Garden Bloggers are the best!

A couple of weeks ago one of my favorite garden bloggers Tina celebrated her blog’s one year anniversary.  She had a small contest where if you guessed how many posts she did in a year you won a prize.   When she posted that I had guessed right I was in shock.  I’ve never won a contest in my life, so I was thrilled!   The prize was a choice between a gift certificate to Walmart or a handmade garden sign.  I picked the sign and it came in the mail yesterday evening!!!!  Thanks Tina, it looks great and I love it!  She also made the little feet it rests on and included four packets of seed from her garden.   What a generous gift that I appreciate very much.  The seeds include: Cleome (mixed colors), Orange Cosmos, Dill, and Flowering Tobacco (Nicotiana sylvestis).   I love the clear marbles she stuck into the concrete on the ends.  The color she mixed into the concrete is a beautiful shade of brick red.  As soon as I unpacked it I knew it would be perfect for my Arbor Garden which is its’ new home as you can see below.

Thanks Tina!  You’re the best!


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  1. How nice Racquel!! Congrats for guessing correctly and enjoy your goodies.

    Thank you Kathleen! I appreciate your congratulations. 🙂


  2. I’m delighted for you, Racquel! I’m not lucky winning prizes either. Even when I yelled BINGO years ago, 2 others won with me and … oh, I forgot … I won a jar of pickles at the National Pickle Festival in my home town!

    Thanks Joey! This was one prize I feel quite pleased to have won. Homemade gifts are the best! A jar of pickles is a great prize too, nothing more special than home cooking. 🙂


  3. What a lovely prize!!

    Handmade items just seem to be so much nicer than mass produced ones, and its always great to recieve a gift of seeds.

    I won a prize of a packet of verbena bonasaris several years ago and that has brough me so much pleasure – the plants self seed and the flowers attract lots of butterflies.

    Thanks HG! I feel the same way, a handmade gift is special because it has the person’s creativity & time put into it. I’ve always enjoyed gifts that were made for me more than mass produced ones. Seeds are a great pass-a-long gift from gardener to gardener. Verbena Bonasaris is a wonderful perennial in my garden, the amount of wildlife it attracts it astounding!


  4. Hi Racquel, Tina is a dear, and your sign looks great in the garden already. You are smart to have guessed her number of posts, she is pretty prolific isn’t she! I have a marker from her also, and it is the same pretty red color. I rubbed moss on mine to give it a patina. It is a treasure, and I know you will treasure yours as well.


    Hi Frances. Tina has become quite a great blogging buddy to me. Thank you, I love the way it looks in my Arbor Garden. Great idea to rub moss on it. I’ve done that with Terra Cotta Pots in the past. I will always treasure it in my garden!


  5. How wonderful for you! I know exactly how you must have felt because I never win at anything either. Unlike my husband who falls asleep playing cards and still wins!
    I would’ve picked the handmade sign too if I were in your place. And it really looks pretty. What is it made of?

    Thank you Sunita! That is too funny that your hubby wins at cards even after falling asleep, lol. Handmade gifts are the best! Thanks. It is made of concrete.


  6. Such lovely prizes, Racquel! May the seeds turn out to be prolific bloomers year after year!

    Thanks Kanak! I think the seeds will be a nice memory of the friend who passed them on each year. 🙂


  7. Now that is something to treasure and it looks great!

    Thanks Darla, I will treasure it always!


  8. What wonderful prize! Tina is the best….the little feet are a great idea.


    Thanks Gail. I agree, Tina is the best! The little feet make a perfect display for it.


  9. That is so lovely and special! Congratulations on your win! Cameron

    Thanks Cameron, I think it is pretty special too! 🙂


  10. That’s a really cute sign. She did a really good job. Congratulations on winning Racquel.

    Thanks Susie, I love it! She did do a really good job!


  11. Congrats on winning! Tina posted a picture before she sent it to you…I loved it! It looks great in your garden too. Be sure and let us know how the seeds do. I love my cosmos, it’s one thing still in bloom today.

    Thanks Linda! It was so much better seeing it in person. I am quite thrilled to have won this wonderful handmade object for my garden. I will definitely keep you all updated on the seeds next year. Cosmos are some of my favorites reseeding annuals & I love the orange variety!


  12. Congratulations on winning Tina’s contest Racquel! I love the handcrafted sign. Excellent choice! It looks great in your garden.

    Garden bloggers ARE the best!

    Thank you so much Linda! It is pretty special to win something handcrafted by a fellow blogging buddy. I love it! They are the best!


  13. I like your new sign. You made a good choice!

    Thanks Marnie, I’m happy with my choice too! 🙂


  14. I am SO happy you like it and it arrived intact. It is a nice addition to your arbor garden. I sometimes add the whimsy touches and hoped you would like the marbles. I like a bit of color on them. I had visions it would break in the mail so I am SO glad it arrived intact! lol You’ll love the seeds. The cosmos are of course my bee beds and they are super plants. I will post on the flowering tobacco soon. Thanks everyone for your kind comments on the handmade stone, but Raquel really did all the work by guessing the right number on the posts.

    I love it Tina and it arrived in perfect condition! It looks as if it was made for my Arbor Garden. The marbles were a great touch, just the right amount of whimsy! 😉 I’ve seen your Orange Cosmos & they are gorgeous. I know just where I’ll put them too (in a couple of spots). Can’t wait to see the Flowering Tobacco, I’ve grown it in the past & it has a great scent. I may of guessed the right number of posts but you did all the work in making me this wonderful handcrafted piece of garden art! 🙂


  15. Sorry-I spelled your name wrong again! Racquel-I need to fix my finger on that C!!

    That’s okay Tina! 🙂 lol


  16. Posted by greenwalks on October 8, 2008 at 12:42 pm

    Congrats on your winning guess! The sign looks great. Orange cosmos, huh? Never seen those! Hope they grow well for you and we see some pics of them next summer.

    Thanks GW! I’m glad you like the sign, it is great! I’ve seen them growing in several garden bloggers gardens this year (Orange Cosmos). I promise to keep you updated on their progress next summer!


  17. YEA YOU! That is a cool durable sign that says it all in one word!

    Thank you Carla! Doesn’t it just complete the garden!


  18. Love the sign!

    Thanks Mom, I do too! 🙂


  19. You all are too nice, I gotta do these contests more often so I can come read such nice things to make my day! Course today we got rain so it is a pretty good day and this just makes it all better!

    You deserve it Tina! 🙂 Yay rain!


  20. Thanks for sharing your prize with us, Racquel. Now, when you get the cosmos going, you need to tell me your secret–I love them and I can’t get them to grow here–I’m 99 percent sure it’s operator error!

    You are quite welcome Cosmos! I promise to keep you updated on the Cosmos, and if they do well I will give you my secret. 🙂 I’ve grown the pink & white ones in the past & they seem to thrive on neglect.


  21. What a talented lady and how lucky you are to have won. It looks fantastic in your arbor garden. Linda


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