I see the finish line in sight

Well the Arbor Garden is almost done anyhow. There are a couple of shrubs that need to be shifted and then planting the new bulbs & perennials that were ordered over the summer once they arrive.  My hubby hung my birthday trellis on the back fence and I’m wondering now if it needs a deeper stain to make it pop.  What do you think? 

 Another bed that is almost complete is the Fountain Bed.  Today I cut back the ‘Royal Standard’ Hostas & burgundy Cannas because they looked pretty ratty.  Then I put down a nice layer of compost and trimmed the Nandinas back, they were pretty wild.  Two of them will be removed to be replaced by the Viburnums. (which are sitting in their pots in front their prospective new homes).  The Rhododendron in the back makes a nice anchor for the corner and has a pretty lavender bloom in the late spring. 

The next bed to work on is the border bed out front.  I’ve been moving things around in here too.  Two of my birthday plants are residing here.  The seed heads on the Rubeckia will be left for the birds to enjoy this winter.  This bed definitely needs some compost, it gets so dry and the soil looks tired.  It’s nice to change things occasionally, gives the garden a whole new fresh look.


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  1. The arbor garden is looking great and you will really enjoy the new bulbs when they come up. Next spring it will be full of glorious color. Like you, the new trellis blends a little too much I think. It is such a pretty one that you really want to show it off.

    I love the fountain garden. How lovely and peaceful. I just added vuburnums to my wish list. This past spring so many had beautiful ones blooming on their posts. The border bed will get there. Some beds take their time in telling you how they want to look. My goodness, you have been sooo busy!

    Thanks Beckie. Spring will hold great things for the gardens next year I hope. I think I will definitely get a stain or a colored stain so it matches my bench & washtub then. I’m glad you enjoyed the garden beds. That’s how I feel about the border bed, a work in progress. 😉


  2. That’s alot of work, when you get to sit back and enjoy it, it will have been worth it. The trellis on the back fence, I tend to agree that it could use a darker stain, do you leave that picnic bench out there? If so some shade of that brick red would look nice, just my redneck opinion.

    It is but I’ve been doing some every day and not trying to kill myself in the process. That’s what I was thinking too Darla, lol They have stains where I could get a red that kind of went with the bench. We are on the same page today! 🙂


  3. Good morning! It looks great! Is that Sweet Autumn in the corner of the fence? It looks fabulous there. I am a bit torn about the trellis. I think it looks fine but maybe might need a dark green or maroon on the outside support of it, but since you are going to put clematis on it I think it would be fairly covered up. In summation, I think you can go either way-stain or not. New looks are nice-but oh my aching back:)

    Good morning Tina! Thanks, I’m glad you liked my gardens. Yep that’s SAC in the corner. It has two trellises & the post to support it’s massiveness. 😉 I was thinking maybe a red tinted stain so that it kind of looked similar to the bench or a dark brown to match the arbor. Hmmm…. I’ve been doing some everyday so I’m not trying to kill my back or anything, lol


  4. WOW! You’re creating some beautiful garden areas. I can’t wait to see the photos next spring and summer when your results will be so spectacular! 🙂 Cameron

    Thank you Cameron! I’m looking forward to next spring too, so I can see if the idea in my head becomes a reality. 😉 I promise to post lots of photos next year so everyone can see the transformation, and now I’ll have great before shots to go with them.


  5. Everything is looking nice and tidy. I think it will be so great next season when everything is blooming and growing.

    I agree with you regarding the trellis. It gets lost against the fence. A little paint might not hurt.

    Thanks Susie! I’m glad you liked my redesign. Can’t wait till next spring to see the end results! I’m thinking maybe a color based stain for the trellis. Give it some pop!


  6. I love the design of the fountain. Your garden looks well tended and ready to blossom into your dream next season.

    Thanks Donna. I’m glad you love my fountain. That is what I’m hoping for, that all my plans & hardwork pay off come next season. 🙂


  7. It’s coming together nicely! Finish lines are great sites to see. That’s a good choice to replace your nandinas with. I prefer viburnums to nandinas any day of the week.

    Thanks Dave. I’m glad you like the results so far. I think the Viburnums are going to be a great addition to my garden.


  8. It is always satisfying to see a garden bed coming together after you’ve been busy planning and working on it. I think the trellis would look nice if left unstained, or matching the fence behind.
    Shrubs are great for giving an area an established look quickly. Your fountain makes a good focal point for the bed.

    Thanks NS! I’m quite pleased with the beds so far. Next spring will be the true test if all my planning & hardwork pays off. I lvoe ornamental shrubs, they give structure & a sense of maturity to a garden. Plus their is something to look at when the herbaceous perennials die back in the winter. I’m glad you like the fountain, it was a great find this year. 🙂


  9. I agree that the trellis needs some color and I think the red would be great! I’ve been trying to get some things moved also but nothing like you are attempting! Great job! Jean

    Thanks Jean, I like the idea of a red color too. It would make sense with the bench & washtub planter. I think I always tend to go overboard with my projects, juggling too many balls in the air at the same time. lol


  10. You are certainly the most energized gardener I *know.* I have a ton of chores to do in the garden but it’s still feels really warm to be out there working (near 90 today). Staining the trellis is personal and based on whether you want it to stand out or blend in. I personally like stuff to blend more plus once it’s covered in vines, you won’t notice the actual trellis that much anyway.

