Dreaming of Spring…

Thalia Daffodil (photo from Jung Seed Co.)

Thalia Daffodil (photo from Jung Seed Co.)

It was a rainy day in my garden today.  Too wet & dreary to do any work, so I sat and looked at the garden from the patio.  Sometimes rainy days give us time to think about what we need to accomplish in the garden or come up with ideas.  My large containers that are filled with Periwinkle were calling to me to prepare for next spring.  I have 24 Thalia Daffodil  bulbs to plant this fall.  These white fragrant blossoms underplanted with some Grape Hyacinth will really add something special to next year’s garden.  It’s hard to believe that something as ordinary as a bulb can turn into a gorgeous flower that comes back year after year.   Something garden related that did happen today was my seven perennials that I ordered this summer from Bluestone were delivered today.  I have six new plants to find new homes for this weekend.  The seventh is a three pack of Asperula odorata ‘Sweet Woodruff’ to replenish the Woodland garden.  It is a great part sun-full shade groundcover that has the sweetest little white flowers in the spring.  The other plants include Echinops ‘Ritro’, Euphorbia ‘Chameleon’, Echninacea ‘Harvest Moon’ and ‘Sundown’, Lobelia ‘Vedrariensis’ (a purple flowering cultivar) and Belamcanda ‘Hello Yellow’.  They were all in a medium sized box packed carefully in styrofoam peanuts that I can send back to be recycled.   So as the rain continues to fall, I will sit and dream of next spring in the garden.  Afterall, each spring the garden becomes something fresh and exciting again.   Every fall and winter the weather turns cooler and the garden prepares for its’ long winter nap.  This is my down time to prepare for the next season to come.  Just when I start to get that gardening itch to start digging in the soil again, everything starts all over again.  A new season, a new garden, fresh ideas and plans to take us through another summer.  Have a nice weekend!


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  1. Great plants from Bluestone! I think you’ll like the echinops. The form factor is a nice thing to have among other flower shapes. I missed the deadline for ordering from Bluestone this fall to get the discount. However, I made up for it by going to Plant Delights in Raleigh and came back with a few special salvias.

    Thanks Cameron. After seeing your Echinops, I’m glad I ordered it. I think it should make a nice compliment to the other perennials. How lucky you are to live so close to Plant Delights. They have a wonderful selection of plants and the salvias you got are gorgeous.


  2. I say put some old clothes on and go get muddy! The best time to plant is in the rain and I know if we ever get any I’ll be reveling in it.

    Normally I would Tina but we were getting some lightening & thunder too. The best time to plant & move plants is when it’s raining or cloudy. We finally got a substancial amount to make a real difference in the garden, especially with all my newly transplanted things. 😉


  3. Rainy days are wonderful for sitting back, relaxing and dreaming of ideas for the garden or life in general. It sounds like you got some great perennials. Those echinaceas are going to be wonderful additions to your garden.

    Especially with all the work I’ve been doing lately in the garden Susie! I needed a short break to catch my breath. 🙂 I’m happy with the selection I made this fall for perennials, especially the new Echinaceas!


  4. I love a rainy day like you had. Glad you got some moisture ~ it was perfect timing after all your transplanting. Your new bulbs & plants will be great. Sweet woodruff runs amuck under my aspen trees. I pull him out in handfuls but he’s still a great groundcover.

    It was perfect timing, it really seemed to settle in all my transplants nicely. It was nice to see the sun come out today though. 🙂 I wish it rain amuck in my garden. It did really well for a couple of years and now most of it has died out. Don’t know what the problem is, decided to try it under the Pecan tree this time to see if it’s just the place it was growing.


  5. Gardening is a part of our lives no matter the season. We plant, we prune, we water, and we dream!
    Have a good weekend too!

    What a lovely way to put it Linda. That’s exactly how I feel about it too. 🙂


  6. Love those daffodils!

    Thanks Mom, I’m looking forward to seeing them poke their heads through the soil next spring. 🙂


  7. I’ve missed a couple of your recent blogs. My blog roll isn’t notifying me for some reason.

    I have several packages of bulbs too. I’m trying some new aliums I’m kind of excited about. I’d like to get some pink daffodils too. Wish it would rain here, things are browning a little.

