Roses in December

december-rosesCan you believe I actually have hybrid roses blooming in December?  I know I was stunned to see the determination of this particular hybrid when it started forming buds a month ago.  This is my Rosa ‘Glowing Peace’ and it has two buds opening at the moment.  The stamina of this hybrid astounds me.  Here it is the beginning of December and despite the cold weather and frost they are still trying to open.  The blooms are normally shades of orange, pink & yellow.  I’m assuming the change in weather effects the color of roses.  Now this particular plant was cut back to make it easier to transplant this past September.  After the move and haircut I wasn’t expecting any blooms until next spring.  As you will see in the next photo this is not what it looked like this past May when it was blooming.glowing-peace-in-may Isn’t this a different look altogether? Yep it’s the same rose, believe it or not.  The colors of this rose remind me of a sunset.  I’m pretty sure these will be the last roses of the year.  Here is some information about this cultivar:

  • Hybrid Tea Rose
  • Modern Large Flowered
  • Hybridizer/Date: Meilland, France 1999
  • Parentage: Sun King x Roxanne
  • Fragrance: Mild, tea
  • AARS winner 2001 
  • 4′ w x 3′ h
  • Upright bushy habit
  • Good cut flower
  • Disease resistant

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  1. I can’t believe it! The colors do look like a sunset. How amazing to find such a special bloom this time of year. Enjoy–I’m afraid our blooming times are about over for a while. But we can read our gardening magazines and look forward to that rose blooming again in spring!

    Me neither Linda. 🙂 Thank you I was just as amazed as you to find this beauty in the garden still blooming. Yep this will definitely be the last of the blooms in my garden till spring. Now we can just sit back & take a breather for a few months.


  2. I can see your photos! I can read the comment field! 🙂 Happy dance! Your roses are really beauties. I can’t believe you have roses right now. Lucky one! I like the new look of your blog, too.

    Cameron (not yet 50% on the technology recovery… what a nightmare… BACKUP your photos now!)

    Yay! I’m glad you are able to see my pics & comment field again! 😉 Thanks Cameron, I can’t believe I have roses blooming right now either! And thanks about the blog, I keep playing around with the themes and I really like this one the best. I try to backup my photos monthly on my external harddrive but thanks for the reminder. I hope you get yours sorted out soon.


  3. Posted by greenwalks on December 3, 2008 at 12:01 am

    Gorgeous! I have one very last one about to open up, too, a pale pink one of unknown name, definitely not disease-resistant (has horrible black spot in the summer) but man, I admire these guys for keeping going here on December 2!

    Thanks Karen! I hope you post a picture of your rose too. Isn’t it great to get blooms so late in the year? Hybrids are notorious for the blackspot thing which is why I am not a huge fan of roses. But some of the newer cultivars are really great.


  4. It must be so wonderful to have such lovely roses this time of year.

    It is Tina! 🙂 I was thrilled to find these buds still going strong!


  5. oooh, you’re SO lucky Racquel!! Roses in December ~ what a treat. Mine are freeze-dried!!!

    Thank you Kathleen, I feel lucky to be getting roses in December! Yours are quite lovely freeze dried too! 🙂


  6. It looks like a victorian painting. I want some of that peachy color in my garden come Spring.

    Hey I like your poinsettia.

    Thanks Anna! I never thought of that, it does look like a victorian painting! Yeah that is a great color in the garden. Thanks, I found that pic online and it seemed festive!


  7. Lucky Girl! They are very beautiful Racquel! I bet the top one is fragrant as well./ Tyra

    Thanks Tyra. That is actually the same rose in both pics, just at different seasons. It has a very lovely fragrance. Light and sweet. 🙂


  8. Gorgeous blooms, Racquel. And the pointsettia on the header is a head-turner! Just checked out your last post too and fell for your Christmas decorations!!

    Thank you Kanak! I’m glad you enjoyed the blooms & my poinsetta header. It has a nice festive look for the season, don’t you think? I’m glad you enjoyed my Deck the Halls post too. 🙂


  9. Oh, I beleve! I believe! If anyone could get them blooming now, you can.
    Actually in Mumbai and other parts of tropical India, winter is the best time for roses. Cooler weather means that they dont droop as soon as they unfurl the first petal 🙂
    Your ‘Glowing Peace’ (what a lovely name!) is lovely. It looks as if it started blushing in the first photo.

