More spring bulbs and an award!


Here I thought I was all done with my spring bulb planting for the year.  But I went to Lowe’s yesterday with Hubby to get some stuff and they had their leftover bulbs for 50% off!  Who was I to resist a bargain sale like that and the selection was pretty good.  I bought more blue Dutch Iris, Purple Sensation Allium, Multibulbosom Allium and large yellow Daffodils (labeled California).  In addition I couldn’t pass up yellow Ranunculus and these magenta Hyancinths.  Our ground hasn’t froze yet so I still have time to get them in the ground before winter sets in.  Looks like I will have a spectacular spring to look forward to over the next few months! 


Linda from meadowviewthymes presented me with this award.   Thank you so much Linda for thinking of me and for your friendship over the past five months since I joined Blotanical.   The garden blogging community has been generous and I’ve enjoyed getting to know so many wonderful gardeners. 

UBER” is an acronym for ‘U’ve Been Excellently Rewarded’. UBER is a synonym of Super. The ‘UBER amazing Blog Award’ is given to sites that:
1. inspire you
2. make you smile and laugh
3. or maybe give amazing information
4. a great read
5. has an amazing design
6. and any other reasons you can think of that makes them UBER amazing!

I know there are quite a few bloggers who don’t participate in the awards so I’m going to pass it on to a few who might , no strings attached.   Here are just a handful of gardeners that inspire me:

Kathleen from kaseyskorner.  who inspires me with her creative container plantings and crafts 

Karen from greenwalks. who makes me think outside the box with her sidewalk gardens. 

Cindy from walkdownthegardenpath.   who makes me smile with her sweet comments & her cute little garden helper.

Joy from gardenjoy4me who makes me laugh with her comical comments & humorous posts.

Cameron from definingyourhomegarden who is a wealth of information about plants and gardening.


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  1. Love the bulbs you picked out, Spring will be so lovely in your yard. I am so happy you are enjoying garden blogging.


    Thanks Mom, I promise to share my glorious spring with you. I am enjoying it and thanks for encouraging me to take the first step. 🙂


  2. I don’t know what to congratulate you on more the great buy on the bulbs or the award! I planted some Purple Sensation Allium for the sprng too, have never had these I hope they show well. I have Daffadils stuck all over, can’t hardly wait, some February Bloomers too.

    Thanks Darla! I am pretty pleased with both, but I can’t tell you how much I love a great bargain! I’ve never planted Purple Sensation either so I am really excited to see how they turn out. Daffodils & Crocus are my earliest bloomers so I look forward to them each spring because I know that it is the first sign of life in the garden.


  3. You are so sweet for choosing me, I am so honored. I know you won’t be upset when I say I don’t participate in awards and such, but you gave me a big smile this morning. I am so happy I can share Lillian’s antics with you ~ she is my joy. And with that great bulb find, it looks like you’re going to be busy today!

    You are quite welcome Cindy & don’t sweat it. I meant no strings attached. 🙂 It is fun for me to share in your daughter’s antics too, my boys are almost grown. I hope to get out there if the weather clears a bit, it’s really dreary & wet.


  4. You are so deserving of this award! I am very happy to have found such a good blogging buddy!
    I love to find bulbs on sale this time of year. I am going this weekend to see what I find.
    Have a great weekend!

    Thank you Linda. You are so sweet & I am glad I found a great blogging buddy too. 🙂 I hope you find some great bargains while shopping for bulbs. This is a great time of the year & my ground is still workable too. Have a wonderful weekend yourself!


