Lingering Ladies

I was surprised to see the Painted Ladies still enjoying the blossoms on my Buddleia yesterday morning.   Especially since the daytime temps have dropped to the 50’s.  I’m assuming we must be on their migration path and they were just stopping off for some refreshment.  There were three of them flitting around the flowers like crazy.   I had to be very patient and stand completely still since they seemed quite nervous. 

Which is why this shot may be a bit fuzzy, sorry about that, but she wasn’t too keen on getting her photo taken.   I don’t know why, she was pretty compared to her companions who looked a bit faded out. 

Now that’s better and she gave me a nice view of her wings spreading out.  My butterfly bush is still pushing out blooms like there is no tomorrow.   

Look at her great sense of balance on this bloom.  What a showoff!  🙂  I wonder if I will still have many more lingering ladies in the days to come…


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  1. My goodness going off of your pictures you would think you were in the middle of summer not autumn! I always love the painted ladies and the white buddleia flowers look so fresh and pretty.

    Appearances can be deceiving Cynthia. 🙂 It was quite chilly here today with a high of about 49 degrees. The sun shining bright & the gorgeous blooms of the Buddleia gives a false impression of the season. Thanks! 🙂


  2. They had to stop to check out the restaurants in your lovely garden!
    Nectar at the Buddleia Bar….then off to places far away! How lovely for you to see them in your garden just when it is getting chillier! gail

    That’s a good way to put it Gail, lol. It was nice to be able to bid farewell to them.


  3. I, too, saw a couple of ladies in the garden on Sunday and thought it way to cool for them to be there. I think mine were slow pokes who had not left with the group. Your butterfly bush is still gorgeous!

    They must of been stopping by for some nourishment before their long flight south. Thanks Beckie, it has been quite the trooper this year with blooms.


  4. How nice you got to see them before the cold winds blow!

    It was nice & surprising at the same time Cindy. 🙂


  5. Racquel, I have been seeing lots and lots of painted ladies plus several swallowtails. I know they are stopping by for a meal, but because I didn’t see many butterflies at all this summer, I am delighted they chose my yard as their diner of choice! 🙂

    Your area must be perfect weather for them right now Linda. 🙂 I haven’t seen any swallowtails in a while and the last monarch was a week ago. It’s always nice to be able to attract these beauties.


  6. PG .. Those are really nice pictures of the Painted Lady .. I didn’t get any good pictures of butterflies this past season at all (excluding Curly Joe that is .. and that was pre-butterfly mode) .. and yes ! the buddleias have stayed flowering a long time this year over here as well !
    We are supposed to have wet snow flurries tonight .. BIG sigh !

    Thanks Joy. I got really lucky this year with the butterflies and took some beautiful pictures. The Buddleia is a champion bloomer in my garden each year. It will bloom right up till that first hard frost. Of course it takes it awhile to get going in the spring so it makes up for it in the fall. Yuck on the snow flurries. 😦


  7. I haven’t seen too many of the painted ladies but am still seeing Monarchs floating by. Have seen some of those orangey ones too(sorry I don’t remember their name)!

    You must be warmer than we are right now, the last Monarch I saw was about a week ago. I’m not sure about the orangey ones either Susie.


  8. If they were in my yard today…they would be saying,”Now where did I put that scarf and pair of mittens?” We are in the twenties and everything is frosty.

    Brrrr that is cold Balisha. I’m thinking you are right about the scarf & mittens. 🙂


  9. Butterflies photos is all I will be seeing until next summer. Mine are gone. I’ll enjoy your painted ladies for a little longer.

    I guess we can all go back & look at our photos this winter when there is nothing pretty outside to catch our attention. Glad I could share mine with you today Marnie.


  10. I know it seems like how can these butterflies survive in the cold? They do somehow. Maybe just for our enjoyment?

    They do seem quite fragile Tina. I do enjoy watching them, but I’m not sure they enjoyed being watched. 😉


  11. I’m only seeing a few skippers here. The bigger butterflies left around a week or so ago. Cameron

    I guess they were just stopping in for a drink Cameron. I didn’t see any out there this afternoon. 🙂


  12. If you hadn’t told us how cold it was, I would have thought you had taken these photos this summer, Racquel. I think the butterflies have all left our area since the weekend. So nice that the “ladies” decided to pay you a visit before they fly to their winter homes.

    Well it was a nice sunny day & those Buddleia blooms can be deceptive. 😉 Looks like they are on their way now. Didn’t see any lingering today on the blooms.


  13. Nice photos Racquel. The painted ladies have left here. You are so lucky to still have buddleia blooms and butterflies!

    Thanks Kathleen. I’m sure the butterflies and blooms won’t be here much longer, so I am grateful for their visit. 🙂


  14. Do you think there’s any chance they could be headed my way? I promise there’ll be lots of lantanas and cosmos and passionfruit vine. Do you think you could pass on the message?
    Oh, and our temperatures are still around 33*C (about 90+ *F?).

    I will pass along the message of all the wonderful flowers & nectar to be had if they come visit you Sunita. 🙂 I’m sure the temps you are having are more to their liking.


  15. I didn’t see too many this year, so it’s nice to enjoy yours. It DOES look like summer there!

    Glad I could share mine with you Kim. It may look like summer but it doesn’t feel like summer here. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by today.


  16. We have had more butterflies in the last week than all summer. Last night it dropped into the 40’s and no more butterflies today. To sad. That painted lady is very pretty.

    Maybe they liked your cooler temps this week. We’ve been getting night time temps in the 40’s too this week. Brrr…I miss the heat now. 🙂 Thanks Deb!


  17. My butterfly bushes are still in bloom, too, feeding whatever moths and butterflies are still around–and providing a little autumn fragrance! We’re warm again this weekend–now, it seems like a GOOD thing!

    I’m looking forward to some warmer days this weekend. 🙂


  18. I googled the massive mushrooms and your blog came up! Thought that was funny, I was trying to see what conditions made those grow like that. Didn’t search long enough although I am very curious, I like mushrooms.

    How funny is that! 😉 Glad I inspired you to do some research about mushrooms. They are interesting fungi.


  19. Posted by greenwalks on October 29, 2008 at 7:46 pm

    Wow, amazing that you still have these blooming! Mine pooped out ages ago.


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