF, lol. I should of taken a vote, huh? 😉


  18. Buy ‘Little Honey,’ you need ‘Little Honey,’ your garden isn’t complete without ‘Little Honey.’ Tee,hee, I’m such a plant-buying enabler. I got ‘Little Honey’ last year & I love it already. I have Brunnera ‘Hadspen Cream,’ ‘Jack Frost’ and ‘Looking Glass.’ In my garden, ‘Jack Frost’ is the best performer. ‘Hadspen Cream’ tends to lose its variegation over the summer and needs to be de-leafed.
    I just love imagining how all these wonderful plants would look in my garden without the worry of trying to figuring out where I’d actually put them. I call it my Pipe Dream Garden, and it helps me through the long winter.

    Believe me MMD, I don’t need an enabler! lol I definitely have ‘Little Honey’ at the top of the list because I love hydrangeas. Thanks for the info on Hadspen Cream, good to know stuff. I like the Pipe Dream Garden idea, I do the same thing but then I have to be realistic in the end.


  19. Last year was my first order from Bluestone. I was very pleased with the plants I received, one of which was Helenium ‘Mardi Gras’…. included in your photos above. I only wish you didn’t have to buy three of most platns, but I guess it is insurance in case some plants don’t thrive and you can put them in differing locations to see where they like it best.

    They are a great source for plants Connie. I actually like the fact that you get 3 plants with most orders that way you can spread them around a bit or plant in masses.


  20. How to choose- that’s the question. My catalogs are starting to arrive as well, so I’m off to drooling over the pages!

    Yep they are coming in spurts now and I can’t do much more than drool over all the new additions. 😉


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