  5. PG .. I was having just a quick look here (still trying to sort myself out a bit) .. and I saw your post .. I wanted to comment on how I would have done the same thing .. not being able to resist ‘Bulbs O’Bargain’ .. as they ? say resistance is futile .. so true in our cases eh ? .. the funny side is we here in Kingston can’t wait to have a Lowes store (while on a golf trip South Carolina, hubby found my beautiful gazing ball and stand at a Lowes which he said the store was awesome !) .. long, long, long, story short is .. on their first application to build here in Kingston they were DENIED .. which made a lot of people GROAN .. but they are going to try again in another location and we have our fingers crossed for them .. we WANT them here !!
    Wow .. I really dragged this out didn’t I ? haha
    Congratulations on the award : )
    Hey .. you are such a sweetie thinking of me thank you .. enjoy planting those bulbs girl, I’m standing right behind you commenting on what a good job you are doing for the both of us ? haha

    I knew you would understand about temptation when it came to all things gardening Joy! lol Temptation is a hard thing to overcome for me when it comes to plants or bulbs. The price was just so great who was I to pass it up. I would of been kicking myself later. 🙂 I hope that you get a Lowe’s built near you soon, they are a great source for gardening supplies & plants. Plus my hubby loves the tools & hardware section. 😉 Something for everyone I guess. lol You are quite welcome, I’m glad I could pass on a well deserved award to you Joy. You inspire me daily with your posts & your enthusiasm toward all things gardening! Take care.


  6. Wow! More bulb planting just when you think you are done. Gotta love it and the husband for buying them all for you! Congrats on your award. Linda is a real sweet blogging friend for sure! And so are you!

    Yep a gardener’s work is never done, lol. They were a bargain and well worth the small amount oof effort it will take to get them in the ground before winter. My hubby never denies me my passion for plants or anything else gardening related. He’s a sweetie! Thanks for the congrats, and I appreciate the compliment. You are a great blogging buddy too! Linda is a wonderful & generous soul!


  7. Must go to Lowes and the other big box stores to see what is on sale! Thanks…for the reminder! I think;-) Gail

    Yes you must Gail! lol Glad I could be a good influence. 🙂


  8. What a deal on those bulbs. Wish we could grow ranunculus here but it just hates this environment, too bad! Your spring beds are going to look great!

    Thanks Susie. They were a bargain at 50% off, who was I to resist! lol I’ve never grown Ranunculus but my neighbor does and it seems to be hardy in her garden so it’s worth a try. For $3.00 I have nothing to lose! 🙂


  9. Thanks Racquel,

    Now you’ve given me the urge to check and see if our local Lowe’s has the same bargain, which means I’ll spend more money…;)

    You are quite welcome Dave, glad I could urge you to spend more money. lol You know you can’t resist a bargain, most gardeners I know can’t! 🙂


  10. Hi Racquel,
    More bulbs….can’t wait to see the results in your garden. I found a few the other day, but haven’t had a chance to plant them. I hope that my ground is still workable.
    Congrats on the award. You always have such interesting things to read and look at. I have learned so much from you.

    Hi Balisha, I know I can’t believe it myself. But I’m looking forward to next spring & seeing the results of my bulbomania this fall. 😉 I hope you have a chance to get yours in the ground too. Thanks so much, I’m glad my blog is informational & helpful to you. I’m glad you enjoy it too! 🙂


  11. You have a nice selection of bulbs. I have some yet to plant. Hoping for better weather next week (crossing fingers). I bought several allium too. I’m excited to see what they look like next season.

    Thanks Marnie, I was pleased with the selection I found. We’ve been having some rainy weather here in VA so hopefully it clears up a bit so I can get out there & do some work. Hope the same for you too! You will love the Alliums, I have several varieties and they are fabulous!


  12. What a great find you have there! I was eyeing up some bulbs on the clearance rack the other day but I didn’t dare buy any yet. I need to save some room for the herbs I want to grow and I tend to go a bit overboard when I get into snatching up a good deal.

    Thanks Cinj! I think I made out like fin! 😉 I know what you mean, sometimes I go overboard too. lol But in the end I’m happy with the choices I made this year. Look forward to see your herbs that you plan on growing!


