Bloomin’ Tuesday

It’s that time of the week when we show off what’s blooming in our gardens today.  To join in this week or to see other posts please visit msgreenthumbs.  The weather has been getting cooler over the past week or so and my garden is starting to slow down a bit after a long hot summer.   Cooler weather is great news for the standby fall flowers.   I planted orange, white & mauve pansies in my red wash tub to go with a lavender mum planted this past spring. 

Hey where did this guy come from!  He’s not orange, mauve or white!  However he does look great combined with the orange ones so he can stay for now.   🙂

How’s this for an interesting combination.  The plain orange pansy sets off the spot of orange in the center of this mauve beauty.  

If you look close you can spot the orange & mauve pansies behind this pure white beauty.  Every garden needs a spot of white here & there.

Boy these lavender mums sure are taking their sweet time opening!  You can just makeout the color on the some of the larger buds now.  What’s blooming in your garden today?


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  1. Posted by jellyfishbay on October 21, 2008 at 12:11 am

    I just posted a little something on my blog, then noticed that you had just posted as well. Another night-owl, perhaps? I’ll try to do a Bloomin’ Tuesday tonight after work.

    Hi Jellyfishbay, I schedule my posts to post at 12:00 am. 😉 Sometimes I am still up at that time, and sometimes I’m not. Look forward to seeing your post for Bloomin’ Tuesday.


  2. very pretty blooms.

    Thanks Deb. 🙂


  3. Hello Racquel, I love your pansies. I planted some a couple weeks ago but they all died because its still hot here. I am looking forward to it cooling down so I can give it another try. I really like your orange color ones.
    Happy Blooming Tuesday
    Love, Ann

    Hi Ann. I’m sure once it cools down a bit in your area, you’ll have been luck. They really prefer cooler temps. Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed the pansies today. Happy Bloomin’ Tuesday!


  4. I love pansies and you have some beauties. I bet that mum is an unusual color. Can’t wait to see what it looks like open.

    Thanks Anna. They really deserve a much more fitting name, because pansies they are not. 🙂 The mum is like a lavender purple. I promise to post a picture when it opens.


  5. Love the vibrant colours of your pansies. Those mums already look good, even without the blooms opening up as yet!


  6. Oh, I wish I had some pansies now. Yours look so lush! I’m still waiting on one of my mums to open, I wish it would hurry up!

    Thanks Cindy, and to think I almost didn’t plant any this fall. 🙂 I wish mine would hurry up too. lol


  7. I’m so glad you showed pictures of your pansies. They are one of my favorites, but I don’t plant them until November. And…I love the orange! I put them acrosss the front–sort of in groups. It will be hard to dig up the profusion zinnias when it’s time though–they are still so pretty.

    Glad I could share my colorful pansies with you today Linda. Your area is quite a bit warmer than mine. October is usually the best month here, but the latter part of September was cool enough this year. The orange is quite striking. I think the pansies will be a nice replacement for the zinnias through the winter. 🙂


  8. Hi Racquel, I love pansies and yours are lovely – such nice colors. Pansies are the first flowers that I plant in the spring. Even when we get a light snow the pansies thrive. Thanks for sharing.

    Hi Sweetie, I’m glad you enjoyed my colorful pansies today. 🙂 We plant ours here in the fall & they’ll last through next spring & melt come May. They really do love the cooler weather. I’ve had some bloom through snow too.


  9. Pansies are one of my favorite flowers, and it was so nice to see your pictures of them. These flowers just seem happy. This far south, we are only now beginning to plant them in our gardens.

    Always Growing

    Thanks Jan, glad I could share my pansy blooms with you today. They are happy flowers.


  10. I still have quite a few blooms, Racquel, since we haven’t had a frost yet. I’m afraid I don’t bother to plant pansies in the fall–they might not last long here. But yours are certainly colorful!

    We haven’t had a frost yet either Rose. I plant them since they will last for my area through next spring. Thanks, glad you enjoyed their blooms today. 🙂


  11. Your pansies look really nice together. I still have many things blooming such as Mexican petunia, yellow Chrysanthemums, orange zinnias, globe amaranth, periwinkles, lantana, orange and yellow marigolds and of course my angelonia.

    Thanks Susie. I still have quite a few things blooming too, some of the same plants you have. Just thought I would show off the pansies today! 🙂


  12. All of the pansy colors are pretty. My mums like to take their time too. Worth the wait though!

    Thanks Darla. That’s what I’m hoping, the blooms are worth the wait. 🙂


  13. Not pansies since I haven’t gotten around to planting them. Urrr! Always one thing or another. I love that not orange-mauve or white pansy and think he looks great.

    It happens Tina. I almost didn’t plant any this year either. Thanks, the surprise color is pretty. 🙂


  14. I love pansies! I always plant them in the early spring. When I lived in Alabama they bloomed most of the winter.

    I plant them in fall here because they will bloom most of the winter and start again in the spring. That tells you how different our climates are Marnie. 🙂


  15. I’ve been so busy in the garden that pansies had slipped my mind! Thanks for the reminder.

    My Dutch iris and allium bulbs just arrived…so I’m IN THE GARDEN TODAY!


    You are quite welcome Cameron. Glad I could give you a gentle reminder today. Have fun planting bulbs, I have a few more to plant myself.


  16. I love orange and purple together. It’s a great combination and the spot of white is a good contrast.

    Thanks Kathleen. I’m happy with the color combinations.


  17. I love that color combination — I’m all about vivid colors. I don’t think there’s such a thing as a “bad” combination. 🙂

    Thanks Nancy. I like colorful combos myself. Pink & orange really contrast nicely with each other. You’re right, in nature all the colors are combined. 🙂


  18. Love your pansies! They have started selling them here in the fall but I’ve never planted any. Can’t wait to see the mum color! We have the “s” word in our weather forcast!

    Thanks Jean. You should get you some in the fall to extend your season of bloom or you can plant them in the spring too. I promise to post a picture as soon as the mum blooms. 🙂 Oh-oh, not snow already?


  19. I so need to get mine in the ground. Tomorrow, perhaps?~~Dee

    I know what you mean Dee, I still have some bulbs to plant. 🙂


  20. It is so refreshing to see these beautiful happy flowers.

    Thanks Teric, they are happy flowers. 🙂


  21. ooo pansies! Beautiful! I’m not bloomin today-me and the camera are at odds:(

    Thanks Carla, sorry about the camera. Hope you get it straightened out soon.


  22. I love pansies they are my favoritesI sould plant more of them. Your pictures are great.

    Thanks Laurie. They are a great flower for this time of the year because you actually notice their happy little faces without the other flowers distracting you. 🙂


  23. Not a whole lot is blooming. I can’t wait for pansies to be in the nurseries. It’s still a bit hot here for them.

    We’ve lost our heatwave, it’s been in the 60’s & 70’s for a few weeks now. So long summer. 😦


  24. Some great looking pansies late in the season! Our blooms are running on their last days…pretty soon we will have more than “spot of white here & there” 😉

    This isn’t late in our season yet Chris. Winter will be here before we know it though. Sounds like you will probably get more snow than I will. 🙂


  25. You put me to shame … today I had every excuse in the world to tackle inside issues, never stepping foot outside in the garden. But yesterday I did plant big fat pots of pansies and got my bulbs planted (both in the ground and in forced pots)!

    Sounds like you got alot done yesterday Joey. 😉 I got a jump start on you by a couple of weeks that is all.


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