Goodbye Fall Hello Winter


The sudden drop in temps this week has left its’ mark on my garden in no uncertain terms.  Fall is definitely over and winter is on our doorstep.  It was 30 degrees when I took my son to work this morning and I could feel it to my bones.  The weatherman is calling for snow flurries this evening and we just might see them.   We’ve had some nice days mixed with cold days which is playing havoc on my sinuses.  Brown is definitely the color for the season for Hydrangea Limelight.  Leaves, spent blooms and foliage are following the trend. winter-pics-002-2You know it’s cold when the water in your fountain freezes.  A sure sign I should of removed the pumps earlier in the week when I was completing my fall checklist of chores.  That’s okay they are stored for the winter now.  Better late than never.   winter-pics-004-2

The more tender perennials in my garden have wilted with the frosty weather.  The Dahlia (above), Cannas, Colocasia and Calla Lillies have all turned to mush.  They will return again next May when the thermostat rises for another summer.  Until then we wish them a well deserved winter’s nap.winter-pics-007-2

The Buddleia finally stopped flowering and it’s daily visitors are long gone.  This is one of my longest blooming perennials of the season, when it stops you know it’s over.


Purple Fountain Grass plumes are fading to tan even though the foliage is still holding on.  It soon will succumb to the wintry winds too.


Update:  Just so not to end on a sournote.  Look how pretty my purple Mums still look inspite of the cold!


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  1. We had a light dusting of snow here this morning. Winter has arrived. Charm (our greyhound) has to wear her coat again. Greyhounds don’t have enough body fat or hair to keep them warm.


    Snow already Cameron! Say it isn’t so! Yep she arrived with bells ringing this year. Poor Charm, I hope she stays warm & toasty in her winter coat! 😉


  2. Hi Racquel, the hydrangea is still pretty but your garden is in the same situation as ours. These last few cold days have removed a lot of the color and blooms. Spitting snow here too. Hope it warms up for next week’s big shindig with the family so we can have some outside time.

    Hi Frances, thanks I like the aging tan blossoms of Limelight too. Yep it sounds like your garden is doing the same as mine right now. No snow here yet. Knock on wood! I hope the weather is nice for your family gathering next week!


  3. The mums look really nice. My garden is all shades of brown and beige.

    Thanks Marnie. Other than the mums & pansies my garden is the same.


  4. When all else in the garden fails a plant in a pot can be the one source of cheerfulness! Yours look really colourful.

    Yep you just can’t go wrong with a spot of color in the garden! Thanks EG!


  5. Okay, it’s cold for sure. Your flowers need a rest, I say, job well done. It’s suppose to freeze two more nights here, again! I am still trying to cover and save as much as I can because the temps are supposed to be in the 70’s next week. A gardener’s work is never done. Your mums are beautiful!

    Yep it’s cold alright! BRRRR! I agree, they have really earned their winter nap this year. Sounds like you are getting some yo-yo weather for sure still. Thanks Darla!


  6. It looks a lot like here Racquel. Our warm temps from earlier in the week are over and we are shivering too. Thank goodness for bright spots of color!

    Yep it is starting to spread all over now Kathleen. I don’t expect any more warm temps but we’ve been know to get freakish warm weather in December. The bright spots of color really help!


  7. Not a sour note at all, your Limelight looks good still. Tis the season for sure. The plants need to rest, as does the gardener, they’ll be back soon enough.

    Thanks Tina, I just wanted to leave you all with something pretty & colorful! 😉 Yep I agree they’ve earned their rest as have I this year!


  8. It has to end sometime! Of course to think more positively you can say Winter has to end sometime too. Everything is mushy here as the fall die-back is nearly complete. They called for flurries here this morning but none were seen.

    You’re right Dave. When winter ends another spring will be here! That’s something positive to look forward to. 🙂


  9. Posted by greenwalks on November 21, 2008 at 11:22 am

    Well, just wait until you get snow on those paled hydrangea blooms, that will be a really pretty sight! Happy Thanksgiving, a bit early!

