A break in the weather

We’ve had rain for days here in Virginia and I haven’t been able to work in the garden.  I even had to take pictures for bloom day between the showers.  Sunday it was in the upper 50’s and sunny so I took the opportunity to get some stuff done in the garden.  I was finally able to check some stuff off my FallChecklist.  The birdfeeders were filled with fresh seed which made them happy.  Then I had to dump the leaves and rainwater out of the birdbaths.  They needed to be cleaned good & filled with fresh water.    With the ground being moist I weeded the front beds and they look better.  The Peony, Liatris, Solomon’s Seal and Daylilly foliage was trimmed back to the ground.   Along with some leaves, all this was put in the compost bin.  My yard is soggy at the moment so raking leaves and mowing grass will be saved for another day.  Of course,  I still need to plant those bulbs too.  Hopefully tomorrow the soil isn’t so muddy and I can get them in the ground.  Another thing I just about completed was collecting seed from some of the perennials in the garden.

The only thing from the pictures above I didn’t harvest yet is the Lobelia ‘Fan Scarlett’.  But the seed heads are interesting don’t you think?  Maybe when they are dry I’ll try to keep some seed to see if they can be propagated easily.  I’ve never grown Lobelia from seed so who knows what I will end up with.  Hopefully everyone else had a nice weekend.  What tasks were you able to complete in your garden yesterday?


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  1. I trimmed back my Lobelia, but I crumbled the seed heads all around the plant, in hopes they would germinate in the spring. We’ll see! I save my Angelonia seeds too, for the first time. Have you grown them from seed?

    Maybe we’ll both be in for some nice surprises next spring Kylee! I’ve never grown Angelina from seed so we’ll see. Annuals usually germinate quickly so I sprinkled some in the area they were growing just for good measure.


  2. I really enjoyed saving seeds from my plants this year. I wish I knew something about propagating Lobelia from seed, but I’m sorry to say that I don’t have anything useful to pass along. Good luck!!!

    Thanks Fern, that’s okay. Trial & error can be a fun experiment when it comes to seed saving and propagation! 🙂


  3. Saturday was brrrrr cold and windy here, so I didn’t accomplish much, but will be posting about Sunday. The pansies are in the ground! 🙂

    Can’t wait to see what you got done Sunday. Yay pansies! 🙂


  4. We got fresh dirt. Hubby takes his back hoe and goes in the back of the property where the soil is dark and rich, he brings it up and we just have to pull out the sticks. I love that tractor! Need to dead head somethings today and spread the dirt. I love gathering seeds to.

    That dirt looked really rich & brown! Must be nice to have a tractor to do all that heavy work in the garden. Sounds like you’ve been busy too! 🙂


  5. Racquel you will be impressed with my accomplishments from yesterday. I got some marigolds and mums watered that are sitting in pots and ate some arugula out of my lettuce pot. Yeah I worked hard! lol) We had too much to do yesterday that I didn’t get any work done. Saturday I spent half my day at the gym watching basketball games. So yard work? Another day, another time.

    You were a hardworking woman this weekend, lol. It happens Susie, sometimes you have other things going on. I’m just taking advantage of the sunshine while I can. 🙂


  6. I was planting bulbs and mulching leaves this weekend with snow flurries coating my hair and freezing winds numbing my fingers.

    Brrrr…been there done that before Marnie! At least that task is done for the winter! 🙂


  7. I’m really enjoying seed collecting. With 3 years here now, I finally have seeds! My angelonia serena lavender mist are just now forming pods in the cottage garden. I collected a few yesterday. I’m leaving those in the ground until I can collect more. My daylilies are just now starting to yellow. It was in the 20s this morning, so I’ll have some clean up to do in few days. – Cameron

    Me too Cameron. Some years I remember to save seed & others I forget. 🙂 I’m leaving my Angelonia in the ground too because most of it is still blooming. I mulched around it really well with shredded leaves to see if maybe it would survive the winter or at least reseed. I just hope the weather holds so I can get more stuff done. 🙂 Looks like you got things under control in your garden!


  8. I love you asking questions. I really do. Looks like you got a lot accomplished. I am currently digging in HUGE concrete chunks to the lawn to make a path. The displaced dirt then goes to backfill gardens that I just lined with stone, all the while planting bulbs here. I also managed to get most of the pansies planted. I am tired and sick too. I have about 10 more chunks and about that many wheelbarrows full of dirt before I can rest. Then I have to rake. Sorry you asked now huh?:) Yes, fall is MY time in the garden. Which reminds me I really need to get off the garden. ttyl

    lol, Tina. Nope not sorry I asked. It’s interesting to see what other’s are getting done or doing in their garden this time of the year. You have some heavy work going on right now, don’t envy you! 🙂 Have fun in the garden today! 🙂


  9. Hi Racquel- I’m not doing much in my garden these days, just pulling up plants and getting the soil ready for next year.

