Tiny Treasures

You never know what you may find in the garden on any given day.  I took a stroll through the garden the other day and found these tiny treasures above.  They were hidden from plain view just waiting to be found by an observant visitor.  During the peak of summer they would of blended in with all the other blooms in the garden.  The purple morning glory with pink stripes is a volunteer that was hiding in the evergreen foliage of the Candytuff.  I haven’t planted morning glories in years since they are so invasive.  Needless to say I get volunteers popping up every summer.  Most seedlings never make it to the stage of achieving a single bloom so this was a surprise.  The purple pansy wasn’t intentionally planted by me either.  Just another random color that showed up in the red washtub container. I think he blends nicely with the mauve, yellow and white pansies I did plant, so he will stay.  Then there is the double pink azalea bloom I spotted in my neighbor’s yard.  They aren’t gardeners and yet their azaleas bloom year after year with no special care. The three I have are on their last leg so the secret must be to ignore them. 🙂  This pretty little thing  looks like a teeny little rose growing amongst the english ivy.  Have you ever noticed that you are more observant of the garden at the beginning and end of the season?  I’m always looking for little signs of life just waiting to be discovered.   


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  1. Oh wow! Finding such treasures without actually seeking them makes it all the more wonderful. Pretty little jewels, Racquel.

    Thanks Kanak, it is nice to come upon little surprises in the garden at this time of the year.


  2. It is a lovely bonus when you find little surprises in the garden, especially towards the end of the season

    I agree EG, it is a nice bonus to find surprises in the garden at this time of the year.


  3. That pansy looks just like velvet. I’m glad you are letting him stay!

    He deserves a place since he is blooming so pretty. 🙂


  4. I love to find hidden treasures. You think you know your garden well–then find a great surprise. I’m still puzzled about the elephant ear in my yard though. Where in the world did it come from?? 🙂

    Me too Linda. Nature gives us pretty surprises in the garden. Maybe the tuber was mixed in with some soil or mulch? What a great bonus!


  5. Volunteers are the best surprises. I am more observant when I expect something to happen, least when I don’t think things are going on and that is when I find the neatest things.

    Some of my favorite plants started out life as a volunteer. Like the stick verbena that some thoughtful bird dropped in my garden. 🙂


  6. I love finding tiny treasures too. I have stuff in places that the Lord only knows how it got there.

    Me too, I think between the wind & wildlife we end up with nice surprises. Some squirrels buried daffodil bulbs in my yard one year. 🙂


  7. Tiny treasures, indeed. Volunteers deserve a special award.

    That they do Nancy. They are blessings in disguise.


  8. There’s nothing like little garden surprises, except for those sneaky little weeds that come from nowhere. That little azalea bloom does look like a miniature rose.

    Yeah the sneaky weeds I could live without too. 🙂 Thanks Susie.


  9. I really enjoy the little volunteers that sprout up unexpectedly. It is sort of like getting a gift.

    That is a great way to describe them Marnie. 😉


  10. I love the tiny treasures, too! My husband has now decided it’s best for him to stay away from weeding in my garden areas as he’s seeing the volunteers showing up, too. Cameron

    That’s probably a good idea if he isn’t sure what’s a weed & what’s a volunteer. 🙂


  11. Absolutely I’m more observant in early spring or late fall. I’m clinging to either hope (for what’s ahead) or dread (from the season ending). I saw a quote about that the other day, I can’t remember exactly how it went but something about spring blooms being glorified more than others because they appear after winter. I have so few blooms left that I notice everything these days.

    Me too Kathleen. The new things emerging in the spring & fall are always exciting. I guess that is what it is I’m doing too, holding one to hope or dread. Soon this season will be behind us & we can start dreaming of spring & all the wonderful things it will bring with it. 🙂


  12. A thoughtful post,Racquel, making me wish to run out in the garden and peek (except it’s freezing outside) … perhaps this afternoon!

    Thanks Joey. Hopefully it warmed up a bit and you were able to run out and take a peek at your own garden. 🙂


  13. Posted by greenwalks on October 23, 2008 at 1:59 pm

    Cute! Funny about the neighbor’s azaleas, maybe it’s a difference in soil pH? Like, maybe theirs is naturally acidic but you have amended yours nicely so it’s more alkaline? Not an expert, just an idea though.

    That is a great point GW, I never considered that possibility. Thanks!


  14. I found a tiny, pale, purple, petunia growing behind my metal chair in the front garden. I haven’t had that variety in a couple of years. When I went back to the woods…the rose that I transplanted decided to give me one bloom this year. This was a sweet post.

    Thanks Balisha. Sounds like you have some tiny treasures in your garden too. 🙂


  15. I love finding little hidden treasures like this. Every once in a while I’ll find the volunteer pansy or viola and it makes me smile.

    Violas are so sweet, I always get a few volunteers in the garden each year. Of course I purposely let some things go to seed just to see what happens Cindy. 🙂


  16. I love little surprises…I found a lobelia hiding under the baptisia and the bloom was so sweet. Gail

    That was a nice little surprise to find in the garden Gail. 🙂 Lobelia blooms are pretty.


  17. Treasures is exactly what these little surprises are. We can plant the most beautiful plants, but let one little volunteer show up and I am estatic. I would guess one reason is we know how hard they had to try to make a bloom. Thanks for sharing.

    You are quite welcome Beckie. They are little miracles struggling to survive in random areas and not being weeded out. 🙂


  18. Where did the tiny rose come from?? Did you actually plant a bush back there and the ivy took it over?

    Actually it’s a double azalea bloom in my neighbor’s yard that has been swallowed by the ivy. 🙂


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