Pure Joy

“Forsythia is pure joy. There is not an ounce, not a glimmer of sadness or even knowledge in forsythia. Pure, undiluted, untouched joy.”  – Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Can you believe I found this early little bud opening up already?  The other buds are weeks away from even being the thought of a bloom yet.  The shrub is growing on the west side of the house tucked into the corner.  The fence provides such a nice windblock from the cold gusts of winter that it has created a microclimate for this early riser.  It is located right outside my bedroom window which makes for a nice surprise on a chilly December day.  I’m considering cutting some branches to bring inside and force.  They would look lovely on the kitchen table when their happy faces start blooming. 


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  1. That is such a breathtaking photo!

    Thank you Brenda! 🙂


  2. Wonderful! I would definitely bring some in to force for some cheerful color.

    Thanks Connie! That’s what I’m thinking too, plus I could give it a nice shaping in the process of cutting. 🙂


  3. Lovely photo Racquel.
    I am afraid I don’t like forsythia very much at all. Its a bit “yellow” for me – for too jolly, when I want to be gloomy in the dire days of January and February. 🙂

    Thank you Karen. It’s not one of my favorite plants but I do appreciate the effort it puts forth each spring. 🙂 This is way too early for it to be showing signs of life.


  4. What a wonderful cheerful photo on this blustery day. Yea spring!

    Thanks Joey. It’s been a cold day here too. Yea Spring! 🙂


  5. I LOVE forsythia. We planted two shrubs this spring. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping they stay happy and healthy through the winter. It’s -17C today and getting colder…

    I’m not in love with it Amy but it is a reliable bloomer each spring. They should be okay even in those temps. Brrrrr! that is too cold for me though. lol


  6. Hi Racquel, forsythia already? Wow, and for you to see it from inside, even better! Is it time for forcing, it seems early, but eveything else has seemed early this year, so I guess it’s just me who is dawdling as time marches on!

    Hi Frances, I know I can’t believe it either! The strangest thing I’ve seen yet! But you’re right about everything seeming early this year.


  7. That is a nice plant, they grow huge around here.

    Thanks Darla. Mine is pretty big too. 🙂


  8. Fantastic!

    We don’t have forsythia (don’t know why–not been here long enough I suppose), but I noticed that my neighbor has blooming forsythia… make that forsythia in bloom… up against the front of his brick house.


    Thanks Cameron. You definitely have the room to add these large shrubs to your garden. I wonder if the deer snack on Forsythia. I guess it isn’t so unusual if your neighbor has some blooming. That brick house might act as a nice microclimate.


  9. You should definitely cut some branches for forcing. That will be a super Christmas present from Mother Nature.

    That’s what I was thinking Tina. It would be nice to have blooms from the garden during the winter!


  10. A sunny flower is heading your way! It might be time to bring a few stems inside. Lovely photo! We have had a few nice days and I am all about thinking winter is over…am I ever in denial. Don’t we have the rest of December and two more months of winter;)

    I know isn’t it great! Yep I’m definitely going to cut a few stems tomorrow to bring inside. Thanks Gail! 🙂 Yeah you are definitely in denial but the warm up we had this week was a teaser. We have at least a couple more months of cold weather to get through but we should have some spring blooms to look forward to in February!


  11. How wonderful and so early. I think a branch would look lovely in a vase and forced into bloom.

    Thanks Deb, yep it is so…early it’s not funny! I think I will have to cut a branch or two to bring in now.


  12. I do love forsythia as, here in Nova Scotia, they are early harbingers of spring. Yellow flowers are not my favorite, but these lovely blooms just scream, “Warmer weather!” 🙂 How lucky to have a bloom this time of year.

    They are here too Nancy! 🙂 But I think this one’s timing might be a bit rushed. lol In the garden yellow is a happy color and does scream spring & summer doesn’t it. Thank you.


  13. Forsythia in December just seems strange to me. If I saw it I would think I slept through a couple of months! Enjoy your yellow cheerfulness 🙂

    Does to me too Cindy. This little bud woke up a month or so too early. 🙂 Thank you!


  14. Hi Racquel, yes that is pure joy! Brilliant picture. / Tyra

    Thank you Tyra. 🙂


  15. Great photograph, Racquel–I like the border, too, almost like we’re peeking through a screen. I’ve seen a few buds, too, though not of forsythia–how neat that you’ll have this harbinger of Spring for the holidays.

    Thank you Cosmo, the border reminds me of a frosty window in the winter. 🙂 Do you think the screwy weather is confusing some of our early bloomers?


  16. Deer will try a bit of forsythia, but not destroying it. I love decorating with cut forsythia branches. You’re right, we have plenty of room as long as the Home Owners Association doesn’t see us digging more holes in the meadow! LOL


    Thanks Cameron. I was curious since I don’t have them visit my garden I wasn’t sure if this was on their menu. 😉 They do make a nice arrangement in a tall vase. Oh-oh don’t make any trouble with the HOA. lol


  17. What a great idea. It must have been a wonderful surpise to see life in all of the bleak winter sticks and twigs!

    Thank you Cinj. It was a nice surprise on a chily December day to see this little harbinger of hope. 🙂


  18. Hi Racquel, It is nice to have surprise blooms any time or season isn’t it? Sometimes you can’t tell what has fooled nature but fencing can do just as you’ve described. Enjoy it. It does seem like (I don’t grow it) a really good plant to help make some stunning arrangements inside the house.
    Enjoy your Sunday! Meems

    Hi Meems. It is nice to have surprise blooms especially in the winter! It is a nice plant for arrangements. Have a nice rest of your weekend! 🙂


  19. Racquel…are you kidding? I can’t believe it…forsythia, in Dec? Mine is nowhere near that point. Another example of 2 hours north making an incredibly different environment in my garden. It’s cold up here in No. VA! Jan


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