Bloomin Tuesday Again

It’s Bloomin’ Tuesday again and I have few blooms to show you of perennials that are making their second or final flush of the season.  For more posts or to join in this week please visit MsGreenThumb.


Salvia ‘Black & Blue’ is putting on another flush of blooms at the moment.  This is new to me this year and so far I am quite impressed with the color and the amount of wildlife it attracts to the garden.




The Hemerocallis ‘Stella d’Oro’ is a great reblooming daylilly for the summer and fall garden.  She has had several flushes of bloom this year and is putting out her last small flush for the season. 



I realize that my ‘Blackseeded’ Simpson Lettuce isn’t a bloom, but I thought I would show you how much it has grown over the past month.  My son is eagerly awaiting me picking it.  He said it looks delicious.  🙂


The fall Pansies I planted in place of the summer blooming Periwinkles are blooming now.  These cool weather flowers should last right up until next May when the heat sets in again.  I still have Toadlillies, Turtlehead, White Swan Coneflowers, Butterfly Bush and Salvia Mystic Spires blooming in the garden too.  What’s still blooming in your fall garden right now? 


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  1. Hello Racquel, Love your Salvia, what a pretty color it is. I also like your lettuce in a pot. I am going to try growing in a pot rather than the ground. The rabbits just mow it completely flat! I planted some fall pansies about 2 weeks ago, but the heat just killed them. I am going to wait till it cools down a bit more before I try growing somemore. Where do you live that they last until May. It sounds like our weather here in So Calif. Most of my fall plants will last all winter too.

    Hi Ann, I’m glad you enjoyed my Salvia ‘Black & Blue’ blooms & the lettuce bowl. 🙂 I find lettuce (especially the loose leaf variety) easier to grow in a container. It may of been too early for Pansies in your area, but you can probably still get them in October. I live in Virginia (zone 7b), I’ve seen them blooming with frost on their foliage. 🙂 We rarely get snow, but if we do they will perk back up once it’s gone.


  2. That lettuce does look delicious! There are fields of lettuce right across the road from my house, but it’s well guarded, so I can’t get any, and they don’t sell it in stands like some farmers. It is specialty lettuce grown for gourmet restaurants around Phoenix. The farmer grows all kinds of specialty vegetables in numerous fields around here. It’s fun to watch the various fancy things come up. His methods are completely different that the usual operations that grow for distribution to grocery stores. His stuff is all organically grown, and is harvested when it is very young and tender.

    It does look pretty tasty to me too! I’ve never grown this particular variety, but so far it is doing well. That must be interesting living across the road from an Organic Farm. He must be a wealth of information on growing veggies.


  3. Hi Racquel – Your lettuce looks scrumptious! It’s nice that it’s in a pot and you can move it about as conditions require. All your blooms are lovely as well.

    Hi Cindy, thanks! That is the great part about growing veggies in containers. I find lettuce really does well in containers. I’m glad you enjoyed my blooms today. 🙂


  4. It is great to see the Stella Lillie is still blooming in your area. Mine are no longer.

    Thanks Grammy, I like perennials that give more than one or two flushes of blooms. Stella has been a real champ in my garden this year.


  5. Such a great idea – growing lettuce in a pot. I love watching vegetables and flowers grown. The Stella Lillie is lovely. Pansies are the first flowers that I plant in the spring.

    Thanks Sweetie, I find lettuce is a really easy to grow veggie in a container. I’m glad you enjoyed my blooms today. 🙂


  6. My pansies are still small too, can’t wait to see a pic of them when they engulf that container. Salvia is on my list for sure come spring.

    It shouldn’t take them too much longer to completely fill in the container. I promise to post when they do. Salvia (any of them) are great additions to the perennial garden.


  7. I’m telling you Racquel, you can’t go wrong with that Black/Blue salvia. You might want to look out for the Sapphire Blue salvia as well. I brought a couple of these home a few weeks ago and they have such a striking color as well. There is also a white one in this same family.

    You were right Susie, I love Black & Blue! Thanks for the heads up about Sapphire Blue, I will keep my eye our for it. I love Salvia, easy to grow & they attract so much to the garden.


  8. I like the black and blue salvia but it is very hard to find around here.

    Good idea to start some more lettuce, it looks good.

    I’m hoping it is a perennial in my zone 7b garden this year, or at least reseeds itself. Thanks Marnie, I’m pleased with the lettuce too! 🙂


  9. Hi, Racquel–The salvia is gorgeous. If yours is like mine, you’ll have three times as much next year–maybe we can send some to Marnie! (Someone–I think it was Kim at A Study in Contrasts?–said they were asking $16. a gallon for it at her garden centers–so funny when it’s as prolific as weeds in my yard). Anyway, yeah, the bees and butterflies and hummers love it–we’ll have to send out care packages next spring.