    Thanks Kathleen. We’ve had weather in the 70’s so I’m taking advantage of it. Normally I like things to blend in too, but the design is so pretty on it, I thought it needed to stand out just a little.


  11. I thought the arbor garden was my fav, but I really love the fountain bed too.

    Thanks Mom, they all have a special place in my heart.


  12. Posted by greenwalks on September 25, 2008 at 5:36 pm

    Looks great, wow, you have been busy! Love the fountain garden, that’s really neat.

    Thanks GW, I’m glad you like the results. It’s been a fun couple of weeks. 🙂


  13. You have been one busy lady! I love the fountain bed–a fountain has been on my wish list for some time. I can’t wait to see all this in bloom next spring.

    Thanks Rose. I can’t wait to see if all my hardwork & planting pays off next spring. I’m glad you liked the fountain bed. We got a great deal on this fountain this summer, try 60% off.


  14. Hi Racquel, how nice your beds look all tidied up with fresh compost instead of tired soil. For me, I would want the trellis to stand out more since it is such an attractive one and a gift too. Colored stain is a great idea, but why try and match the red, be daring go green, or even purple! What color is the clematis? Make it a feature! That’s just me. ;->

    Hi Frances, they look even better today after all the rain we got & still might be getting. I will have to think about the daring thing, I’m not usually that brave when it comes to garden art. The Clematis is ‘Nelly Moser’. She’s a light pink with a burgundy purple stripe. I like the idea of making it a feature because when Nelly is in her glory she does stand out. Thanks for the ideas! 🙂


  15. When you are through I am going to bring my morning cup of coffee and sit on that red bench in the arbor bed! I absolutely love it!!! (what are you planting on the trelis?)

    Sounds like a plan Linda. I’ll join you in the Arbor Garden for coffee. I’m moving my ‘Nelly Moser’ over from the Arch. I want to try an annual vine on the arch next year. Like the white blackeyed susan vine or cypress. Haven’t decided yet. I’m glad you are enjoying my garden! 🙂


  16. Hi Racquel, I’m loving the Arbor Garden. It looks like it will be a lovely place to enjoy a book next year. Do you have a color in mind for the trellis if you were to change it? It does tend to fade in with the fence in the picture. It is such a nice trellis; I’m sure you want it to stand out. 🙂

    Hi Cynthia, thank you. It is nice little garden nook to enjoy a cup of coffee or cold glass of tea & a book possibly. 🙂 I was considering one of those pigment stains that have the effect of a wash. Like a green or red maybe. Frances was suggesting a purple, but I’m not that brave with color (except in plants). lol It needs something to make it a focal point. Don’t you think?


  17. Your Arbor Garden is looking great with potential…it should be a nice oasis next summer. With so many projects getting checked off your list it must give a great feeling of fulfillment and progress! My list…well maybe I will do a list over the winter.

    Thanks Chris. I’m happy with the work I’ve put into the Arbor garden. The true test will be next spring when everything starts filling in and blooming. The winter is a great time to plan for the next season. You will have extra time to think about it with the garden sleeping.


  18. Nice design work raquel. Everything looks good. I would probably stain the trellis, but once the vines grow in fully, it probably won’t make much difference.

    Thanks Deb. I’m glad you like the design of my gardens. I’m pleased with it. 🙂 I think I will stain the trellis, because when the vine isn’t blooming it will be still be an interesting focal point.


  19. Hi, Racquel–So I’m reading backwards again–catching up on your posts that I missed. I love your renovated gardens, and those viburnum will be lovely. It’s hard to tell about the trellis from the photos–when I clicked to see the larger photo, the trellis was much more apparent, so I’m wondering how it looks to you in person. You won’t see that much of it in the summer and fall–so do you want color in the winter? Anyway, great post.

    Hi Cosmo! Thanks, I’m glad you are enjoying my renovating so far. I was thinking either a deeper brown color like the arch or a pigment based stain that looks more like a wash.


  20. Hi again! I was thinking a brighter color for your trellis but I tend to be a little afraid of paint/color myself! A blue wouldn’t be bad. I always admire the gardening magazines that have the bolder painted furniture, arbors, trellis, etc. When I look at your picture I note that if it was a bolder color it would stand out more as a focal point drawing the eye in. Can’t wait to see what you end up doing! 😉

    Hey there! I admire the bold colors that they use in gardening magazines too. The red bench & wash tub is my idea of bold, lol. I do want it to be more of a focal point, just not sure. Think I’ll go look at stain colors to see if anything appeals to me.


  21. I love that fountain garden. It looks so peaceful and restful. And your arbor garden is looking good too 🙂

    Thanks Cindy. I’m glad you like the fountain garden & arbor garden. 🙂


  22. I love your garden. The fountain is so pretty.


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