Making some progress!


While hubby started raking the abundance of leaves from round one (the trees are still full) into piles, I finally got those bulbs planted that I got for 50% off last week!   Pssst…would someone please explain to my DH that once the temp drops to 40 degrees it’s time for pants!  Well at least he’s wearing a sweatshirt, lol Don’t worry he’ll stop once it gets down to 30!  Brrrr……….


I planted the yellow daffodils with the magenta colored hyancinths in the waterfall garden.  That should be a striking combo next spring.  I’ve been working on that FallChecklist for the past couple of days since the weather finally cleared up.   It’s nice to be able to get out to the garden and accomplish some necessary tasks.  This will make my spring cleanup a little easier since I won’t be playing catchup.  It’s hard at this time of the year when the temperature takes a nosedive to motivate myself to work in the yard.  Somehow it is too tempting to stay inside curled up on the couch with a good book & a cup of hot cocoa.  But here is what I’ve completed so far:

  • Harvest what’s left of my lettuce from the Salad Bowl Container
  • Transplant Alliums that are sprouting under bench in Arbor Garden
  • Cut back Peony, Asiatic Lily, and Liatris foliage after first hard frost
  • Put some of these leaves in the compost bins
  • Weeding of front foundation beds
  • Topdress Rose Garden with compost
  • Clean out Grandma’s garden bed
  • Clean & store garden art
  • Collect seed from perennials & annuals 
  • Clean & store garden tools for the winter
  • Finish planting fall bulbs ( a new addition this week)
  • Mulch beds with shredded leaves (in progress)
  • Clean & store fountain pumps (still needs done)
  • Mow the grass until first hard frost (which could be this week)
  • Shred and rake leaves that are in backyard  (first round done)
  • Keep birdbaths clean w/fresh water  (ongoing thru the winter)
  • Keep birdfeeders filled with fresh seed (ongoing thru the winter)
  • Continue to turn compost in bins weekly  (ongoing thru the winter)
Today the weather is calling for scattered snow showers!   Not that it should stick, our ground is still quite warm since we’ve only had one light freeze this fall.  It’s a good thing I got so much done yesterday.

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  1. I/2 price bulbs?? Where? No wait a minute, I don’t want to know. I’m not sure I could get the kids back over to help me plant bulbs again. 🙂 Your list is impressive. Mine gas been sadly neglected and I will have to do the catch up thing next spring.

    In case you change your mind, I got them at Lowes. lol I’m sure you could always sweettalk them with another fine dinner. 😉 Thanks Beckie, I did that last fall and made for tons of prep work this past spring. I figured I wouldn’t procrastinate this year. 🙂


  2. Daffodils with magenta colored hyacinths sounds stunning! How did you think up such a beautiful combo?!

    It was a last minute impulsive combo on my part Fern. I just love yellow with any shade of purple. You can never go wrong. 🙂


  3. I love your list, I have actually never done a to-do-list but it’s a good idea and it must feel like a great achivement to tick thing off. / TYRA’S GARDEN

    Thanks Tyra. I love lists, they keep me organized and on task.


  4. You are really coming along with that list. You really take advantage of all those nice days.

    Have to take advantage of them while I can, they are going to be few & far between soon. 🙂


  5. You’ve done well and deserve that cup of cocoa! It has really gotten cold there, I didn’t realize that. It’s so nice to get something in the ground and not have to think about it until spring. I will plant my bulbs right after Thanksgiving. Other than leaves…ugh…that will be about it for me until spring. Sigh…. : )

    Thanks Linda, I gave myself permission & had 3 today! 😉 It was really chilly here today, no gardening I’m afraid, too much other stuff. It is nice to get them in the ground & forget about them until spring. Then I get all those nice surprises I forgot about. lol Sounds like we will have the same task (leaves) until sometime in December before the trees are all bare.


  6. Your spring photos will definitely be captivating! Must be a feel-good thing to see the list of chores coming down.

    Thanks Kanak, I’m looking forward to Spring! It does feel good knowing I’m accomplishing something at this time of the year.


  7. You are over half way done! Good job! The spring colors sound delightful. We are supposed to have a hard freeze here tonight and tomorrow night, in the mid 20’s for 6 to 9 hours, I am not looking forward to that. It’s more like January weather than November weather here. I’ll be covering recently planted flowers…again.

    I know, isn’t it great! 🙂 Thanks! It is getting pretty chilly here, but no signs of a hard frost yet, it’s coming though. I can feel it. They temps keep dropping.


  8. Take one step at a time and it all works out. At least that is my mantra-and I am a bit behind but it is getting there:) Great you got so much checked off!

