Fall in my garden

The signs of fall are all around my garden at the moment. Some of them are almost screaming to be noticed, while others are subtle. Every plant reacts to the change of the seasons in it’s own unique way. Hydrangea ‘Limelight’ started in June a creamy white color that changed to a chartreuse green and now a rose pink hue. The Red Oak is actually a borrowed view from my kitchen window. This tree is located in the tree lawn or median at the entrance to my neighborhood. For the past 10 years I have looked forward to watching as the leaves changed to a brilliant orangey-red that gives the effect of being on fire. Spirea ‘Goldmound’ is a small ornamental shrub that adds interest spring, summer and fall. In the fall, the foliage gradually deepens from this lime green color to coppery shades of orange. My spring planted Chrysanthemums are full of buds on the verge of opening at the moment. After a long hot & dry summer they are enjoying the cooler temps right now. The Nandina’s berries have deepened to a deep red color over the past month. The final sign is the leaves of the lacecap Hydrangea getting a brown shade around the edges. The cooler days and nights have this effect on all the Hydrangeas at this time of the year. What signs of fall are in your garden right now? ( feel free to click on any photo to enlarge it)


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  1. Well, my yard is woefully plain, so other than the leaves on the trees, which are almost completely gone, there’s not a whole lot of color. So, I’ll get my fall color fix here on your blog! The leaves fell really quickly this year, too. On the bright side, just down the road a ways are some gorgeous maple trees that are throwing some lovely color!

    I’m glad I could give you some fall color to enjoy Paula. I can’t believe how quickly your leaves have already fallen from the trees. What a difference in our areas! Maples are wonderful at displaying their autumn colors.


  2. I love hydrangeas and have been thinking I need to add ‘Limelight’ to my garden. After seeing yours, I definitely will have to get at least one.

    Always Growing

    Me too Jan, Limelight would be a great addition to your garden whether you add one or many. It has been a great focal point in my garden this year. Talk about a long season of interest.


  3. Its nice to see the autumn leaves – I didnt realise Nandine grew so big – mine only a baby at the moment.

    I’m glad your enjoyed the autumn leaves Helen. These are Nandina domestica ‘Umpqua Chief’ and they get to be 5-6 ft tall. I don’t know what cultivar you have but most of them are compact in comparison to mine.


  4. Hi Racquel, it definitely looks like fall in your garden. Everything’s looking lovely. I especially like the Limelight hydrangea.

    We have some fall color going here with the serviceberry, maple, and burning bushes starting to turn shades of red and yellow, and lots of seedheads in the garden. It’s such a pretty time of year.

    Hi Linda, yeah the signs are all around me. Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed the Hydrangea ‘Limelight’. Sounds like you have some great shrubs & trees for fall color too. Serviceberry is another one on my list of plants to add for winter interest & the berries.


  5. Besides the mums I buy, the only fall things I will have will be red oaks, but here in Texas they will not turn until November or depending on the weather, maybe December. I’m so glad you are sharing your fall! πŸ™‚

    Red Oaks are wondeful at providing some fall interest & color. You are quite welcome, glad I could share my fall with you. πŸ™‚


  6. Right now there isn’t a whole lot of turning colors. I did notice some Bradford pears yesterday driving to work starting to turn. I love their brilliant red.

    A few maples are turning in other peoples yards. I do not have any of those beauties.

    I have one little Oak in the front yard that the leaves are turning brown and falling off. No color change at all. That is disappointing.

    I think Red Oaks & Maples provide the best fall color in my area. You are slighly warmer than my area so your fall is probably a couple weeks or so behind us.


  7. Our changes are slow in coming around here. Glad I still have blooming flowers although I love the colors of fall too.
    Drop by, I have something for you.

    Everyone seems to be experiencing different seasonal changes right now. Thanks Darla I stopped by. Thanks for the award!


  8. The sassafras trees are red as fire right now in our yard but most of the other trees are still green. The asters area good harbinger of fall but they bloomed and faded a little early this year. We have a nandina like yours that is full of berries beginning the reddening process.

    Sassafras have wondefully rich fall color. I don’t have but a couple of trees in my own yard so I have to enjoy the borrowed views from my neighbors. Asters & Nandinas are true harbingers of fall.


  9. Your fall photos are so pretty. I’ve been wondering if a Limelight hydrangea would be right for a spot near my house foundation. I need something taller than Annabelle. Yours sure looks nice.

    Thanks Marnie, I’m glad you enjoyed my fall photos. πŸ™‚ I think Limelight would look great near your house foundation. You can either grow it as a tall shrub (5-6 ft) or trim it up like a small tree like I did. It’s a great hydrangea.


  10. Nature is at her finest here right now — everything is aglow. πŸ™‚ As for the garden, my ever-faithful geraniums are the only thing still blooming, and they just don’t quit. Your garden colors are beautiful!

    Your area is gorgeous right now Nancy. The photos you have been sharing lately are beautiful. Your geraniums are diehard plants this year. Thanks!


