False Asters for Fall

False Aster

False Aster

Kalimeris incisa  ‘Shogun’ or False Aster is a great addition to my fall garden this year.   This pretty perennial has variegated foliage with golden yellow leaf margins on green leaves.  These yellow margins will eventually age to white.  I’m crazy about variegated foliage because it adds another another layer of interest to a perennial when it isn’t blooming.  It is a compact and slow spreading plant that looks great with other larger perennials in the garden.  From the information I’ve found it says it would be a great companion with Heuchera ‘ Plum Pudding’, Coreopsis ‘Limerock Ruby’, or Geranium ‘Rozanne’ .  Shogun has small lavender flowers with yellow centers that bloom in early fall.  The flowers are very similar to Boltonia and Aster blooms.   I’m assuming this is how the common name of False Aster came about.  I provided some pertinent growing information below:

  • Easy to grow in a variety of soils and situations.
  • Grows to 18″ in height and 10″ in width
  • Full sun to part shade (does better w/afternoon shade in warmer zones)
  • Moist to average soil
  • Cut back in late fall
  • Drought tolerant
  • Deer Resistant
  • Attracts Butterflies
  • Great in a container or border
  • USDA Hardiness Zone 5-9

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  1. Posted by spookydragonfly on October 6, 2008 at 4:53 am

    Sounds like something I’d be interested in…if the bloom is comparable to asters, which I enjoy. Deer resistant is a plus for me back in the woods. I, too, love variegated foliage…something I need more of im my gardens. Have a great week, Racquel!

    Thanks Kim. Variegated foliage would look great in your woods, brighten the darker spots. I’m glad I could show you something you may be able to use in your own garden. I hope you have a great week too! 🙂


  2. Even though our plants are different I love to read the information that you provide. Sounds interesting, especially with the variegated foliage— I’m echoing Kim’s thoughts. And pretty too!

    Thanks Kanak! It is nice to see the different plants we grow in each other’s gardens. Yours are always so unique & exotic. 😉 I’m glad you enjoyed the variegated foliage of False Aster today.


  3. Drought tolerant, deer resistant, AND zone 5! This is a plant for me. Thanks for the great info.

    You are quite welcome Cindy. Glad I could introduce you another great plant for the garden. 🙂


  4. That looks like a perfect little flower for Autumn ! .. I have some white with yellow centers in the back but I have no idea what cultivar they are (older plant .. tag left town ? ).. I’m going to check on Purple Dome to see if it has opened today.
    Great information with your pictures PG !

    Thanks Joy. So far it seems like a wonderful little fall bloomer. Can’t wait to see pictures of Purple Dome! I’m glad you enjoyed the post today. 🙂


  5. Hi Racquel, thanks for showing us this cutie. As aster like bloom with variegated foliage sounds like a winner. We have lots of wild asters here but they are all white flowered and tall. I would like something a little shorter for the front of the beds, this looks like a good one.

    Hi Frances, you are quite welcome! It would be perfect for the front of your beds. It seems like very little maintenance so far too. 🙂


  6. Looks like another winner to me. The bloom looks exactly like my star aster(which is still lightly blooming). Thanks for the info Racquel.

    Thanks Susie, I’m glad you enjoyed the blooms and info today for this wonderful fall blooming plant. 🙂


  7. I’m sooo confused about all the different Asters they are pretty though. I have two different kinds.

    These aren’t Asters Darla. These are called False, because the bloom looks similar to an Aster bloom.


  8. I’m looking at all the asters trying to decide which to add to my garden next year. Thanks for this post.

    You are quite welcome Marnie. I think whichever ones you add will be a great addition to the fall garden. 🙂


  9. I need more drought tolerant plants.(-:
    We did get rain here on Friday though so that was a great!!! First in 5 months!
    Long way to go but very nice to get a bit(-:
    I have a few asters and no false ones. I guess I need to get some of those(-:

    With the way the rain has been lacking in most areas lately during the peak season I’ve been adding more drought tolerant plants to the garden each year. They really stand up to the changing climate and fall bloomers really extend the season. I need to add some Asters to my garden along with this false one. 🙂 Congratulations on the rain you got Cindee, I know every little bit helps.


  10. Racquel, It is a cutie pie! The variegated leaf is very nice and would add the something special my garden beds need. Are the flowers small like boltonia or just similar looking? Gail

    Thanks Gail, it is a nice plant with the variegated foliage & lavender blooms. The flowers are small like Boltonia. 🙂


  11. Looks great. Very nice tip on what to combine them with too.

    Thanks Tina! I’m glad you liked my companion planting tips. It does give you an idea on what they would look nice next to. 🙂


  12. I have some of those too. Good idea on companion plants. Mine are growing all alone and they need something else with them.

    They are quite pretty and I love Heuchera Plum Pudding, bet they would look fantastic together. Burgundy foliage with that lemon-lime.


  13. Loving variegated foliage, this looks like a flower I should consider, Racquel, since my garden looks most pitiful (although my fall daisies popped while I was away).

    I’m glad I could add something to your wishlist Joey. It would be a great season extender for your late summer-fall garden.


  14. Nice! I haven’t ever grown false asters or asters of any kind in my garden before. I did just remedy that this year with two Aster ‘Monch’ X frikartii’s. I hope they do well next season.

    Thanks Kathleen. I’ve tried Asters in the past and for some reason they didn’t make it, but so far I’m impressed with these False Asters. I hope yours do well too.


  15. Looks like a winner to me! I, too, love interesting foliage — I think it sets the backdrop for everything else. 🙂

    Thanks Nancy, that’s how I feel too about interesting foliage. 🙂


  16. Another plant I’ve never heard of before! I like the variegated foliage, too. Anything drought resistant and easy to grow can find a home in my garden:)
    Enjoyed your tour of Jamestown, too.

    Glad I could introduce you to something new Rose. 🙂 Those are the kind of qualities I look for in a perennial too. I’m glad you enjoyed the tour of Jamestown as well.


  17. From your post
    “Drought tolerant
    Deer Resistant
    Attracts Butterflies”
    That sounds great to me!
    We do not hasve deer, but in places where they do it is hard to find things that will work.
    I love asters. I want to try the California native aster.
    They do have some great attributes Philip. I would like to try more Asters in my garden so I can extend the bloom period. I don’t have problems with deer either, but some other gardeners do. 🙂


  18. Oh, this is a great plant. Of course, because it’s deer resistant means I could actually have it! 🙂 We’re at the coast at Hatteras. Beautiful day, trying to keep up with the blogs from the beach! 🙂

    It would perfect in your garden if it is deer resistant. Have a good time at the beach Cameron!


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