    Hi Cosmos! I hope it is as prolific as yours, so is it a perennial in your garden or does it just self seed itself? I would happily share with Marnie or anyone else if it does spread. I didn’t pay much for the quart size pot I got. Less than $4.00, I think. Isn’t that funny! The fact that it attracts so much wildlife to the garden was a big selling point for me. 🙂


  10. That lettuce does look delicious! Glad your teenaged son is into it. Mine is not:( I really like that black and blue salvia and if it self seeds some like in Racquel’s garden, that would be lucky!

    Thanks Tina! My eldest is 19 and loves salad, but my youngest is almost 16 & can’t stand it. He loves all veggies except lettuce & sweet potatoes. I hope the Black & Blue either reseeds or winters over in my garden. Thanks for the good wishes, it would be lucky!


  11. I have crepe myrtle blooming! I also noticed my morning glory is blooming. It did not bloom this summer.
    Your blooms look wonderful(-: I need to plant some fall plants too.(-:

    I love Crepe Myrtle blooms, they are a southern charmer! Mine has a few lingering blossoms on it. Thanks Cindee, I’m glad you enjoyed my blooms today. 🙂


  12. oooo, a salad bowl (literally:)! I’m planting one of those on the porch to replace the tropicals I have now! I love your new header of your backyard corner bed! I have Stella, and I’m hoping my black/blue salvia lived-hmmm may have to go check!

    That’s what I’m calling it Carla, my salad bowl. lol It should be a lovely replacement for your tropicals on the porch. Thanks, I’m glad you like my new header showing a part of my new corner bed in the backyard. Stella is a champion in my garden & my new Black & Blue is a great addition thus far. I hope your’s is stilling going strong too. 🙂


  13. Everything looks so wonderful and colorful. You would never know it is autumn.

    Thanks Teri! There is a quote that states that autumn is a second spring, and it seems to apply to my garden this year. 🙂


  14. Posted by The Hunky G is alive! on October 7, 2008 at 1:05 pm

    I love the blue salvia!

    Thanks HG! It is pretty spectacular in bloom.


  15. The salvia is such a pretty blue and how great it is still blooming. Aren’t Stella’s wonderful for getting the job done. You have to appreciate the determination to bloom this long. I like your name for the lettuce pot. Salad bowl!!

    Thanks Beckie. I wish I could capture the true color of that Salvia in a photo. It is such a vibrant shade of blue. Stella is a champion in my garden this year. Salad bowl seemed so fitting, lol. 🙂


  16. Your garden must still be beautiful with all that is still blooming! Love the blue salvia. I don’t have any, one more to add to the wish list! Jean

    Thanks Jean. It looks good for the fall, more blooming than last year. Glad I could add another great plant to your wish list. I love it!


  17. Your “Black and Blue” salvia is such a pretty shade. Is it a perennial or annual? Your Stellas look so healthy, too. I’ve been disappointed in mine this fall, but they need dividing badly which may account for their messy appearance. Lettuce in a pot–what a clever idea!

    Thanks Rose! It’s suppose to be a perennial in my zone 7b garden. Cross your fingers for me! 🙂 I need to divide my Stella’s this year too. I’m glad you like my Salad Bowl. It is such a easy way to grow it.


  18. Yikes – I have nothing to add. Everybody else said it first!! Lovely post. I do envy you to be able to grow lettuce at this time of year. Here in the north (canada) we are putting our gardens to bed. Frost predicted for tonight. I enjoyed seeing all your plants.

    That’s okay Wendy! 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed my blooms today. Frost? Yikes! I shouldn’t have to deal with that for at least another month.


  19. Wow You still have a lot blooming. Great pictures.

    Thanks Chris & Laurie! I’m glad you enjoyed my blooms today. 🙂


  20. The b&b salvias were blooming like crazy when we left for vacation this Sunday. The pineapple sage was about to bloom, so I hope to see more red around the salvia greggii in the butterfly garden. Great photos you have there! Cameron

    Thanks Cameron. Is the Black & Blue a perennial in your garden? I’m hoping it returns next year or at least reseeds. I love Pineapple Sage, it has such wonderful fragrance.


  21. I thought of joining in on the fun today with Bloomin’ Tuesday but my garden is completely and utterly soggy these days and not very photogenic. 😦 Your’s still looks nice though! 🙂

    That is just too much rain Cynthia. I’m glad you enjoyed my blooms today.


  22. Posted by greenwalks on October 8, 2008 at 5:31 pm

    Nice blooms! I especially liked the blue salvia. I have lots of different colored ones but I think I’m lacking blue. Something to put on the list for next spring! My daylilies are done for the year, but it’s nice to see your still going.

    Thanks GW, the Black & Blue Salvia is one of my faves at the moment too. A great addition to your wishlist for next year. I’m glad you could still enjoy my Stellas. 🙂


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