Rainy day photos

It was a rainy day in Virginia yesterday which was a blessing in disguise.  I used this opportunity with the weather to move the Colocasia to their new shady location behind the Crepe Myrtle in the Woodland Garden.  In addition since it was a light rain I also planted my Foxtail Lily and Purple Sensation Allium bulbs in the Arbor Garden.  The Foxtail Lillies were planted in the corner right in front of the Sweet Autumn Clematis.  The Alliums will mingle with the Shasta Daisies & ‘Hello Yello’ Blackberry Lillies.  

My purple mums are on the brink of opening.   The buds have been slowly getting bigger over the past couple of weeks.    The rain beading up on the leaves was pretty so I couldn’t resist taking a picture. 

My new Lobelia ‘Fan Scarlet’ is probably enjoying the wet weather right now.  These are water loving perennials so I’ve been trying to keep the soil around them damp.  The compost in this bed seems to be helping out with retaining moisture pretty well.

Another perennial that loves cooler weather is the Dianthus.  These bloom in the spring and fall when the temps are lower.  I like the star shaped pattern on the face of this flower. 

My climbing  Rosa ‘Bonita’ that grows on the arch in the Arbor Garden was plagued this year with black-spot and looked pretty pitiful.  I cut it back about a month ago and it is putting out healthy looking foliage and now a few buds.  It usually does a large flush of blooms in May so it prefers cooler weather too.   I will probably find a compatible climbing rose next spring to intermingle with ‘Bonita’ since her companion ‘Nelly Moser’ Clematis was relocated to another trellis this fall.


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  1. I guess we will be getting some rain next week. I can’t wait(-: I bet you were happy to have some too(-:

    I was very happy to have some rain this weekend Cindee. Hope you get a nice amount in your neck of the woods next week.


  2. Posted by greenwalks on October 26, 2008 at 12:34 am

    Love the showy red lobelia! My roses all have blackspot since I’m not up for spraying. They are probably going to be history if I can get around to digging them out. Maybe I’ll replace them with some disease-resistant varieties!

    Thanks Karen. I don’t spray my roses either anymore because of the beneficial insects, my pets & kids. Sometimes you just have to sacrifice some foliage for the environment. 🙂 The knockouts are extremely disease resistant & prolific bloomers.


  3. Yes the rain was nice, but I was expecting more. I like the lobelia, is it perennial? Looks like we will get some cooler weather next week. We have still not gotten a frost here, and my houseplants are still outside. I guess it is time to schlep them in.

    It was a nice soft rain & we could of used more too. But something is better than nothing. Yes the Lobelia is a perennial. Our nights have been getting quite cool and the early mornings are really quite chilly. No frost yet though. It’s coming though so you might want to pull them houseplants in soon. 🙂


  4. I like the names you use for the different sections in the garden. It’s drizzling here too. Love the way rain adds that extra ‘vivacity’ to the blooms. All of them look so pretty! Dianthus has always been a favourite of mine.

    Thanks Kanak. It helps to give them names for my journal. Rain does make everything look pretty. 🙂 Dianthus is a a great cool season perennial here in Virginia.


  5. The roses do like cooler weather, and I got a tip from a friend. If a rose is just covered in blackspot, I strip the leaves and throw them away (and wash my garden gloves to keep the disease from spreading to others.) The bush puts out all new foliage which doesn’t have the disease. Then, you can choose to spray or not. I think your photos are lovely.~~Dee

    I’ve done that in the past Dee, but this time the canes were kind of scraggly & needed a haircut. I used to spray in the past but I don’t anymore because of my pets & kids. Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed my photos today. 🙂


  6. Can’t wait to see the foxtail lilies. Great to have rain! And be able to move things and garden too.

    Me too Tina. I’m hoping they look like they do in the mailorder nursery photos. Rain is always a great time to get some garden chores done.


  7. We had a rainy Saturday, off and on.
    Great rainy day photos. I love photos of raindrops on plants. Very refreshing. A renewal! Cameron

    Us too Cameron. Not a hard rain, just a soft sporadic rain. Thanks I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures today. 🙂


  8. Wow, that was a great tip Dee left you! I’ll have to remember it for myself. You are still so busy in the garden. I have a few bulbs to plant and some raking (leaves) to do but that’s about it. In comparison it still seems like you are in the growing season. Our mums are pretty much over. Soak up that moisture!

    It was a great tip, I’ve done it in the past. This time the canes were really scraggly & needed more than that. I guess that is what makes visiting other blogs from different zones interesting. My garden is still blooming at the moment but come this time next month it should be finished.


  9. Everything looks so beautiful, especially with those rain drops. I love that Lobelia — really like that color.

    Thanks Nancy. Raindrops make everything look sparkly & special. Thanks I’m pleased with the color of the Lobelia too. 🙂


  10. I see your rain and will raise you some snow :-). Your rain pictures are nice…it’s always interesting to see how each of the plants and leaves divert and react to water. A nice mix of pink and red today.

    That’s okay Chris, I’ll pass on the snow. lol Thanks I like the way the flowers & foliage look with the rain drops beading up on them too. Makes for a pretty picture.


  11. I can’t get over all the blooms you still have, I love the Fan Scarlet 🙂

    Well it is in the 60’s here still. The blooms will keep on coming until our first hard frost. Thanks Mom! 🙂


  12. My dianthus has sprung back up with the cooler weather. Hasn’t bloomed yet, though. Raindrops on plant leaves is one of the prettiest sights. Nature and gardening… My two loves. Along with my pets, of course!

    It should start blooming soon if it starting to perk up with your cooler temps. I agree, I just love the way rain looks on plants. You & me have the same passions. 🙂


  13. The lobelia is very pretty with the rain drops. Dianthus have always been a favorite of mine. Their blooms are so pretty.

    Thanks Cindy. It does look pretty with the raindrops on the fan shaped petals. Dianthus is a wonderful cool season perennial in my garden. They bloom in the spring and then again in the fall.


  14. That’s a beautiful lobelia. I don’t know too much about lobelia cultivars so you’ve peeked my interest.

    Thanks OG, this will be my first experience in growing Lobelia so I am quite happy with the results thus far. Glad you stopped by today. 🙂


  15. Gardening in the rain—what a gardening delight!

    It sure makes for easier digging that’s for sure. I’m glad I didn’t take on your project today. After all the revamping I did this fall I’m worn out. 🙂


  16. That lobelia is really looking good. Is that a tall or short variety? The rain looks so refreshing. We finally had some this past Thursday.

    It’s a short variety Susie according to the tag. We’ll see, I’ve had things grow taller than the tag says in my garden. 🙂 It’s nice to get some rain, it’s been a while since we had any. Glad you got some too. Usually we have wet Octobers, this one has been dryer than usual.


  17. Yup, looks like you and I both have roses that are happier now that it’s autumn and cooler. Mine always look so haggard around August and then perk up in late September or early October. I’m like you, I don’t spray my roses so I just put up with them or whack them back.

    The long hot summer was hard on the roses (except for the Knockouts) this year. The cooler weather & potential for rain is helping alot. Spraying isn’t an option for me anymore because of my pets, the wildlife & my family.


  18. That is a great Ideal. I love your fall pictures.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the GB fall color project. Thanks Grammy! 🙂


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