Such is the life


After a long hard day of chasing squirrels, digging in the compost pile and barking at the mailman….it’s good to get some zzzzzzz! 


What do you mean I need to move so you can use the printer?  I thought you put this here for me to lay on.


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  1. Aw, that first photo is the cutest ever! I’ve never seen a dog cuddling a teddy bear before 🙂

    Thanks Amy! I couldn’t resist slipping that under her paws, lol. 🙂


  2. CUTE! Sometimes a little cuddle and a nap are just what we need after a hard day’s work. My cat likes the printer too. Do you suppose it’s because it’s warm? Great post.

    Thanks Beckie! Spaz deserves her rest, she runs her little legs off all day long. lol That is an interesting suggestion about the printer. I never thought of that. He loves boxes & bags too. 🙂


  3. Sweet and brilliant, very cute / Tyra

    Thank you Tyra. 🙂


  4. A well-deserved rest for Spaz, I must say! Love the cat too!

    Yep she definitely earned this rest, lol. Thanks Kanak. I will let Mooch the cat know you loved his picture too. lol


  5. You know it’s really their house and they just let you live there.

    Isn’t that the truth Cindy! lol 🙂


  6. Too cute! I want to cuddle that puppy dog!! (And maybe kitty too!)

    Thanks Linda. They are pretty cute in these pictures. 🙂


  7. Awww-they are so happy with you!

    Yep, they got it pretty good Tina. 🙂


  8. Man do they have a rough life. Very cute.

    Yep my pets got it pretty hard, lol. Thanks Darla!


  9. Well Spaz definitely has the right idea! How cute! I forgot your kitty’s name but he’s cute too! They both look like their having a hard day! lol.

    She always finds the best spot in the house to take a nap! lol The cat’s name is Mooch. He showed up on my doorstep looking for a handout over a year ago, hence the name. 😉 They got it so hard Susie, you just don’t know. lol


  10. Adorable! 🙂

    Thanks Nancy! 🙂


  11. Do you think he’s trying to remember all the places where he hid bones?

    lol, good question Sunita. Either that or she is dreaming of chasing squirrels & rabbits! 🙂


  12. LOL, you absolutely need to get that cat a bigger printer. It isn’t big enough for him to stretch out and get comfy on;)

    I will make a note of that Marnie! lol He actually thinks he is smaller than he is, always getting into shoe boxes & gym bags. Silly cat! 🙂


  13. Aww….so cute! 🙂

    Our “gardening greyhound” has so many teddy bears and other stuffies that I can’t count them all. Charm doesn’t tear up anything. We have a big basket of toys for her (all soft), just like a toddler!


    Thanks Cameron! 🙂 Spaz is pretty good about not tearing her toys up too, but the beagle is another story. lol


  14. awww, what sweet photos. I agree with Marnie ~ your cat needs a bigger printer. 🙂 What we do for them! But it’s all worth it because life wouldn’t be the same without them.

    Thank you Kathleen. 🙂 He is a big cat, lol. Of course he doesn’t realize it. Nope, life just wouldn’t be the same without our pets. Such unconditional love they share with us.


  15. This looks familiar, Racquel! Our cat Toby loves to sleep on the computer printer, too; it must be because it’s warm. And every dog needs a cuddly stuffed animal to sleep with:)

    Just read yesterday’s post–I had some volunteer tomatoes spring up in an unlikely place, too, but then I realized I had spread compost over this area in the spring so no doubt that’s how they got there. Wish I had thought to dig them up and bring them inside like you did!

    That’s what someone else suggested too, I never even thought about that. 🙂 My dogs love their stuffed animals. I think the compost was the culprit, but it was a pleasant surprise! I figured it was worth a shot, had nothing to lose really.


  16. My computer area is always covered in ~fur~ as yours is!
    Don’t we just LoVe our furballs!
    BTW: I have posted MoRe of ~MONET’S garden!~

    Hi Anna, yep I love my furballs! 😉 The cat loves to sit up on the desk while I work on my blog. He wants to be the center of attention! lol Thanks I will stop by to check it out.


  17. LOL .. the life of Riley! My cats always found the most unusual places to nap.

    They got it made Mom that’s for sure. I always said I’d like to come back as my pets! 🙂


  18. Ah, how sweet! My big cat Clyde broke two printers laying on top of them due to the warmth. I had to pitch them both. I don’t know what happened, but his weight made them stop working.

    Thanks Brenda. And thanks for the tip, maybe I shoo him off next time instead of encouraging him by taking his photo, lol. He just look so darned cute! 🙂


  19. LOL! My printer is strategically placed so the cats can’t get on it, so they’ve taken over the DVR.

    Clever thinking Cindy! lol They must really love to electronic equipment, it must be the heat they put off. Hmmm…this is the first cat we’ve had in years so I’m use to my dogs who just lay on the couch or beds. 🙂


  20. OMG! That’s too cute!!!I hope the kitty cat doesn’t break the printer 😉


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