November Blooms (GBBD)

When I went out to the garden yesterday to take pictures I was quite surprised at how much was still blooming in my garden mid November.  So I decided with so many I would put together a slide-show presentation for you today.   There are a few new surprises like the creeping phlox which is unexpected since it blooms in the spring.  And Jethro Tull Coreopsis that had stopped blooming in August is pushing out a few random flowers too.  For more Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day posts or to join in on the fun please visit maydreamsgardens.  Thank you Carol for hosting this event each month.


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  1. What a great way to showcase your blooms! I see you grew ‘Wild Thing’ this year. How did you like it? Did you grow it from seed? You’ve got many lovely blooms!!

    Thanks Kylee! Yep I picked up ‘Wild Thing’ this past Sept as a plant. It’s been great so far. I was really impressed that it started blooming this year already. I wasn’t expecting any until next season.


  2. Beautiful blooms…and very nicely presented!

    Thank you Nancy. I’m glad you enjoyed the slideshow!


  3. I love your slideshows, Racquel. And there are so mny pretty blooms! I thought the mums, dianthus and lobelias were looking extra special!!

    Thanks Kanak. I’m glad you enjoyed my blooms today. Our weather has been wet but mild this fall so things are lingering or reblooming.


  4. Hi Racquel, I loved your slideshow and boy you have a lot still blooming. I liked that the show played without me having to click on anything too, Just lazy here. We have some out of season bloomers like the little phlox among others. They do make us smile, even in November! -Frances

    Hi Frances, I’m glad you enjoyed the slideshow of blooms today. I think everyone liked the automatic feature of it. 🙂 We’ve been lucky with a mild but wet fall so things are lingering or reblooming out of season. I like the unexpected too.


  5. Yesterday when I was walking, I noticed that the rose bushes on the corner of my street are still blooming. With snow expected in our forecasts, I imagine this will be the last bloom I see 🙂 Your slideshows are great!

    I promise to keep sharing my blooms (if I have any) with you Mom. 🙂 Thanks!


  6. Nice slide show Racquel. You have quite a few blooms still showing off. My garden is pretty quite for now. I still have some marigolds that look good and the Mexican bush sage is looking good too. Thanks for sharing your blooms.

    Thank you Susie! Yep the weather has kept alot going strong in my garden this fall. You are quite welcome!


  7. I see you found time between rain showers to take some pictures. This morning we are having lots more rain, but this time with thunder and lightening. I wish we could have gotten some of this in August. The slide show is a great way to showcase your blooms.

    Yeah I caught a break in the weather to snap some quick shots for Bloom Day. We got the storms very early this morning and the power must of flickered because everything was blinking when I got up. It definitely would of been nice to have this moisture in August when everything was looking bleak & tired. Thanks Les, glad you enjoyed the slideshow presentation!


  8. You really do still have a lot in bloom! Mid-November and we still have flowers. Long growing season this year. I also like how you showcased your blooms with the slideshow. Very efficient and easy for viewing. -Cameron

    Thanks Cameron. I’ve been lucky with the weather this fall, therefore things are lingering in the garden. It has been a very long growing season this year & I feel quite blessed! I’m glad you enjoyed my slideshow presentation of blooms today! 🙂


  9. Boy, you sure have a heck of a lot more blooming there than I do. My mums were gobbled up by some creature or other so the only fully blooming plant I’ve got is a pansy. Thanks for sharing your beautiful garden with us!

    You are quite welcome Cinj. I’m glad that I could share my blooms today with you. Our weather has been quite mild this fall with only one light frost so far.


  10. Your mystery Clematis is so pretty! I wish I could id it for you, but it’s hard to tell the color. It looks like you’ve been getting a lot of rain, but everything still looks so green & fresh.

    Thanks MMD, it was suppose to be ‘Snow Queen’ but was mislabeled. I wish you could too, I’ve looking all over the web but haven’t found anything exactly like it. The color is a light lavender with a light purple stripe. We’ve had tons of rain, it’s been raining on & off for days now.


  11. Very nice presentation!!

    Thank you Darla! 🙂


  12. Hasn’t this been the best fall! The slide show is a perfect way to showcase blooms…Are any of your roses fragrant? I was thinking Peace might be? Have a good day! -gail

    This has been the mildest fall ever Gail. The blooms are lingering & reblooming since the weather has been so nice so far. Their all fragrant, even the Knockout has a slight scent. Have a good evening!


