Viva Viburnum!

viburnum-001I am totally in love with the Viburnum ‘Winterthur’ I added to my garden this fall.  I purchased two of these ornamental shrubs this past September at a Native Plant sale.  The wonderful leathery leaves are turning shades of burgundy, copper and gold right now.  But only on one of the plants.  The other one is still quite green.  Isn’t that a bit strange?


I was surprised to find that the birds didn’t devour the little blue berries that this plant produces in late summer.  The remaining berries have a freeze dried effect.


Saturday afternoon I found this small cluster on the second bush (which doesn’t have any fall color).  I dont’ know if this is the flower head forming or what.  This plant is new to me, so if anyone has any information it would be much appreciated.


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  1. I’ve never grown any viburnum. Looks pretty though.

    It’s new to me too Darla, but so far I am impressed. 🙂 Thank you.


  2. Don’t know much about this shrub. The colors are wonderful though. Don’t have a clue what that is forming. It looks like there is another one forming to the right as well.

    Thanks anyhow Susie. I’m pretty sure it is a flowerhead forming, just didn’t expect it so soon or should I say late in the season. 🙂


  3. Hi, Racquel–I don’t have “Winterthur,” but that sure looks like a flower head. Is it possible you have that greener bush in a really warm spot in your garden? I figure with your roses still blooming last week you must some micro-climate thing going on. I love viburnum–I’ve been trying to sprout some seeds that I collected at York River State Park, but nothing yet. The great thing about viburnum for me is that some of the blossoms look like hydrangea, but the deer don’t eat viburnum!

    Hi Cosmos, I picked these up at the Native Plant Sale at the Virginia Living Museum. Have you ever been? They have them 3X a year (spring, summer, fall). The green one is planted opposite from the colorful one diagonally. The colorful one gets more sunlight. I do have micro-climates all over my yard which makes the growing season interesting at best. 🙂 Good luck with your seeds. Maybe you could try a cutting from one of mine? Cuttings of shrubs can be easier to grow I think. That sounds like a great benefit about the blossoms not attracting deer. I don’t have a deer issue but I love Hydrangeas so I look forward to the blooms now! I think it is a flowerhead too, just didn’t expect it so soon.


  4. I love viburnum–there are so many of them and all have cool foliage colors, flowers, and berries. I have many of the same plants in the front and backyard and they bloom at quite different times–a week or more apart, due to different sun/shade and probably temperate/wind conditions. Also, you don’t know how or when or where in the nursery they were located before you bought them.

    I’ve wanted one or two for a few years now Monica, so I was thrilled to find these two at my local Native Plant Sale this fall. They grow all the plants they sell onsite at the Museum. Which makes it nice cause you can see what they will look like when they mature. Thanks for all the great information today! Much appreciated! 🙂


  5. What a pretty viburnum. I’m just discovering them – I have an Allegheny – Viburnum x rhytidophylloides ‘Allegheny’ – that I planted this year. It’s evergreen here in Maryland. I think we’re going to plant a doublefile style (Viburnum plicatum var. tomentosum) cultivar next year. I wish I had room for many more, especially one like you have – those leaves are lovely.

    I’ve been drooling over them for a few years now and I finally got two of my own Kim! 🙂 Mine is deciduous which makes for some pretty fall color, but I will have to look for some evergreen ones too.


  6. Very nice! I bet those birds will not leave those berries too much longer.

    Thanks Tina, probably not. They will eventually get to the berries I’m sure.


  7. Hi, The plant is new to me too, but what I looked on the web sounds interesting. Especially the blue berries and I think it’s the flowerhead. Good luck with it.

    Thanks Chandramouli, it is an interesting ornamental shrub for the garden. I’m trying to plant more natives in my yard especially ones that have berries for the birds. 🙂 Thanks for visiting today!


  8. Love the fall colors on the viburnum! Great job on the center piece. I love to redo with stuff I have. The brush trees are a great idea. We’ve missed you on Bloomin’ Tuesday! Jean

    Thank you Jean! I really like the fall colors too on it. 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed my low-cost decorations for Christmas. I’m sorry I haven’t stopped by lately for BT, I haven’t had anything to showoff. I will come by soon, promise!


