Seasonal Decorations on a budget


Decorating your house for Christmas doesn’t have to be costly.  You can re-purpose what you already have from year to year to give it a fresh look for the season.  The centerpiece above was made from an existing basket, some decorative picks, a candle, floral foam, some pine cones, a length of ribbon and some gold spray paint.   All of these items were already on hand so the cost was free and just took about 30 minutes to create not counting the time for the paint to dry.  I pulled these picks off of a old decorated wreath from several years ago.  Steps to create are as follows:

  1.  spray paint basket and let dry for at least an hour
  2. hot glue floral foam inside basket  in the center
  3. stick decorative floral picks into foam to disguise edges  
  4. insert candle into center of foam (optional – glue to secure)
  5. wrap a length of ribbon (this one is wired) around the handle and hot glue the end to hold
  6. you can also tuck some green garland in around the top to hide the open spots


Everyday objects can be repurposed for holiday decor as well.  The little tree above  is made from a wire brush, a 3″ seedling container, floral foam & gold spray paint.   Isn’t it adorable?


Here is what they look like on my corner cabinet in the kitchen.  Some red glasses, a metal decorative platter, and the traditional Santa & Mrs Claus shakers make for a nice display.


9 responses to this post.

  1. Very nice! I have not even begun decorating. Sigh. Wanta come do my house?:)

    Thanks Tina, lol. I would love to come redo your house, but that would be some drive. 😉


  2. There you go with that spray paint. I know that always works wonders. Your decorations are cute and love that “inexpensive” redo. I really like those little trees too!

    I just love spray paint Susie, lol. It is the cheapest way to change the look of something. 🙂 Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed my budget decorations. Aren’t those trees adorable! My grandma made those for me last year.


  3. We put up our wreath today. I still have to bring out the Nativity. Going slowly.


    You’ll get in the spirit soon Cameron. 🙂


  4. I’m like Tina .. not a thing done yet .. this is the latest I have ever let go by without starting some decorating .. don’t know what the heck is the matter with me ..
    You did a great job with your touches on the decorations Racquel … come on over .. then we will visit Tina ? LOL

    I was the same way last Christmas Joy. Thanks, I wish I could come give you both a hand in that department! lol


  5. Very pretty decorations, Racquel. If I ever get off the computer–and maybe I won’t today–I’m going to start pulling the decorations from the attic. We spend Christmas in Arizona, so no tree this year–so I’m going to see what I can do with my big houseplants. If it works, you’ll see a post. If it doesn’t, well . . .

    Thanks Cosmo! That sounds like an interesting twist on the Christmas Tree. We’ve done that in years past when we were going out of town for the holidays. Have fun decorating, hope to see a post about it. 🙂


  6. Just the sheer presence of red and/or green seems festive to me.

    I feel the same way Brenda. Tis the season!


  7. You are so clever! I love the centerpiece—love that red and green!

    Why thank you Linda! 😉


  8. Lovely Racquel. I have to confess I am giving Christmas a miss this year, having said that – the 23rd December will probably see me rushing around trying to make the place festive (lol) -K

    Thanks Karen. That would make for a rushed season. lol You can always enjoy mine vicariously!


  9. I love baskets and use them for Christmas a lot. Hadn’t thought of spray painting them though. I have sprayed pinecones gold and mixed them in with the plain ones. The candle and the picks make great additions. The brush trees look so cute in your corner cabinet.

    I finally got a few lights out front today and got my wreath hung on the front door.The girls are coming one night this week to get the rest of the decorations up. All I have to do is provide the hot cocoa and cookies!

    Me too Beckie! They are great for all sorts of stuff, like filling them with glass ornaments or pinecones. I love spraypaint and sometimes the basket is great but the color not so much. I’ve done the same thing with pinecones. I have red, green, & gold ones sprinkled with some glitter on my mantle. Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed my centerpiece & brush trees. 🙂


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