Wild Thing you make my heart sing…

Salvia greggii ‘Wild Thing” was a new addition to my perennial border this fall.  Sorry that the photos are kind of fuzzy, for some reason this plant is hard to photograph or the light conditions weren’t right.   In fact, it was one of my birthday purchases with the Lowe’s card my Mom gave me.  Salvias are wonderful for their fragrant foliage and colorful blooms.  This year I added three new selections which includes ‘Black & Blue’, ‘Mystic Spires’, and ‘Wild Thing’.  Another benefit of Salvias in the garden is they are a Butterfly and Hummingbird magnet.  Some of its’ companions in the front border are ‘White Swan’ Coneflowers, Liatris, Rubeckia and Alliums.  So imagine my surprise when I went out a couple of days ago and found it was staring to bud up.  I wasn’t expecting any blooms until next year.  This lovely new cultivar was collected as a wild specimen from the native habitat in west Texas several years ago.  Now it has become a much appreciated plant for the vigorous fast growth habit and the ability to survive cold & wet winters.   Here is some more useful growing information:  (click on any of the photos to enlarge it for better viewing)

  • Reddish Pink blooms
  • Blooms in Late Spring (and obviously in the fall here)
  • Full sun – Part sun conditions
  • 24-30″ x 3′ width
  • Average or Sandy garden soil
  • Attracts hummingbirds
  • Rabbit resistant
  • Xeric conditions (which is perfect for my dry border)
  • Looks great with silver foliage plants
  • Hardy in zones 6-10 (maybe 5 with some winter protection)

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  1. Hi Racquel, this is a terrific addition to any garden, as are all the salvias you selected. After the first greggii we purchased years ago did so well, blooming for a very long period, early spring until late fall, we not buy them whenever they are seen for sale. You cannot have too many!

    Thanks Frances. I will definitely be adding more greggii if I come across them. All my Salvias this year have been long blooming.


  2. Ohhhh, you are talking about one of my very very favorites! I bought several small ones, one even tiny, and they are all blooming right now. I’m trying to figure out where I can put more–maybe the bed I am re-doing….hum…. 🙂

    Hi Linda, I figured you would know this plant since it is native to TX. 🙂 Wherever you can tuck in some more they will probably look great. Look forward to seeing your blooms too. Sounds like I made a good choice for my garden.


  3. I love salvias, and Wild Thing sure is a pretty one.

    Thanks Linda, they really extend the season of bloom in the garden.


  4. It is a wonderful Salvia…I love the greggiis~~ their colors are always a magnet for critters. I wondered how it survived C&L so well…we have cold and wet winters! Have a good weekend! Gail

    Hi Gail, I have fallen in love with this new addition to my garden. If I come across more I will be adding them as well. 🙂 Natives are great at adapting to different conditions, it’s a survival instinct. Have a good weekend Gail!


  5. How nice that you are getting buds and blooms this year! What a great addition to your garden and a nice use of your gift.

    Thanks Cindy! I was pretty thrilled to see the buds & blooms this fall!


  6. I have some salvia here too. Obviously a different kind than that though since I live in zone 3-4. Looks like a great birthday purchase.

    Thanks Cinj. I’m glad I could share something that I grow in my area with you today. 🙂


  7. I don’t have it but I like Salvia greggi too. I didn’t remember you saying you had gotten Mystic Spires as well. That one I do have and it did great all summer long. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

    I really like it, so if I come across more they will be coming home with me too. 😉 Yeah, I purchased Mystic Spires for the new garden back in May and it has been a blooming machine. I love it!


  8. This is what I love about salvia greggii varieties. I have MASSES of red greggii and ‘Dark Dancer’. I added a hot pink color this summer that was just labeled ‘Autumn Sage’. My favorite perennial. Greggii is evergreen here in my garden. Cameron

    I wonder if your hot pink color is ‘Wildthing’ because the information I gathered is that another name is Autumn Sage. Thanks for all the great info Cameron, if it is evergreen in your garden it should be evergreen in mine. 🙂


  9. I also love this (and almost any) salvia. It’s marginally hardy here, surviving some winters and not others but I always replant if it doesn’t come back. Great choice to add to your garden!!

    Thanks Kathleen. It should be quite hardy in my zone 7b garden but cross your fingers anyways. I’m quite pleased with this plant so far.


  10. I love salvia too! Evidently it’s a much loved plant.

    I remember bike riding past a house that put out huge pots of salvia’s on each side of their driveway. Such beauty every summer.

    It is quite easy to grow & mine have been powerhouse bloomers this year. 🙂


  11. 🙂 – now after reading the title of this post – I cannot get the song out of my head!
    Salvia’s are lovely.

    lol, Karen, lol same thing happened to me while I was typing this post. 🙂 Thanks.


  12. I love salvias for the same reason–hummingbirds and butterflies! Funny thing is that my pineapple sage (scarlet colored salvia) has also been a sparrow magnet this year. They like to get down inside on the stems and hunt for bugs where they’re safe from kitties.

    I’ve never seen the birds use the Salvias as cover for hunting bugs, how clever. 😉 Pineapple Sage is another great salvia I need to add to my garden. Everyone seems to have it in their garden, must be a great plant!


  13. I’m glad I’m not the only one who has trouble photographing Salvia. I really thought it was just me.

    lol, nope it isn’t just you. It depends on the time of day & the color of the blooms has been my experience. Plus I really need to upgrade to a better camera. 😉


  14. I love to do this too(-: I dug up some hot poker plant from my GP’s house and divided it into 10 pieces and potted them (-: I was very happy(-: I plan to plant them later this fall in the spot I want them to go in. I still haven’t decided where that is yet(-:

    That is the hard part sometimes Cindee, figuring out what to do with new divisions. Hot poker plant is a great perennial for the garden.


  15. Salvias are so reliable and so much bang for the bank that I often think we take them for granted. I’ll see if I can find ‘Wild Thing’ for I don’t have it. Thanks.~~Dee

    That they are Dee! I’ve added 3 new ones to my garden this year and have pleased with all of them so far. You are quite welcome. 🙂


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