    You are so sweet Sunita. 😉 Thanks for the vote of confidence! I’m not an expert on Roses by no means but have had great success with them this year. I think it is the same here, they seem to prefer our cooler temps in the spring and fall. That heat can be brutal on them in the summer and the blackspot is a killer too! Thank you, I like the name too. Peace roses are famous for their blush!


  10. Stunning colors. I have roses that do they too, okay, when they bloom! I have to move them but I’m not sure when I’m supposed to do that.

    Thank you Darla. Moving them in the fall is best, but since you are in Florida you might be able to get away with it in the early spring. It’s best when they are dormant.


  11. I think I could smell the wonderful fragrance just by looking at them. Hard to believe that is the same rose. Plants amaze me.

    They do have a lovely fragrance, very light & sweet. It is hard to believe, the changing temps must effect the colors is my guess. Thanks Susie!


  12. Hi Racquel,
    I love that color. What a wonderful thing in December…to find a rose blooming.

    Thank you Balisha! It is a nice surprise especially since it’s been so cold here!


  13. There is a quote about the last rose of summer being the sweetest-or something like that. Maybe you should write something about the last rose in DEcember. :} I’m sure it’s the difference in temps and sunshine that make it a different color now. Whatever-it is beautiful and thank you for sharing it.

    I’ve heard that quote Beckie. Now I might have to think about that idea, the last rose of December….That’s what I thought too, the cooler temps effect the color. Thank you!


  14. The only roses I have blooming right now are silk – you are one lucky lady!

    Thank you Cindy, lol.


  15. It’s almost as if the pink colour is linked to the warmth of summer and the yellow to cooler days – quite a chameleon 🙂

    Hmm…that’s an interesting theory EG. 🙂


  16. That is a gorgeous rose, I would be tempted to clip it and bring it inside. Nothing bloomin here 🙂

    Thanks Mom, I bring some blooms in especially if I know we are going to get some bad weather that might ruin them otherwise. But I really enjoy having the blooms in the garden.


  17. There is something quite soulful about roses in December!

    Yep, the last roses of December are much appreciated! 🙂


  18. Wonderful to have roses in December! They are beautiful and cause to celebrate!

    Thanks Gail, it is wonderful to have some roses this late in the year!


  19. I am just enough further north of you to make a difference in our roses! I do have some roses–well, rose ‘buds’–but they are basically ‘dried in place’ on the bushes! They are still red and look interesting in the garden, so I haven’t clipped them down. But flowering, live, roses? That’s amazing! Jan

    That freeze dried effect looks interesting in the winter months Jan. I don’t blame you for leaving them, they’ll be lovely with snow on them. 🙂 Thanks!


  20. A few years ago we had a mild autumn and there were roses blooming in December in northern IL. They are so tough. They keep their green leaves until the temps drop into the teens for a prolonged period.

    Mild temps in the autumn really help prolong these tough beauties. My foliage still looks great!


  21. I wanted to come see your roses again! 🙂 Too much time away from blogging friends.

    Yes, the technology gremlins have left the building! The AT&T guy fixed our connection this morning–he had to come here to do it. My pictures are recovered after buying THREE external drive enclosures to finally get one that worked — and then it took only 7 minutes to recover my files and move them to the MacBook. I’m using Time Marchine with my Mac for automatic backups.

    Thank you Cameron. I’ve been busy the past couple of days so I haven’t posted but I will soon. Glad you are still enjoying my roses though. 🙂 I’m so glad you were able to get the computer stuff straightened out.


  22. Roses in December and not the ones of memory either. Weather definitely affects rose blooms. When it is so hot here in Oklahoma, all of my roses still blooming are a former shadow of themselves. I’m glad you got to have roses during this cold month. Mine has quit blooming.~~Dee

    Thanks Dee. I was pretty sure that the weather affected the bloom color, but thanks for the confirmation. They look so differently during the changing seasons, but always beautiful.


  23. […] from the upper level garden, just like Raquel over at Perennial Garden Lover, I have one very last rose. My plants were inherited and are not disease-resistant, so they may get […]


  24. Roses in December that are still blooming in January are not that unusual here in Austin, but Virginia is quite a bit farther north. Yours are lovely indeed. Happy New Year, PGL!

    Thanks Pam! Happy New Year to you too! It is unusual for us to be having roses in December, but’s it was still quite mild up until about the middle of the month. 🙂


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