Come rain or shine

Glowing Peace

Glowing Peace

Regardless of the weather some plants in my garden just are determined to bloom no matter what.   The bud on this rose has been growing steadily for the past couple of weeks.  You can see here what it looked like on November 9th.  The pinkish red on the outer edges is falling away revealing a pure yellow center.  I’m curious to see what she’ll look like when she opens.  Hopefully the frost doesn’t damage it before it does.   



While my other Clematis are long since spent, NIobe just keeps on pushing out new blooms that gradually fade to this purple.  The reddish stripe is just a hint at her original red velvet shade.  Even the frost melting on her petals doesn’t discourage the flowers.  You can just see the Knockout rose in the background.  Another reliable bloomer in my garden from May till the first or second hard frost of winter. 



Another prolific rose this season is ‘Peace’.   This was an existing bush when we purchased the house back in 1997.  She has really shined in 2008.  The summer was hard on the foliage with the drought, but she bounced back this fall like it was no big deal.   This is one of 3 buds starting to unfurl.  Winter is here, but some diehards are lingering in the garden.  Come rain or shine!


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  1. I have a Mutabalis that blooms in the dead of winter. The peace rose is very pretty,

    What a lovely surprise for you each winter Deb! Thanks!


  2. Posted by greenwalks on November 22, 2008 at 1:21 am

    ‘Peace’ has got to be my favorite rose, since childhood. Such a lovely fade from light to darker colors, that blush is just to die for, and the scent… I am hopeless with rose care but that one would be worth it. Happy Thanksgiving if I don’t get back here before then!

    It is my grandmother’s favorite rose too, and I ended up with three different varieties of them. 😉 They have a lovely fragrance & I do enjoy the varying shades of color on their petals too. I’m not a big fan of the maintenance they require either but their blooms almost make it worth it. Have a wonderful holiday!


  3. With the attractive presentation of your pretty blooms, WordPress is becoming more and more tempting!

    Thanks Kanak, the presentations are actually from a program called FS Viewer, it gives you the ability to put frames around your photos & change the effects. But I do like WordPress!


  4. When you take such good care of your plants/flowers like you do, I guess some of them are like children, “Look at me, look at me!” They want that approval.
    You surely could pass on some tips for growing roses.

    Thank you Darla, what a nice compliment! 😉 I’m no expert on roses though, I’ve been lucky with the few that I have.


  5. Really beautiful! I love the colors that you use (have I told you that at least 1,000 times yet?)


    PS If I decide to keep on blogging, I may think about moving to WordPress.

    Thank you Cameron. I appreciate the nice compliments! The program I use for editing my photos is called FS Viewer & it has all these neat frames. But I do enjoy WordPress over Blogger.


  6. What a regional difference, here we are in the 20’s for highs, cold cold cold.

    Beautiful roses 🙂

    We are actually pretty cold for this time of the year but you’re right Mom the regional difference is astounding. Thank you! 🙂


  7. I think it’s wonderful that all of those plants are holding on for you as well, bringing you a bit of color in an otherwise dreary month. My rose never did bloom once I clipped it and brought it in, but I doubt that it’s fate would have been any different if I had left it outside. It’s 0 here now so I’m sure the violets are on their way out too. It was nice while it lasted.

    Thanks Cinj, it is nice at this time of the year to have blooms period! Wow, it’s really cold there. That is too cold for me. 😉


  8. Those roses obviously have such a will to live. The blooms are still quite pretty despite the weather. My knock-outs are still going as well. Of course, it isn’t as cold here as it is there.

    That they do Susie, I don’t know why the silly things are being so prolific this year! 😉 You just can’t beat those Knockouts for their long season of blooming.


  9. Hi Racquel,
    Your rose pictures are just beautiful. I love the way you present them. My roses did well for the first time…under my care. I am hoping they come back and do the same next year.

    Hello Balisha, thank you so much for your kind comments. I’m glad you enjoyed the roses today! 🙂 I wish you luck with your roses next season.


  10. oh, you lucky girl Racquel, to still have roses! I love the ‘Peace’ rose too. Enjoy the blooms.

    Thanks Kathleen! I feel very blessed to still have these beauties blooming in my garden so late in the season.


  11. It’s chilly here today Racquel.. I am inside trying to get ready for Thanksgiving. I can almost smell your peace rose–it is one of my very favorites!
    Have a good weekend!

    It’s chilly here too Linda! No yardwork for me today. I got my menu planned & bought all the fixins for Thanksgiving Dinner. It seems to be a favorite of many today! 🙂


  12. Wow Racquel ! .. now I feel very guilty for not supplying water to my flowers that were still trying so hard like yours. What gorgeous roses ! … and my poor Niobe .. it is planted with Henrii and I bet they both would have flowered more if I had paid attention to them .. I think I gave up too early this Autumn .. bad Joy !! LOL

    Don’t feel guilty Joy, mine bounced back after the heat of summer was over. They looked horrid in August but the rains came in September & they forgave me. 😉 I actually forgot about Niobe doing her encore in the fall this year, lol. Blogging makes me pay more attention to these details I noticed.


  13. Lovely flowers blooms…the 20 degree weather finally took mine out! Brr is it cold out there!

    Thank you Gail! 🙂 I was surprised our 20 degrees last night didn’t take these out. They must be sheltered by the house. It is 41 here today, but with the windchill it feels more like 34! Brrrr is right!


  14. I found a red “die hard” in the garden today. And after all the cold weather we’ve been experiencing of late! I was amazed. But nature does that. Continuously amazes us.

    I saw your beauty Brenda. Love those hardy roses that just want to keep blooming no matter what. Nature is amazing alright, full of surprises all the time.


  15. I so happy for you that you still have some blooms in the garden…and that you have shared them with us, the less fortunate (well, at least I speak for myself).

    Thanks Cindy. I’m glad I had something beautiful to share with you today. 🙂


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