Function vs Beauty

my shed

my shed

One of my favorite blogs definingyourhome hosted by my blogging buddy Cameron had a guest post about Stylish Sheds.  I would love to have a destination like that to enjoy in my own garden.  My single garage has multiple purposes such as housing the washer/dryer, freezer and overflow for non-perisables.   Then the other half is storage for mopeds belonging to my teenaged sons.  That leaves only the shed for storing the lawnmower and other homeless equipment.  Someday in the future I may be able to turn my garden shed into a place to pot up plants, but until then it serves a practical function of storage.   Nevertheless until then I can still make it blend in with the garden  with paint and decorative items.  My goal was to paint it this year a creamy tan color with green accents to match the house.  Unfortunately I never quite got to that task.  Next year this will have to be near the top of the honey do list.  🙂

neighbor's shed


My neighbor’s added a very attractive shed to their backyard this year.  My favorite features are the window boxes and cupola.   Can’t you picture a nice little garden surrounding the perimeter of this building?  I wish this model had been available when I purchased mine several years ago.  It is quite charming. 



Another neighbor of mine utilized this shed as a art studio for their son.  He is disabled hence the added ramp and deck features.  The house has since been sold to a new family and I’m not sure what it is used for now.  I like the front facing windows with shutters and the shape of the roof on this building.


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  1. Gotta love those to do lists. Your neighbors’ sheds are really nice. Yours is pretty good too. I think very nice in fact, with all the plants on it and light. All I have is a metal one:(

    They drive hubby crazy, lol. Thanks Tina. I like getting inspiration from other gardens. It will look even better with a coat of paint in a warm tone and some accents of another shade.


  2. A shed as a destination…an interesting thought. Your plan to incorporate your shed into the landscape sounds great, although I like the looks of it now. You’ve done so much this year that I don’t think any one will notice you didn’t get the painting done.

    It was an interesting concept to me too! Instead of it sitting out in the corner of the yard like a sore thumb, I decided to blend in with the garden. Thanks Beckie, I don’t feel so bad now for not getting around to painting. lol 🙂


  3. I like both those sheds, can’t wait to see what you do with yours 🙂

    Thanks Mom. I promise to post updates on it when I get the painting done next spring.


  4. My dream is a garden shed–but no room for one. There is a shed on the pond tour that is my dream. It’s very functional, but oh so cute too!

    I’m sorry Linda. Functional & cute is a great combination!


  5. Okay so now I’m thinking about sheds! We have a basement, but because the children store their bikes down there and their air hockey table is down there, my husband bought a shed to house lawn equipment, gas and oil. After seeing these three photos our shed needs serious help!! Thanks for bringing to my attention what others see……YIKES!

    Kids stuff does take up precious storage space in my house too. And the bigger they get the bigger their toys get. lol Hopefully my post inspired you to do something creative with your shed too. 🙂


  6. Lovely sheds, almost mini houses – I still daydream about the one I might have in the future. It gets bigger every time I think about it.

    With electricity & running water they could be mini houses! My husband had one in our first house that had electricity, he called it his doghouse. lol My dreams inspire me too.


  7. I love potting sheds. Wish I could have one. Maybe you could add a cupola to the top of yours since it has the flat top. Just a thought. Whatever you decide to do I’m sure it will look great.

    That is my goal for the future of this shed….someday when the house isn’t as full. That’s an idea Susie. I bet I could customize my plain jane shed into my dream shed. Thanks for the vote of confidence! 🙂


  8. PGL — those Stylish Sheds in the article rivaled houses, didn’t they? 🙂 I love your garden shed. Be glad you have a shed. I have shed-envy. I have no shed. I just love the gardens with sheds. -Cameron

    You can call me Racquel. 🙂 They absolutely did rival houses! It was a great post and inspired me to be more creative with my own shed. I am happy to have a shed, I waited a long time to get it
    and it really anchors that end of the garden too. Thank you!


  9. I definitely want to get a shed. At this point anything that could hold our mowers and garden tools would be welcome! You could add windows and window boxes to yours if you wanted, or do what Frances did and make a decorative mirror for the outside and pose them as if they were windows. Frances has that mirror in her post today.

    They are great for storage of garden equipment! I have a window on the back but who wants to look at a fence. 😦 I may have to consider putting some along the front. I’m already using the side for hanging containers & a trellis. Frances is very creative and her post was great today.


