Seed Swap

Sweet Autumn Clematis

Sweet Autumn Clematis

I have seeds from a couple of plants that have produced heavily this year.  If anyone wants to do a seed swap let me know.I’ve sent seeds from my beloved Sweet Autumn Clematis to several people this week.  The picture above shows what it looked like this past September in full glory. 



Another heavy producer this year was Solidago ‘Fireworks’.  It’s a hybrid Goldenrod.  It blooms in the fall too.  It looks great combined with Asters. 

False Aster

False Aster

False Aster ‘Shogun’ is another fall bloomer that I have harvested quite a bit of seed from.  This was a new perennial for me this year.  I purchased it in September with buds forming and it bloomed in October.  This picture doesn’t do it justice, sorry.  The foliage is variegated with a lime green & dark green.  The aster like flowers are a pale lavender. 

If anyone else is interested you can leave a comment and email me your mailing info to


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  1. You have been busy! Harvesting those seeds must’ve been fun. I think I am done here (hopefully). I will pass on the seeds but it is ever so kind of you to offer.

    Yep, I had to either gather them or get rid of them so I didn’t have seedlings everywhere next year! 🙂 I hate to trash seeds that others might want for their gardens, hence the swap. You are quite welcome Tina.


  2. Racquel, I just sent you an e-mail about the clematis:) Thanks for sharing these! You know I’ve always wanted one of these. I can’t believe you’ve had roses blooming in December!

    Hey Rose, got your email and I will be more than happy to share SAC with you. You are quite welcome. Now you will have as many as you like. I will send you enough seed so that you can share with friends & family. 🙂 I know, I couldn’t believe that rose was blooming now either!


  3. You know me, I would love to have whatever seeds you are willing to share.
    I have purple coneflower, blackeyed Susans, celosia, all types of peppers, white hibiscus, gourd seeds, zinnias, a few chinese flame tree seeds and that’s all I can think of right now, I’ll have to look, probably amaranthus, ….will check and let you know. Count me in!

    Okay Darla, some of each it is. 🙂 The peppers would be great. Thanks Darla. I will be sure to get these out to you in the next couple of days.


  4. Racquel, I would love some goldenrod (Solidago) seeds. I’ll send you an email.
    Need any Hollyhock seeds?

    Hi Linda, Okay I will get those out to you in the next day or two. The Hollyhock seeds would be great. That is one plant I don’t have in my garden, believe it or not! 🙂


  5. Thanks, but I must pass on your generous offer. No reason to feed the deer clematis.


    That’s okay Cameron. 🙂 Nope I don’t want to send you any deer food! lol


  6. I’ve got a Magnus (I believe) purple coneflower bursting with abundances of seeds. I also have some… penstemon I think? Would you be interested in either of those? I may have others that have seeds but I haven’t figured out how to harvest seeds from them yet, not that I’ve had the time to go and check it out or anything though….

    Hi Cinj, the penstemon would be lovely. I have lots of purple coneflowers myself. 🙂 I sent your seeds to you this week. Did I email you my address?


  7. Posted by greenwalks on December 4, 2008 at 10:45 pm

    What a great idea! I have never saved seeds, so don’t have any to offer, alas. Maybe next year I’ll figure out that aspect of gardening. Happy swapping!

    Thanks Karen. If you would still like some seeds let me know. There are alot!


  8. You get grower of the year! You got so many seeds cause you did lots to get them;) I love the wordpress rocks! Do you?

    Thank you Anna. You are so sweet. 🙂 Yeah it’s pretty cool (wordpress 2.7). It kind of freaked me out when they swapped but it is very user friendly.


  9. Racquel, what a nice offer. If you’ve sent some to Rose, I’m sure she will share with me. I love that SAC! I have coneflowers and zinnas if you would like. I wish I had some seed from the Heavenly Blue morning glory, but never could find any. Mine must have been the sterile type.:{ Next year, I hope to have more to share.

    Hi Beckie. I enjoy sharing my garden with others. You’ve all enjoyed some of these plants during the past few months. I’m sending some SAC to Rose and there will be more than enough seed to share. 🙂 That’s weird, heavenly blue is a big seed producer. I wonder if your weather turned before it could go to seed.


  10. That’s so nice of you to offer to swap seeds with us Racquel! I wonder how long it would take a SAC to bloom from seed?? I think I’m going to pass but probably because I’m overwhelmed with Christmas right now. In January, I might be kicking myself. Thanks for offering tho.

    Your welcome Kathleen. I still have plenty left so if you change your mind in a month or so, just let me know. The original one I had came from a seed that some kind bird or the wind blew in. It didn’t bloom the first year but it grew pretty quickly and bloomed the second season I think.


  11. Hi, Racquel–I’m late as always, but I’d love some solidago and aster seeds if you have any left–if not, no worries, I should keep up with my reading! I have tons of baptisia and penstemon seed (my penstemon is “Husker Red,” which has reddish green foliage and tall stalks of white flowers). And since we’re almost neighbors, I’ll have a lot of divisions in the spring–anyway, I’ll send you an email. What a great idea!

    Hi Cosmo, I still have plenty of seed to share with you. The Husker Red sounds great. I just bought my first Penstemon last year believe it or not. I will email you in a sec. 🙂


  12. Oh, I meant to ask–were you able to harvest B&B salvia seed? Mine didn’t really form pods–it seems to spread more at the roots (and spread and spread . . .). Maybe I wasn’t looking at the right parts?

    I didn’t notice any seed forming in those empty pods on B&B Salvia. My other Salvia ‘Wildthing’ was the same way. I’ve always divided my Salvia in the past.


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