    Maybe Blogger is having issues again with the blogroll Marnie. Well if you ever need to look at previous posts you can either go to the bottom of the page & click on next page or click on the date on the calender in the sidebar. Don’t you just love bulbs! They give so much for so little. I ordered some new to me alliums this year too. We needed the rain too, everything was getting crunchy. 🙂


  8. I’m not ready to start dreaming about spring, but I should be, as I need to start planting these bulbs! It will be interesting to see your Lobelia. That’s what I ordered from Bluestone a long time ago, but what I got was L. siphilitica. I’d like to compare the 2. I’m happy with my plants & I think I might like them better than what I actually ordered.

    Hi MMD, it’s not so much I’m dreaming, but planting these bulbs gets me to thinking about what they will look like next spring. 🙂 Hmmm…then I will be interested to see what the Lobelia turns out to be too. Some mistakes work out great.


  9. Hi, Racquel–Isn’t the rain great? Your new plants sound wonderful. I love sweet woodruff, and I too would love to see it run rampant. Mine’s done better this year–I wonder if it likes the drier conditions? I can’t wait to see your new plants in the garden (with Tina’s garden stone!–congrats again)

    Hi Cosmo, the rain was fantastic. We really needed it. I’m exciting about my new things. My sweet woodruff in the past was pretty lush, but this year a large amount of it was missing. I think it prefers some moisture, not necessarily wet though. The garden it was in is harder to get to with the hose. 😦 Thanks again about the garden stone, I was pretty excited. I never win anything. 🙂


  10. I still have yet to get around to ordering any bulbs for next spring. I keep forgetting to as I have so many other things to do in the garden right now with the fall veggies. Looks like you will have fun in the garden this weekend if the rain lets up! It is so much fun getting new plants in the mail! 🙂

    You still have time Cynthia. It is hard to juggle alot of things in the garden, I’ve felt torn in different directions at the moment. I got some done today because the sun came out. I love getting new plants, so fun! 🙂


  11. We will have our bulb sale next month. Things don’t wind down around here until November. Even then I have winter garden because we freeze so rarely. The perennials you recieved sound great. Hope you enjoyed your rainy day.

    That sounds like fun Deb. We usually wind down around the end of October but the pansies will keep blooming off & on until next May when it gets warm. We get freezes but the worse of our winter is in Jan & Feb. Thanks, I’m excited about my new plants. The rain was great, we needed it desperately. The garden is happy! 🙂


  12. Hi!
    I’ve been away so I’m catching up on my blog reading and commenting. I love rainy days, they are great for reflecting. Those Thalia’s will look great with grape hyacinths. And smell good to boot.

    Hello! Good to hear from you Cindy. Especially when you don’t get any rain for awhile, I love watching my garden absorbing it. Can’t wait till spring, all those wonderful blooms & scents!


  13. Posted by greenwalks on September 27, 2008 at 2:00 am

    Hey, without the rain, gardening would be pretty un-fun, I think. Nice to have a day to pause and reflect, as you did. I can’t wait to see your Echinops and I hope the Thalias bloom well for you. Grape hyacinth has been a favorite of mine since I was a kid – I love the way the little petal-ball-thingies kind of squeak if you rub them together.

    I agree GW. The rain gives the garden life & nourishment. It was nice to take a break. Thanks GW. I promise to keep you in the loop how everything new in the garden is doing. Grape hyacinths are wonderful. They make sure a great accent to other bulbs.


  14. Glad you got some rain Racquel. We could use some here, and I can hardly believe I’m saying that after Ike dumped about seven inches on us two weeks ago. I moved a bunch of stuff after the storm, and now I’m having to water since we’ve had no rain since Ike. Go figure.

    Thanks Linda. We needed it. Your garden must of absorbed that 7 inches like a sponge. Hard to believe. I hate hand watering & dragging hoses. No fun! I hope your new transplants do well.


  15. Hi Racquel, I can only imagine a rainy day here, thanks for painting the scene for me. I love all your plant picks. The sweet woodruff is one of my favorites with the hay scent of the dried foliage, Just a bowl of it will perk up any musty odors inside. The bulbs I ordered will come mid October, alliums Purple Sensation and drumstick. They are to go in the midst of the muhly grass for interest until its fall show. I think one of the best gardening activities is sitting and looking at the garden for inspiration of improvements to come next season. Good sitting!


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