    Hi DP, that prep work will pay off next spring when you start planting seeds & transplants!


  10. Hi Racquel. Glad you had a break in the rain to get back out in the garden. I’ve started seeds from perennial lobelias before, they are so tiny! It took awhile before the seedlings grew to an easy handling size (at least for me). I think I had to get them going in Feb to have them be a nice planting size by May? If you have a greenhouse or grow lights, they might do better. I was starting them in trays in front of my patio doors. Hope that helps!

    Hey Kathleen, thanks I’m glad I finally got a break from the weather too. I get a little stir crazy being cooped up in the house at this time of the year. Thanks for the info about the Lobelia. I will have to give them a try. 🙂


  11. Hi Racquel,
    I don’t usually collect the seeds of my perennials but it sounds like a nice idea. The only ones I’ve saved so far are my day lilies…but haven’t decided what to do with those yet. I’ve had those in a plastic bag for a couple of months now! I’m in No. VA so our weather is probably similar…you are a bit south of me. I used to live down your way so I know that area fairly well. Take care, Jan

    Hi Jan, I’ve collected sporatically over the years. I normally just let them self seed themselves the majority of the time. I usually just divide my daylillies to increase them, I’ve never saved seed from them. We are zone 7b and it can be quite mild here in the winter most of the time. Plus I have micro climates in my yard where things like Cannas, Dahlias & Calla Lillies are hardy. I don’t even dig them up. Thanks for stopping today. Glad to meet another Virginia blogger! 🙂


  12. Well I am just glad that I filled all my containers with leaves and fresh soil on top Saturday morning, one container is being used for compost. This morning I woke up to our first snow of the season, Lake Affect snow is predicted for all this week 🙂

    Yep looks like you did that just in the nick of time what with the snow you got. Looks like your winter came charging in with a blast! 🙂


  13. The rain can sure make the gardens difficult to work! We walked in one of our favorite parks and I raked a few leaves off the paths and into the beds! Then I took dozens of photos to help me orient where I want to plant new shrubs and perennials! Thank you for asking!

    Yep they were beyond difficult, just muddy & messy! 🙂 I do the same thing with my leaves, they make a nice blanket for the beds over the winter. Tucks everything is nicely. Great time to think about new plants & shrubs. You are welcome! 😉


  14. thanks for looking at the Amaranthus, or Chinese Spinach it’s supposed to be edible…..mmmmmmm, don’t know about that though. I just finished spreading that pile of dirt my husband brought around for me. My husband is right, a shovel is a sweat stick!

    Hmm…that is interesting that is suppose to be edible Darla. I would of never thought. Spreading new soil is a hard task. Your hubby is right!


  15. Hi Racquel, your seeds will be so fun. You were able to get a lot done with that moist soil. Don’t you love when it gets like that after the summer concrete. That is what ours turns to anyway. I like to divide the heucheras now, it seems the best time for them to grow new roots and get established. And we don’t have to water!

    Hey Frances, thanks it was fun collecting them. Luckily the newly composted beds hold the moisture but drain well too. The soil is wonderful after that hard as a rock stuff in August! That sounds like a good idea, I normally divided mine in the spring when the new foliage starts emerging. That is the best thing about this time of the year & spring – no watering! I hate dragging hoses or lugging watering cans, not my favorite garden task.


  16. The seed heads give some nice interest late in the season. Glad you got a break to get some things done…We finally finished cleaning up the yard for the fall with our own break in the weather.

    That they do Chris. They look pretty interesting with snow on them too. It was nice to get a break from the rain, there is such thing as too much! Glad you were able to get some yard cleanup done too. You’ve been lucky with your weather so far this fall.


  17. Wow! A job well done, Racquel. I have never (hardly ever) collected seeds and am most impressed. You’ve made my heart palpitate, knowing there is still much to do in my garden and snow is on the way. (Didn’t even complete fall clean-up at the lake over the weekend … I’m never going to get to sleep tonight 🙂

    Thanks Joey. I was feeling alittle overwhelmed myself there for a bit with this nonstop rain & no time to get out in the garden. Sorry to cause you a sleepless night. 🙂


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