  13. I like that slideshow with all the names marked on it. Great way to showcase blooms. Your White Swan looks very happy.

    Thanks Tina, it was fun putting it together for Bloom Day. I’m quite pleased with “White Swan”, it has been doing well.


  14. Your slide show is fantastic Racquel! You are really a talented blogger-not to mention a talented gardener! You have so many blooms left. Love that the coreopsis is blooming again. Some of the plants look wet, is it still raining there? Happy Bloom Day–have a great weekend!

    Thanks Linda! The slideshow is really easy if you want to try it out, just go to Yep, it has been raining on & off for days now. I need sunshine soon! 🙂 Happy Bloom Day!


  15. Very cool Racquel to do the slide show. I have yet to learn how to do such things. It wouldn’t work as well for my November blooms as yours tho because it wouldn’t be much of a show!! It’s great you have so much blooming in your garden at this late date.

    Thanks Kathleen. It’s actually not too hard, just go to and it walks you through the process. Our weather has been quite mild so far this fall which has allowed more things to linger & rebloom. 🙂


  16. Racquel, great slide show. You do still have a lot blooming in your garden. I think blogging has really helped me look for something nearly every day because I need something to write about.~~Dee

    Thanks Dee. I’m much more observant since I started blogging too. 🙂


  17. Loved the soft coloured mums – very pretty. And ditto from me on the slideshow.

    Thank you Barbarpc! I’m glad you enjoyed the mums & slideshow.


  18. What a nice slideshow. I like not having to click or anything…just sit here and be entertained.

    Thanks Balisha. Glad you enjoyed it!


  19. I love the contrast of the vibrant blooms to the fallen brown leaves. Great images of November.

    Thanks Sarah. The leaves did add another layer of interest. 🙂


  20. You do have a lot blooming, Racquel! I like the photo album effect of your slideshow.

    Thanks Rose, we’ve been blessed with a mild fall so far. It won’t be much longer & everything will be dormant for a few months.


  21. Hi, Racquel–It’s amazing how much is still in bloom–your roses are lovely. I love the shots of the leaves everywhere–I have to go out everyday and pull them off the flowers. Hope you enjoy the sunshine today.

    Hey Cosmos! Yep this fall has been kind to us, we’ve had a long season of bloom this year. Thanks, it does look interesting with the summer like blooms peaking out from the fallen leaves. 🙂 I am enjoying some sun for a change!


  22. I had fun holding my 10 month old grandson, watching your slideshow. Nice show! I liked the little delay in the flower names, and would tell him what they were just before then names came on. I don’t know if I impressed him or not. LOL

    Glad my post was fun & educational for your grandson Sue! 🙂 You never know, he might be a future gardener!


  23. aren’t these slideshows fun to make. not so fun to download though. sometimes i have to find alternate ways to make it appear in my blog.

    thanks for sharing your blooms, at this time of year it is always interesting to see what is still going on in gardens around the states.

    They are pretty fun to make Marmee. I like playing around with the styles/skins each time, lol They are pretty easy for wordpress. Not as much HTML code involved. You are quite welcome. I agree, I enjoy seeing what others are growing during different months too. 🙂


  24. Loved the lantana ‘Miss Huff’. Enjoyed the slide show!

    Thank you Curmudgeon! I’m glad you enjoyed the slideshow & Miss Huff. She is a new addition this year.


  25. Hi Racquel! The slide show was a fun way to see the pictures, and the pictures themselves were great. Such a nice garden!

    Hi Anne, I’m glad you enjoyed the slideshow of my blooms. Thanks for stopping by!


  26. Hi Racquel, very nice slide show! You have so many beautiful blooms still in your garden!

    Hi Linda, I’m happy you enjoyed my slideshow of blooms! Thanks! 🙂


  27. Hi! I am reading this from blogspot! I just figured out about the messages, and replied to the one you sent me. What fun! Just when I thought I was going to make myself spend less time on the computer, here is some more fun to participate in! Well I bought some more jeans at a thrift store today, so I won’t have to do laundry as often. LOL


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