  10. Hey, Racquel–Catching up, as usual. I like your shed with the trellis growing up the side. We use our garage for the cars and the gardening tools, so the shed is for the mowers, shredder, etc.–it’s not worth phtographing! Anyway, I’ve been following your blog even though I haven’t been commenting much–I can’t believe you’ve had frost already! I guess the river must mderate our climate a bit–it’s dipped into the 30’s, but no freeze as yet–I still have a couple of tropicals outside that are still blooming. Beautiful pictures of the approaching wnter–

    Hey Cosmos! Glad you got caught up today. That’s okay, I’m glad you enjoy following it. Yeah I was quite surprised at the frost so early! It was a light one though. No major damage yet. Thank you, I’m glad you liked my approaching winter photos. You are probably a bit warmer being closer to water and all. I figure if the big plain box has to be in the yard, I might as well decorate it. 🙂 It will look fabulous once I paint it next year.


  11. Hi Racquel,
    You have a wonderful little building. It could be decorated so nicely. A coat of paint, trellis with vines that go up and over it, hang some old garden tools on it. I used to have a shed and I found an old ladder and put it against the back of the shed. I hung birdhouses in between the rungs of the ladder. On one side I put pitch forks in the ground with pointed tines up…they were various heights and I had a grapevine wreath on one and a couple of birdhouses on the others. Once you get going decorating this…you will get lots of ideas.

    Hi Balisha, thank you. I’m will try to get my creative juices flowing over the next few months. I know the paint will work wonders and with some other decorative touches it should turn out really nice. I like the idea of the pitchforks & ladder. Very clever!


  12. I traded my old suburban for the labor on building a shed! My mosaic studio is located in one end and storage at the other. The garden I envisioned surrounding it is on the ‘get around to some day soon’ list! Always lists!

    Clever way to trade for labor Gail! Sounds like you have a nice little studio space. I can’t wait to see the vision you have for the surrounding garden. I can relate to the lists, lol. A garden is never really finished is it? 🙂


  13. It’s good to have projects to look forward to, isn’t it? I have shed “envy” too. No shed here either although on my priority list it would come in behind both a pond and a greenhouse. I love the sheds I see in garden magazines that have been constructed of old windows, doors, etc. It’s nice just to have one tho and I’m sure you’ll make it very cute.

    It’s good to keep the brain juices flowing with ideas & projects! 🙂 Maybe someday you will have a shed too, I like the ones made out of recycled window too. A greenhouse would be a nice addition too, but no room for that. Thanks for the vote of confidence!


  14. All the sheds look so nice. But with what you’re planning to do with yours, I can imagine how attractive that’ll be!

    Thanks Kanak! I appreciate all the votes of confidence. 🙂


  15. Hi Racquel, your plan for the shed sounds a delight. I like the contrasting trim, it will be so cottagey. Dave mentioned my shed, it has a real window in it, not a mirror. It was so dark before we needed some daylight. Your shed is the larger model with a fancier roof. It has great potential! You are so clever that you will do something wonderful with it to be a feature in the garden.

    Hi Frances! Thank you, hopefully it turns out the way I picture it in my head. 🙂 My house has that look so I thought it would nice if the shed had the same look. I remember your post about the window in your shed. Maybe I could do something similar with smaller windows on the front or side. Thank you for the compliment, my confidence is building by the minute! 🙂


  16. Unfortunately, my two car garage is my only outdoor storage. Thus only one car fits inside. I do have the perfect plans for the perfect potting shed in my ‘ garden book of dreams’… that’s where that perfect water feature is also. If only I could get hubby onboard with all my dreams … I’m still working on that angle.
    Meems @Hoe&Shovel

    That is the problem we had, and we only have a single. It wasn’t designed to park a car in being that it is quite narrow but long. Hope to see your perfect potting shed & water feature come to life someday in your garden. I bet they will be as fabulous as your beautiful garden.


  17. racquel, one of our neighbors has the cutest shed ever. It looks like a little doll house with a picket fence, flower beds, and window boxes.

    How adorable is that! My friend has one similar with a small attached porch. She uses it for her crafting projects.


  18. I have the book Stylish Sheds and Elegant Hideaways! I love that book. It’s my inspiration for my little shed/cottage that is going up right now. Your shed looks perfect and I think you’ll have a grand time making it a plant place soon.

    I remember your talking about it in one of your posts. Can’t wait to see your little cottage shed! Thanks Anna. 🙂


  19. They sell so many great sheds now-a-days. There’s one that Cam and I might get at a later point in time. It’s two stories and looks like a house. Your shed is simple but great, and I am glad that you’re getting some great use out of it.

    They do have more variety now DP. Wow, a two story one is nice. Thanks!


  20. I like your shed – it has such a pretty roof line.
    Actually I like the colour too – it looks quite Scandinavian – but I can understand if you wanted the colour to “blend” more with the garden. – K

    Thanks Karen. When we first had it set up in our yard we had to get a coat of paint on it to keep the warranty valid. I didn’t know what I wanted at the time hence the white. I think the creamy tan color will make a pretty backdrop for the garden.


  21. What? That last photo is of a SHED?! Wow.


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