First Frost

We had our first frost of the season as you can see on the front lawn.  It was 38 degrees when I got up friday morning to drive my son to work.  Brr…why did I complain about the heat??? lol  The car windows were glazed over with a thin layer of this icy stuff too.  For some reason the back window gets a thicker layer.  While some yards in my neighborhood lawns were completely frosted over, mine was in patches. 

The Peony foliage was the first casualty in my garden this year.  It will soon turn completely brown and have to be cut back.  But the funny part is the other perennials & annuals didn’t seem effected by the frost at all.  The chores right now are minimal at best.  Soon there will be more than a few scattered leaves to rake up.

The roses in my garden are still producing buds.  I guess the silly things don’t realize that summer is over and winter is almost here.  However they do look  pretty with the glazing on their petals and leaves.  I guess fall is on it’s way out & winter is knocking at the door.


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  1. Posted by greenwalks on November 1, 2008 at 12:31 am

    Love it when roses are still left as the seasons turn. Happy first frost! It’s always a milestone, even if dreaded. Can be so beautiful while signaling the end of certain things in the garden. Time for it to rest, I guess.

    Me too Karen! Thanks, it is a signal of things to come but the garden will get a rest for the winter to come back next spring fresh & new again. 🙂


  2. Oh don’t say that (winter is knocking) ~ I’ve barely adjusted to fall! 😉
    I guess if there’s frost in Virginia, there’s no denying what’s around the corner.

    Sorry Kathleen, lol. It is a coming whether we want it to or not. Nope no denying it now. 🙂


  3. Looks peaceful and calm. Just what I need right now. We had a frost the last two nights. I haven’t been to see the carnage.

    It does look peaceful & calm Anna. The garden will take a rest & so will we for a few months. I don’t blame you for not wanting to see the carnage.


  4. No frost here yet! *knock on wood* We usually don’t get our frosts until December *knock on wood* but yours does look pretty.

    You guyz must be in a warmer zone than us. We usually don’t get our first ‘hard’ frost until November. Thanks guyz!


  5. I think some plants struggle through the first frost but it’s the second one that really gets them. Sad to see the carnage but at least most of them will come back next year. Frost is pretty though despite the damage it does!

    Isn’t that the sad truth EG! It is to be expected with Hydrangeas & Peonies. They don’t like any frost on their foliage and usually the first to brown up. It is pretty in moderation and a fact of life.


  6. Love the first frost. Such a nice bright crisp clear cold morning. Brrrrr! Don’t worry, soon the heat will be back. Not sure which I prefer most. Oh yes I am, it is the moderate days of spring and fall I prefer:)

    That was beyond bright & crisp Tina, lol. I felt it down to my bones. Brrrr is right! lol I don’t miss the heat but I do look forward to spring & fall when the temps are comfortable. 🙂


  7. Although frost is something we don’t get, I find it fascinating to read and view pictures about the changes in colder climes. Fall was beautiful and now–frost. Pretty!

    Glad I could share our temperate climate with you. It must be fascinating to watch our seasons change so dramatically Kanak.


  8. My peony is looking like yours. Foliage going brown. I still have roses budding too. A bright spot in the day to see their perky buds.

    They usually are the first victims of frost followed by the Hydrangeas & other tenders. The roses amaze me with their fortitude to bloom regardless of the temps! 🙂


  9. Roses just amaze me this time of year! Some are still so glorious.


    They are such troopers at this time of the year Cameron. It’s like they don’t know that winter is on it’s way and they just keep blooming anyhow.


  10. Down here we’ve already beaten you to the punch. We’ve had two frost! Can you believe that? Brrrh!! I’m not a big fan of cold weather. It seems like my hands and feet get cold and stay that way until Spring. Not much fun!

    I can’t believe you’ve had two frost already Susie! Brrr is right! lol That is how I am too, I don’t like the cold or the extreme heat. I prefer the cooler days of spring & fall. But at least I can enjoy hot chocolate right now, lol


  11. We had a lite frost and the plants that I just knew would be affected were not and some of the hardier ones got a little attitude about it.

    Isn’t that just the way it goes sometimes. I expected my Elephant Ears to wither up in the cold & nope they are still standing proud. lol


  12. Your roses and my geraniums would get along well…they don’t know when to quit either. 🙂 First frost, like first snow…there’s something almost magical about it. Every season truly DOES have its own beauty.

    They do seem to have alot in common Nancy. 😉 It is a magical time of the year as the season progresses slowly at first & then speeds up. I agree each season is a time of wonder & beauty!


  13. There will be many more to come! It certainly gives the garden a new look, even if it’s only temporary. 🙂
    Unfortunately that is correct, but I am enjoying the new look to the foliage & blooms


  14. The first frost is always a shocker! Pretty in photos but it does take out the flowers and buds! I still covered my tender plants because I knew we were still going to have warm weather!

    It was quite a shock, because we haven’t had terribly cold weather consistently this fall. Yes it does it’s damage, but tis the season.


  15. Well…congratulations? At least this didn’t appear to be a severe event for your yard. The thing I hate the most is having to clear the car windows! Here we just have to get used to the season change and know when the growing season is done…although we still have some things holding on – I was a bit surprised that a clump of swiss chard is still doing okay (I think that is the last thing standing of the veg garden).


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