    Thanks Tina, patience isn’t one of my virtues! lol But I am pleased with the progress I made on my list! You have a great mantra, I should take that advice.


  9. Racquel — your organization is just amazing!

    My husband is still wearing his running shorts for his morning jog. I switched over to long running pants (but, I walk) two days ago.


    Thanks Cameron, it is one of my good traits. 😉 I guess it’s a man thing then, I don’t get it. I’m slapping on the layers! 🙂


  10. You’ve scratches half of your chores off the list, that is fantastic. I hear you about the leaves still being on the trees! The leaves in my mid south garden will continue to fall through December! Leaf season is long….we mulch forever, it seems. Come this spring…your garden will be beautiful with flowering bulbs!

    Thanks Gail, I feel a sense of accomplishment now! Same here with the leaves. Our city collects loose leaves from the curb through December. I try to use as much of mine as possible. From your mouth to my garden! 🙂


  11. Glad to see you are getting much scratched off your list. Don’t you love seeing progress made? But I don’t know about being outside, that cup of cocoa and a warm place to relax sounds awfully inviting.

    Can’t wait to see how your spring bulbs look. Sounds great!

    Me too Susie, me too! 🙂 I love knowing I’m completing tasks I set out for myself. It’s a great sense of satisfaction. I had 3 cups of hot cocoa today! 😉 I’m looking forward to the spring too, can’t wait to see all that color!


  12. Good morning Racquel, great progress on your list! I have a mental list, and planting bulbs somehow always ends up at the bottom of the list and doesn’t seem to get done. I’m sure I’ll be sorry again in the spring!

    Good evening Linda. Thanks I feel like I got alot done yesterday. Today it was too windy & cold so I curled up with some hot cocoa! I hope you get to those bulbs, they’ll be worth the trouble come spring! 🙂


  13. Hee hee on your hubby & the shorts. I kind of side with him tho ~ I wear them way past anyone else around me. I guess it’s in defiance of the season, or summers last stand, something along those lines. Gotta love all those lines crossed thru your list. I wish mine was that far along. Good job Racquel.

    I know Kathleen, lol. The man is crazy! 😉 When we lived in base housing (in the military) the other wives use to give me a hard time about letting him dress like that. I told them he’s a grown man! lol I get cold easily so when it drops below 70 I’m wearing jeans & sweatshirts! Thanks, it was worth the two days of steady work! I enjoyed my hot cocoa today. 🙂


  14. Wow, that’s a lot of work to finish. I guess I’m a little bit like your hubby, temps were in the 20’s last week and I was still wearing my sandals. To be fair I did wear socks with them so I don’t know that I was acting completely insane. I wear shorts when it’s in the 40’s AFTER winter but it feels too cold this time of year. Funny how just a few months’ seperation can help the same temp feel so different.

    Thanks Cinj. Not me, once it gets below 70 degrees, out come the pants & longsleeves. No more sandals either. 😉 I like warmer temps within reason of course. Anything above 80 is just ridiculous! lol


  15. I envy your half completed to do list. I made a list and then lost it. Pretty typical around here. Your husband in shorts out in the cold is a riot. Do his knees turn blue?

    Thanks Deb, that was the great part about doing as a post, I couldn’t lose it! lol Nope, he is a warm blooded person which works on to my benefit because I can steal all the covers at night & he doesn’t care. 😉


  16. Racquel, I admire you for all your ambition. I started raking some leaves today, but I wasn’t properly dressed and it didn’t take long before I got too chilled to continue. But I was wearing long pants:) I’m hoping a little heat wave will hit us before December so that I can get that job finished. Otherwise, everything is done that’s going to get done! Magenta hyacinths and yellow daffodils sound like a great combination!

    Thanks Rose! 🙂 It is hard to do yardwork when it is so cold outside that’s for sure. Proper attire makes the job bearable. Unless you are my hubby who is thick-skinned & obviously doesn’t feel the cold air! lol You never know, we’ve had beautiful 70 degree Christmas Day weather here in VA so anything is possible. I can’t wait to see if my combo turns out good next spring!


  17. I like your list. I am not able to turn my compost in the winter, though, well, I’ve never tried. I like the pics, and my sil is one of those people who will wear shorts and a sweatshirt. Silly people!

    Thanks Sue. I try to keep the compost turned over the winter months. Once it is pretty much decomposed I leave it be. Shorts & a sweatshirt are a odd combination to me. It’s like your top half is cold but your bottom half isn’t? lol


  18. More than half done…I’d just call it done then! I guess crossing things off a list can feel good though.


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