    They will be interesting won’t they! Thanks Karen. Happy Thanksgiving to you too! 🙂


  10. January in November here also, Racquel. It’s bitter cold with 7 degrees wind chill factor this morning. Your mums look way better than my pitiful potted pansies 😉

    Brrr..that is way too cold for me Joey! Thanks, they are looking good inspite of the cold. Cheerful little blooms. 🙂


  11. A well deserved winter’s nap is in order for sure!

    I could use one now Carla! 😉


  12. That looks a lot like my garden, where the only remaining spots of color are the Pansies & the Mum. Good bye fall, it was a great one.

    I guess everyone is experiencing similar things in their gardens at this time of the year. The cold came here quickly with force. It was a great fall.


  13. That little tub of mums definitely says “I’m still happy”. I’m glad to see you feeling better.

    They do look like they are pretty happy still Susie! 😉 Thanks I am feeling a bit better today.


  14. Hello winter! Are you gong to hit with the blast of low twenties temps that the mid south has forecast? If there was anything blooming before it is now gone!
    Have a good weekend and keep warm! Gail

    Gosh I hope not Gail! Of course anything below 60 is too cold for me, lol You got that right, however I actually have a few diehards in my garden that are refusing to leave at the moment. 🙂 Have a nice weekend & stay warm yourself.


  15. Aren’t mums just amazingly tough? I need some more of those in my garden 🙂 I love your fountain grass. So pretty even at this time of year!

    I keep forgetting their fortitude Amy! I’m so glad my grandmother gave me the two plants I have this year. Thanks, purple fountain grass is a real fave of mine, it’s only an annual here but grows very quickly each season!


  16. I like the quiet gardens of winter. I like how the scenery is monochromatic. Love your hydrangea and the mums too.

    Me too Anna, they have a peacefulness that you don’t get in the hectic summer months. Thanks! 🙂


  17. Posted by Sandy on November 21, 2008 at 4:30 pm

    Hey, our weather just turned really cold this week, and we are a lot further north. Guess I should stop complaining. Won’t the fountain grass stay through the winter, if it doesn’ get crushed?

    You are lucky Sandy if your weather just turned cold this week. It is unusual for us to be this cold already in November but it’s been an odd year overall. It should stay but gradually turn tan and then completely decompose before spring. It’s not hardy here, so it won’t come back from the roots like most grasses. I’ve grown them for years & never had one overwinter here.


  18. I suppose it is getting to late fall now isn’t it. First thing I did for my chores was to make sure my water barrel was empty and pull anything out of the ground I didn’t want stuck until spring…last year I forgot a solar charger for a light and it was frozen into the ground. It’s great to see some last hardy flowers to end the season!

    Yep late fall early winter is here. That was a good idea, I’ve had that happen to me too. I didn’t think about my waterbarrels. I might need to drain them. I pulled in all my accessories and stored them for the winter so they wouldn’t get damaged. The faded blooms really end the season nicely but I still have a few surprise blooms that just won’t give up.


  19. Mums will guarantee us that last little bit of color in the garden. Time to rest indeed 🙂

    Yep the last new blooms of the season. I’m ready for the break. 🙂


  20. This morning was the first time this season I could tell some of my plants are biting the proverbial dust. So sad…

    Don’t be sad Brenda. When this season ends we’ll be experiencing another spring! Something to look forward to.


  21. This has been the coldest couple of days this year here in North Texas. Brenda is a bit to the east and probably a little colder. Most things are still alive, except the tomatoes.

    That’s what I’m seeing Deb, you guys should be a bit warmer than my area. Well Tomatoes are usually the first to go when it comes to cold. 😉


  22. Ie wouldn’t be soooo bad had the temps gradually declined. Oh well, at least with winter coming we can now look forward to the holidays. Your mum is still beautiful and is defying the winter!

    Yeah, but the weather never that simple. And then we can look forward to spring too! Thanks Beckie, I’m sure even the mum will give up eventually. But I’m grateful for now! 🙂


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