Snug as a bug…


There is nothing left to do in the garden now after the last few frosts.  There will still be a few leaves to cleanup but most are going into the garden as a winter mulch and the remainder will be composted.  The Mystic Spires Salvia to the left was cut down today & put in the compost bin.  It finally stopped after six months of constant blooms. 


The pumps for the fountains are stored away for the winter now.  I might store this fountain in the shed to make sure it doesn’t crack.   All that’s left of interest is the red berries of the Nandinas and the dark black berries still hanging out on the Viburnums. 


I still need to remove the frost damaged foliage of the Periwinkles from the containers in the Woodland Garden and the Lirope will be either replaced with something else or cut back in the spring to make room for the new foliage that will emerge.  Even the leaves on the Crepe Myrtle are scarce now. 


Soon the Hydrangea foliage will be a thing of the past.  The brown faded blossoms from Limelight remain for some winter interest and the purple mums are lingering for the moment.


There are a few spots of green courtesy of the evergreen perennials like Candytuff.  But mostly we see shades of brown at this time of the year.  My red bench stands out now with no competing flowers to draw attention away from it.  The garden is tucked in for the winter, snug as a bug in a rug.


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  1. Posted by greenwalks on November 30, 2008 at 5:10 pm

    Aw, cute sleepy little garden. Sweet dreams! 🙂 You did a nice job of putting everyone to bed.

    Thanks Darla. Yep they all look nice & cozy for their winter nap. 😉


  2. Job well done, Racquel, and what I also accomplished yesterday (thank goodness ’cause today it’s raining snow).

    Thanks Joey. Looks like you completed the task just in time before the nasty weather hit!


  3. We have had so many leaves to deal with this year. I guess due to high winds that are uncustomary around here. It is cold and windy today in fact. I clean up the yard and back down they come and then the pine needles off the big pine trees are all over the place. Endless!

    Yep the winds make for a messy job with leaves. It looks like you’ll be completing this task over & over again Brenda until the leaves are no more. I don’t have pine needles to deal with anymore. I got rid of both of my pines a few years back. I did like having them for mulching around my acid loving plants though.


  4. I am way behind this year. I need to get leaves up and all that still. Its been in the 80s here this week so I am just being a slacker!!! LOL I am glad you managed to get all yours done for winter!!! Maybe our winter will start in January? (-:

    Wow you are still having some nice weather Cindee. I’m sure you will get to the job soon. By January we will be getting snow possibly so the leaves will be no more. 😉


  5. No way could I get to all the leaves! Your garden looks great and ready for its head gardener to begin planning for next spring!

    You definitely have more leaves to contend with than I do Gail. Thanks it will be a nice respite to plan for next season. 🙂


  6. It does have that I’ve gone to bed look, as does mine. It will be exciting to dream of new things to plant as we await the first little green sprout of spring. I love your flower gardens.

    Yep the leaves do give that effect Darla. 🙂 I look forward to the spring bulbs blooming and then it will trying to resist the new offerings at the nursery & big box stores again, lol. Thank you.


  7. Well at least you had some warm looking sunshine. We haven’t seen that in 3 days. I had wanted to get out and trim back some of the dead off the perennials but we just didn’t have good enough weather for that. Today believe it or not I did plant a foxglove and a perennial cornflower that I brought home from work. I am hopeful that will make it.

    That was yesterday, today it another story Susie! Rainy & dreary weather, yuck! 😦 I went ahead & trimmed some stuff back while it was sprinkling. Good luck with the Foxglove & Cornflower. I’m sure they will be okay, just put alittle mulch around them just in case. 🙂


  8. Is that Spaz hiding out in the last picture? You still have a lovely garden, even with the frosts. I am still cleaning mine. Urgh!

    You know I didn’t even notice her hiding back there Tina, lol! She always manages to sneak into the picture lately. 😉 Thank you, the frost make some of the foliage ugly but it’s to be expected at this time of the year. I have started adding more evergreens each year to give it bones in the winter months. You’ll be glad you did the cleanup come next spring when everything is new again! 🙂


  9. Racquel, I still see a lot of green in your garden! Everything looks so tidy; definitely ready for winter hibernation. Unfortunately, anything I should have cut down will now have to wait for spring since it is covered in snow at the moment.

    Thanks Rose. I try to keep it tidy. Normally I do more cutting back but this year I left alot for winter interest. I’m sure your garden looks nice covered in snow at the moment! 🙂


  10. I was thinking the same as Rose- a lot more green than we are seeing in our gardens. But now our gardens have a nice thick blamket of snow to keep them cozy until spring.

    The difference in our gardens at this time of the year is interesting Beckie. 🙂


  11. It must feel good to have everything set to rights for the winter. I really like your red bench!

    Yeah, but I do miss tinkering in the garden already. 😉 Thanks Amy. That bench was a curbside find and I really like it too!


  12. Wow, Racquel, I think you have a lot of green left too! Looks totally different than my garden right now which truly is brown! I love your blog header ~ how long have I missed that?? It’s gorgeous! Glad you have all your garden chores done and can relax for a long winter’s nap! 😉

    I didn’t realize I had so much green left until you all kept pointing it out Kathleen. 🙂 Sometimes we see things differently through another person’s eyes. Thanks, I’ve been playing around with this header & cropping different parts of it over the past week. Now I will have time to catch up with indoor projects that got put on hold over the summer.


  13. Time for rest. 🙂 Even now, your garden is still lovely.

    Thanks Nancy. It has earned its’ winter nap this year as have I. 🙂


  14. Hi Racquel, it must be a good feeling to have your chores all done. Now is the time to plan and dream of next year, a time where all goes well and everything is a rousing success. I am going to search for that Mystic Spires too, yours was so pretty and long lasting.

    Hello Frances. It does feel good knowing I didn’t slack off this year as I have in years past. 🙂 Yep I am already thinking of next years garden & all the new things I planted this fall. You will love Mystic Spires, it is a long blooming & bee attracting perennial! You just can’t go wrong with Salvias.


  15. There is something comforting seeing that red bench (the one I love from all your pictures) in the now winter garden. Guess we will be seeing all brown soon. The wind was so strong yesterday–leaves are everywhere, but have some red color so it’s kind of pretty.

    Thanks Linda. That bench has stood the test of time in my garden. Now is the time for it to shine in the garden. 🙂 Red is always a nice color at this time of the year whether it be in foliage or a garden ornament.


  16. Racquel ~ First let me wish you a belated Happy Thanksgiving! I’ve been away from the blogging world visiting my family world and I’m just now catching up on my reading 🙂 Your garden looks good all put away, very snug indeed.

    Thanks Cindy, a belated Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Hope you enjoyed your family time. Good to see you back in blogging land. 🙂


  17. What’s nice about your garden is that you will have some winter interest in the “off season.” The evergreens and grasses will be great to look at when everything else is tucked away in their beds.

    Thanks Dave, I’ve been trying to give my garden four seasons of interest!


  18. My garden is buried under snow this morning.

    Yikes! That makes for some snuggling in the house!


  19. Time to get the seed catalogues out and make a cup of hot chocolate!

    Yep that sounds like a good way to spend the next few months to me! 🙂


  20. Great look at your garden as it is ready for winter. We get a nice look at each area, no easy feat. The wider pictures and dark border work well.
    Under a bit of snow here in the Chicago area so I posted the obligatory first snow pictures. Not much garden work to do but I putter around and keep an eye on the birds.


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