Gone to seed


Sweet Autumn Clematis has gone to seed which means I better get busy and start cutting it back before I end up with seedlings everywhere next spring.  But I have to admit it is another interesting phase in the lifecycle of this vigorous vine.  The seed heads look like feathers which I’m sure makes it easy for the wind to carry them to their new destination.


I did a post in October about how it looked like silly string when the flowers start to fade.  Ever since I started this blog I have really noticed the subtle changes in the garden as the seasons past.  It’s like seeing my garden with new eyes. 


And here is SAC this past September.  Every month has brought something new to see. But now it’s time to cut her back for the winter.  Come next spring she’ll start sending out new growth and the cycle will begin again.


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  1. A delightful plant in bloom and seed! The fragrance is delicious. Do you get many seedlings popping up here and there? gail

    Thanks Gail. It can be quite vigorous but I love it nonetheless. I get a few seedlings, but easily removed when young. 🙂


  2. Hi, Racquel–My SAC’s didn’t bloom this year because the deer chomped them hard in July. But they came back strong and I found four volunteers, so I’ll have plenty next summer–maybe I’ll let the deer have their own vine somewhere on the back of the property!

    Hi Cosmo, I didn’t realize they were a plant on the menu for deer. Hmm…thanks for the info. It is a vigorous plant so I’m not surprised about the volunteers or coming back strong. 😉 That sounds like a good idea for next year, give them one of their own! lol


  3. Taking photos and blogging has also given me a different perspective on my gardens as well. Photos help a lot in seeing the changes that need to me made. What is the last photo, SAC? Looks like a type of Jasmine, so pretty.

    The photos really help, now I have an electronic journal that I can go back & look at. 😉 SAC is short for Sweet Autumn Clematis. All 3 photos are the same plant.


  4. I did not know I need to cut it back and will do so the soonest. I too don’t want those seedlings. Thanks! Love the new looks on the blog Racquel! Have a great rest of the weekend!

    Only if you don’t want seedlings everywhere Tina! 🙂 They can be really prolific, I find them growing in the cracks of the driveway! You are quite welcome. I’m glad you like the new blog look and enjoy your weekend!


  5. So Racquel do you give it a severe haircut or just a trim? I didn’t know you cut this beauty back.

    I’m just going to give it a trim to get rid of the seedheads for the winter, but I’ve cut it back severely in the winter & it bounces back quick!


  6. Yes, the SAC is deer food, so I don’t grow it. I do enjoy seeing it in the gardens of others! Sigh.


    Another deer food plant! Sorry, well you can enjoy mine than Cameron. 🙂


  7. This is my favorite plant in your garden, yep better grab those seeds before this gorgeous monster takes over 🙂

    Thanks Mom, it is one of my faves too. 🙂 Yep it is definitely a monster when it comes to taking over the garden! 😉


  8. SAC is gorgeous in all phases, I have to agree. Blogging has given me a keener awareness of my garden as well Racquel. I am happy about that because I don’t know that I always noticed the subtleties before.

    Yep it a winner in all seasons Kathleen. 😉 Isn’t that interesting that we pay even closer attention now than we did before blogging. I always loved my garden but now I don’t take anything for granted in the garden.


  9. I didn’t know you could start this wonderful vine from seed. I keep thinking every year the past few years that I’m going to purchase the potted plant version. But they’re always so expensive!

    It reseeds really easily Brenda. They had the plants at Lowes this year for a reasonable cost.


  10. You have intrigued me so much over the months with this clematis Racquel. What are the chances of you offering some of the seeds up for a seed swap? 😉

    I like the feel of your new blog theme! Your pictures are really popping on it.
    Thanks for the well wishes today. 🙂

    I would be more than happy to save some seed for a seedswap with you Cynthia! 🙂 Thanks I am liking the dark color better, it really makes the pictures pop like you said. You are welcome, I hope you & the family are feeling better now!


  11. Racquel, I am so jealous that you have all these seedlings! I tried to get a cutting from my son’s plant, but it didn’t root. I will try again next spring, or maybe just break down and buy a plant:) I agree that blogging has caused me to look so much more closely at the changes in plants through the seasons, and to appreciate the beauty of each stage of growth as well.

    If you want Rose I can save some seed for you. Let me know! I did see plants at Lowe’s this year at a reasonable cost. It seems blogging has that effect on all of us. 🙂


  12. I have found that I notice more details in my garden lately too. Isn’t it great? I like to find new and interesting ways to look at things. Too bad my camera can’t capture most of it for me now that I can’t see what in the world I’m taking pictures of.

    Those do look like wonderful plants, if you do save some seeds I might like to try some of those too. Is there anything in my garden that you might want some seeds from?

    It is wonderful Cinj. The funny part is when my hubby bought me my digital camera last Christmas (long before I had a blog) I was wondering how much use it would get. lol It gets used just about daily! They are wonderful plants Cinj & I would be more than happy to save you some seed. It’s raining today so I will get out there asap! Let me know what you have available to share & we can swap! 🙂


  13. Hi Racquel, lovely photos and thanks for the reminder. That is something I haven’t done here but need to so we aren’t over run with this vine, even if it is so attractive. I think the seed heads are as wonderful as the flowers too. Your new look is great BTW!


    Thanks Frances, glad I was able to remind you to give SAC a trim. 😉 Yep if we don’t get to it we will be sorry next spring when it takes over the garden. It’s a beauty but very thugish! lol Any plant that gives you interesting seedheads after those heavenly blooms is a keeper in my books! Thanks, I’m glad you like the new look. I needed a change, lol and this new dark color really shows off the photos nicely. 😉


  14. Hi Racquel,
    I never did get one of these started this year. I am putting it on my list for next year for sure…. Unless one of your seeds floats over to my yard. LOL 🙂

    Well Balisha if you would like some free seeds from my plant I will be more than happy to share the wealth with you. 🙂 I’m keeping a list & contact everyone to get their addresses so I can mail them some seeds.


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