  11. PGL … isn’t it wonderful to watch our gardens change colour like this ? .. I love my Spireas .. I have 4 or 5 different ones and they all change colour wonderfully !
    I haven’t heard of ‘Nandina” before .. I’ll have to look that up !
    Very pretty pictures : )

    Hi Joy, it is very nice to watch the garden progress through the seasons & observe the changes. Spireas are wonderful little ornamental shrubs for the garden. I’m glad I could introduce you to the Nandina, they are almost weedy in my area. I like their evergreen foliage & structure in the garden.


  12. Do you dry your hydrangea for indoor arrangements? I’m also a spirea fan. Love those little shrubs. Cameron

    No actually I haven’t brought any in for dried arrangements, I enjoy them so much on the shrubs in the fall & winter. Spireas are wonderfully little ornamental shrubs, being compact they fit in nicely in the perennial borders.


  13. Fall is falling upon us for sure(-: I love all your colors(-: I have lots of leaves changing. I will have to take a picture or two(-:

    Thanks Cindee, I can’t wait to see your fall colors in your garden soon. πŸ™‚


  14. I love how the Hydrangea flowers continue to provide such a show even after they finish blooming.

    They truly do provide an extended season of interest in my garden MMD. πŸ™‚


  15. Oooh, I’d like to sneak into your garden and cut some of those hydrangea limelight blossoms off for decorating!! πŸ˜‰ Are you planning to do that yourself?? Good thing I don’t live nearby!!
    I’m still trying to ignore fall even tho I love the brilliant foliage colors. I just can’t get beyond what comes after…

    lol Kathleen! πŸ™‚ I like leaving them on the plant for fall/winter interest. If you lived nearby I would be more than happy to share a few blossoms with you for decorating. πŸ˜‰ Winter will be here & over before you know it.


  16. Hi Racquel, it looks like you are in peak fall color. Limelight is proving to be quite popular too. ;-> We are in different stages with the fall color, the house behind us has a giant maple that is in peak color, I imagine this tree to be a sibling of our beloved ferngully that died and was cut down a few years ago. ;-< The same type of tree is planted throughout our neighborhood. The ones under the power lines have been massacred and most have been taken down. The ones on the other side of the street remain and give lots of shade and fall color. There is one across the street from us, same type of tree that has not even started turning. Out dogwoods have the most leaf color, followed by the sourwood’s brilliant red. We are not at peak yet.
    Hi Frances, it seems like you are getting some fall color at the moment too. We are not quite at peak, the red oaks have started turning but the Maples are still green here. Maples have a lovely autumn foliage display. We have trees like that in our area that were planted to close to powerlines as well, the city brutally chops them back & their shape is so distorted they look horrible.


  17. Hi, Racquel, it’s definitely Fall here in my part of the Pacific Northwest, too. But my garden is not nearly as pretty as yours – we don’t get such an array of leaf colors here – except for the Vine Maples and other Maples, which aren’t as common here. Although we get a lot (lot, lot, lot) of rain, we still get to enjoy “October’s Bright Blue Weather” sometimes. I’m enjoying your pictures, and the comments others leave. It is interesting to see how different geographic locations give one a different perspective on the changing seasons, isn’t it? I also have beautiful, dark green holly with bright red berries; I really look forward to using them and my Douglas Fir in my holiday decorating!

    Hi Grace, I went and looked at your website. Very nice informative information about small space gardening. πŸ™‚ You definitely get more rain in your neck of the woods than we do. I get the majority of my rain in the winter & spring which leaves me with a dry summer & fall garden. I’m glad you stopped by today & enjoyed my fall display. I enjoy the commenters that visit my blog daily, they are from different regions & their gardens are quite different than mine in some ways & alike in others. πŸ™‚


  18. I love watching the leaves turn bright yellow, orange and red this time of the year πŸ™‚

    I do too, it’s like Fall is a second spring for the garden.


  19. You have some lovely fall color Racquel…are your canopy trees almost at peak time? I was just noting on the way back from Cheekwood, our botanical garden, that we have very little fall color in the canapy trees. Most color is on the small trees, like dogwoods and the shrub layer. In my yard the Witchhazels and Spicebush are golden…we are having a big rain and lower temps, so maybe fall will make an appearance!


    Thanks Gail, no just the Red Oaks are starting to turn now. The Maples & other large canopy trees are still green. Our smaller trees are the same way, I think our climates must be quite similar. Send us some rain if you can, we haven’t had any since late September.


  20. Hi Racquel,
    Still love that limelight. I like the way you have trimmed it up. I do that with some shrubs too. I like the look of the bare branches and you can plant under it.

    Thanks Balisha, it’s a great Hydrangea and like you said with the trim up it creates more planting space below for shade lovers. πŸ™‚


  21. Hey, it is Zach. You did a great job at guessing the 2nd flower pic that is one my blog site. Yes it is a veronica, and the bees loved it! All of my finches have left too, but I was able to get some picks before they did and that made me happy!

    Hey Zach. I thought I was right. πŸ™‚ I’ve grown both the pink & purple varieties in my garden in the past. I love the spiky blooms. Great shots!


  22. Racquel, your garden looks so neat and beautiful. Fascinating colours and the oak tree in your neighbourhood looks magnificent.
    Went through your slide show too…loved them all!!

    Thanks Kanak. I’m glad you enjoyed fall in my garden along with my slideshow of blooms!


  23. Fall provides us with interesting colors. Even plants that are not particularly stunning during the year can be awesome in the fall.


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