  13. Good bulb haul, there! I’d best stay away from Lowe’s! My alliums and Dutch iris are already sprouting up! Thanks for the award mention, you’re very kind. I’m one of those who doesn’t carry these forward and I extend my deepest apologies. (I’m syndicated and once the stories are off my blog and out in newspapers, the context around awards gets lost.) I really look forward to seeing your awesome spring display next year! -Cameron

    Thanks Cameron! I’m pleased with the bulbs and they were a bargain. My alliums & miniature daffodils are sprouting too. You are quite welcome & that is okay about not carrying it forward. I said no strings attached. Just know that your blog inspires me! I promise to share my spring display with everyone! I look forward to it too. 🙂


  14. Oh dear, I’d better stay out of Lowe’s. Those bulbs are just hard to resist, aren’t they? I’m done with bulb planting, but there is a backorder of 10 bulbs I haven’t received yet…and it’s supposed to snow tomorrow! I may have to try some forcing of bulbs this winter.

    Congratulations on your award, Racquel–much deserved!

    Yep they are quite the temptation Rose. But well worth the savings & I can tuck them in amongst my perennials. It’s nice to extend the season of bloom. I look forward to seeing how your winter forcing of bulbs goes. I’ve never tried it. Thanks Rose!


  15. I was just at my Lowes yesterday Racquel and they have their bulbs 50% off also but the selection is not at all like what you found! No alliums in sight or I would have bought some of those for sure! It was standard daffodils & an assortment of tulips, that’s it. Great deals tho and you’re the one who can get them planted!! Congrats on the award!! It’s always a pleasure to know other people enjoy reading about what you’re doing and your garden, isn’t it? You’re so kind to pass it to me!!!! Thank you. I’m glad you find inspiration on my blog as I do on yours! 🙂

    I guess I got lucky Kathleen. They had tulips too, but I don’t bother with them because our winters just aren’t cold enough to make them worth the bother. They were so cheap it was worth it and I know I can find some places to tuck them in amongst all the perennials & shrubs. It is nice that other’s enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy reading about their gardens. You are quite welcome & quite deserving!


  16. oh how fun, looks like you are going to be one busy girl in the garden.
    have a wonderful weekend and don’t get to sore.

    Yep, hopefully it stops raining soon so I can get busy. I went out & did some weeding this morning. Perfect weather to make pulling weeds easier. 🙂 Thanks Marmee, have a great weekend yourself!


  17. Congrats on your award. I hope you have great gardening year next year. Those will be some beautiful flowers.

    Thanks DP! I hope I have a great spring too. With all the bulbs I planted it looks quite hopeful.


  18. I knew the prices of bulbs went to half price sometime in Nov.
    Now I’ll have to look again.
    Congrats on the award !!
    Have a great weekend.

    Glad I could be of help Patsi! I hope you find some in your area too. Thanks. Have a great weekend yourself. 🙂


  19. How lucky! I was just in Home Depot today looking for deals, and they didn’t have the bulbs marked down at all. Guess I should try Lowes.

    I prefer Lowe’s to Home Depot for plants. It use to be vice versa but Lowe’s started taking better care of their garden section in the past couple of years. Thanks Brenda!


  20. Can’t wait to see your spring photos! I HATE planting spring bulbs yet rejoice each spring when they pop their fine noses up, knowing … a job well done. Your garden will be stunning!

    Thanks Joey. I don’t mind planting them, but am glad when the job is completed I must admit. It’s nice to have something nice to look forward to each spring.


  21. Congrats on the award and I think I’ll hit Lowes tomorrow too. Even though I know we are in for it with squirrels this year.

    Thanks Anna. The squirrels do seem extra pesky this year. They ate all my pecans from the tree except the few I managed to steal. Now they’ve moved on to the birdfeeders. If they start messing w/my bulbs they are gonna get it! lol


  22. Posted by greenwalks on November 16, 2008 at 8:27 pm

    Hey, congrats on the award and gee whiz, thanks for passing it along to me! I’m so flattered. 🙂 Good luck getting those bulbs planted and hope you have no critter problems. And if you do, I have to say the witches’ brew is working wonders so far… but I probably just jinxed it!


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