  9. Hi Racquel. I don’t have experience with that particular viburnum but one of mine sets buds like yours in the winter too. They open very early in spring so something to look forward to! I haven’t met a viburnum yet that I didn’t like so I can see why you’re enjoying your two purchases.

    Hi Kathleen, wow thanks for the info. I can’t wait to see the blossoms! How fun to have something else that blooms early in the garden. So far I am impressed and I might get addicted to them like my Hydrangeas, lol.


  10. Hi Racquel, I bought one of these last year but it is still too small for flowering, hoping for next year. I also got Brandywine, Blue Muffin and Cardinal Candy, all tiny, that are said to be pollinated by Winterthur, but no pollination without flowers, guys! That sure looks like a flower bud to me, and I love your title! Viva indeed!

    Hi Frances. I was lucky to find decent size plants at the Native Plant Sale with berries forming already & now a flowerbud! I guess Winterthur is the grandmama of your new little guys, how interesting about the polination! Thanks, I think it is a flowerbud from what some of the others said too. It is a Viva moment! lol 😉


  11. Interesting plant. Really like the colours in the first photo, and the berries too!

    Thanks Kanak. It is an interesting plant and I’m really enjoying the many attributes.


  12. I love your viburnum! The colors are perfect for this time of year. What will it do in winter? I guess if you just got it you may not know yet. Sounds like a good plant to put on my list! 🙂

    Thanks Linda! I don’t know yet what it will do, but it looks like it might start blooming soon….It’s a great plant to put on your list! It was on mine for a couple of years. I just needed to find the perfect spot for it first.


  13. I grew viburnum at a previous home (in the middle of wooded land). Here in sunny meadows, the only one that I trie just up and died very quickly. There are so many beautiful viburnum. Carlesii is my favorite.


    I know they prefer a shadier spot and mine gets part sun in the morning followed by full shade in the afternoon. I definitely would like to add more in the future. 🙂


  14. Posted by greenwalks on December 9, 2008 at 1:51 am

    Viburnums are all over the place here, they don’t get enough credit for all the good work they do to provide structure and multi-season interest. So thanks for giving them the kudos they deserve! Mine have all been evergreen – is it possible that your second one was mislabeled and is not going to lose its leaves? Maybe that would be a boon, after all!

    They are wonderful plants from what I’ve experienced thus far Karen. I’ve wanted at least one for a couple of years now & was happy when I found these at the Native Plant Sale in September. 🙂 You are welcome, they deserve the kudos! Evergreen ones will be on wishlist next. That is a possibility that I hadn’t considered with the second one. That would be a boon!


  15. Racquel .. I must be the last one to see this post girl ! LOL .. the two shrubs but different affects .. sounds like my Golden Barberry .. one coloured up much faster than the other .. so I thought that was strange too .. I don’t know why they didn’t colour up together .. they are only 3 feet away from each other .. in any case I have a viburnum out front as well .. not this cultivar but it is also quite pretty in the Autumn too !

    Looks like it Joy, lol. The locations must make a difference even though mine are planted about 8-10 feet apart in the same bed. It makes life interesting to say the least. 🙂 Your Golden Barberry was a real treat this fall and something that has been on my list for a bit. Shrubs with colorful fall foliage really strike my fancy at the moment. If they produce berries it’s icing on the cake!


  16. I’ll echo Fracnes–get pollinators! I have six viburnum now. Generally, another dentatum cultivar will poolinate another dentatum cultiver. Mine are still under 2′ tall, but al have gorgeous colors! Try ‘Red Feather’ to pollinate a ‘Blue Muffin.’


  17. I use viburnums all the time and swear by them. My personal fave is the Double File. It has a hydrangea-like white bloom every Spring and gets ridiculously profuse. Many viburnums get a Lilac-like odor going also. They can smell wonderful.


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